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The Best Bajaj Pedestal Fans In India 2023 [Top Models Analysis]

Summers in India are hard to beat without a reliable cooling solution, including AC, ceiling fan, pedestal fan or table fan. Over time, the features and technologies used by electrical equipment have changed a lot.

Similarly, in a modern pedestal fan, additional features like remote control, oscillation, tilting and more are being added day-by-day, making it difficult to choose among all. But, opting for a fan from a leading brand not only provides you a good quality product, but also allow to use for a long period of time.

Bajaj is one of the foremost manufacturers as well as suppliers of electrical equipment in India. A Mumbai-based electrical brand came into existence in 1938. The range of pedestal fans by Bajaj is an easy way to beat the hot temperatures, making them well suited to the Indian climate.

With such premium options, you are guaranteed that you will avail the best option as per your choice and your needs. Unlike ceiling fans, which require proper installation, Bajaj fans simply need to be unpacked and ready to use.

Being one of the oldest brands and ensuring durability and quality, more and more customers from all around the world have become a part of it. As a customer of Bajaj, if you are also looking for a durable pedestal fan for your home or workspace, check out the given options.

Best Selling Bajaj Pedestal Fans in India

1. Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Pedestal Fan (White)

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Pedestal Fan

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Bajaj Esteem 400mm Pedestal Fan has become a popular choice in India due to its affordable price, powerful packed features and of course, looks. This white coloured pedestal fan is equipped with a copper motor, which helps in maintaining performance throughout life and provides longevity.

 Unlike other pedestal fans and ceiling fans available on the market, the Esteem 400mm consumes only 50 watts, even when running at peak speeds. The reason behind the low consumption is its 1320 rpm, which not only improves the feel of the air with higher air distribution but also saves a lot of bucks. It can also help in environmental conservation.

When it comes to a pedestal fan, long-lasting performance and looks are not enough, noiseless operation is also essential. Coming to the performance of the Bajaj 400mm, you can enjoy silent operation throughout the day.

In terms of being lightweight, easy to assemble, noise level, and value for money, the fan got 3.6, 3.5 and 2.7-star ratings respectively. That means, by paying just Rs 2,099, you will get a great cooling solution for hot summer days and nights. With three blades made of premium quality plastic, you will never feel the hassle of cleaning as they are huge which exposes all the dirt with a visible eye. This lightweight, simple fan comes with an instruction manual and a 1-year of warranty card at your doorstep. If you find any damage or replacement issue with your product, within the warranty period, you can contact Bajaj Costume Care Service or get it replaced.


  • It is one of the affordable pedestal fans.
  • The copper motor enhances the performance and durability of the entire product.


  • Many users say that there may be a problem with the fan’s oscillation.

2. Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan

Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan

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If you do not need AC for this or the coming summer, then you can look at this option. Or if you are looking for something that will meet the cooling requirements as well as be cost-effective, this would be an excellent choice. The Bajaj Media BP2200 400mm is one of the modern models that are a perfect combination of innovation, elegance and durability. Coming with RPM 2200, it ensures powerful air delivery that will keep the room temperature cool and let you enjoy your sleep.

The motor made of copper enhances durability and delivers strong performance. On a single-use, this fan consumes 100 W of power, no matter what speed it is set at. In this way, you can cut down on your hefty electricity bills and save money monthly. In terms of build, look and design, Bajaj Midea with white colour can complement any interior, especially modern interiors.

However, white is an evergreen colour that does not fade its lustre and appearance. The major issue with this paint is the need for frequent cleaning of the entire frame as dust mites can light up on it easily. But, it doesn’t matter, if you want a good quality product. To bring Bajaj Midea BP 2200 400 mm for your space, you will have to spend Rs 3, 698, which is easy to pay by anyone.


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It has received maximum ratings and reviews from past users in a positive way.


  • It is not as sturdy as others mentioned on this list.

3. Bajaj Neo-Spectrum 400 mm Pedestal Fan

Bajaj Neo-Spectrum 400 mm Pedestal

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Bajaj Neo Spectrum 400 mm in blue colour is ideal for homes with vibrant interiors. Apart from looks & design, it ensures long-lasting performance with its powerful motor. The full copper motor forms a sturdy design to serve for longer and silent operation. Another significant quality of this fan is that it can deliver air up to 100 CMP, improving the flow & feel of air with high air movement.

When it comes to energy-efficient pedestal fans, Neo-Spectrum stands out as the best in the Indian market as it takes only 100 Watts of power, which also remains low in your wallet. Not only that, it features a sturdy, stable base, which helps the user to avoid falling off. The lightweight design of the fan enables you to shift from one room to another if needed. With three speed settings, including low, medium, and speed, equipped on its stand, you can get the airflow you want whenever you want.

In addition, it features an overload thermal protector that works as a fuse and protects the motor from damage due to voltage fluctuations. Therefore, you can use this fan, a bit more. Whether you are buying from Bajaj Store or Amazon, you will have to spend Rs 3,285, which is neither less nor more.


  • It has been equipped with a sturdy & strong base.
  • It is an affordable product.


  • May create annoying noise.

Why Choose Bajaj Pedestal fans?

Modern pedestal models are offered at a variety of prices, designs and colours. They are not only sleek, and compact but also ensure easy manoeuvring. What makes these fans stand out is that they provide the user with a great cooling experience. Bajaj Pedestal fans can play a vital role in improving the indoor temperature, which is likely to be hot and humid. However, there are numerous benefits to going with Bajaj fans. Some of them are as follows:

  • Budget-friendly

Most of you pay extra to get a pedestal fan with added features, but it can put a burden on your pocket. Thankfully, Bajaj is here to understand the needs of different users as per their budgets.

  • Wheeled base

Being heavy and large, the foot fan is difficult to carry or carry, which is a major concern of most users. By owning a pedestal fan from Bajaj, you can be at ease as they are equipped with the wheelbase they are fixed on the fan below. If you want a wheeled base, then you will have to pay some extra bucks. While a simple base also provides ease of moving with the help of two hands.

  • Simple and Elegant Design

An array of pedestal fans by Bajaj enables the user to choose according to the interior of the room. Modern homes need something that enhances their beauty, so if you too are fond of simplicity and elegance, Bajaj will be the one where you can find the right colour and design.

  • Long-lasting Cooling Solution

Since the Bajaj Pedestal fan is equipped with powerful blades and aerodynamic blades, they will help you experience the cool air for a longer period. These fans are ideal for covering the facilitating ventilation as well as the most surface area. With the easily swung neck, you can get a good flow of air wherever you sit.

  • Noiseless operation

Traditional pedestal fans used to make noise which filled the surrounding environment with noise, but the updated version of the Bajaj Pedestal fan became popular among the user due to its noiseless operation. This way, you can relax, unwind or sleep in a cool and airy environment.

Bottom Line

Bajaj pedestal fans are renowned for innovative design, features and advanced technology. Isn’t it amazing to be able to move your fan from room to room without fuss and cool the room temperature in those scorching heat? With a Bajaj Pedestal Fan, you can make the summer days cool, cosy and comfortable. If you got confused after scrolling through a lot of options, the given top three pedestal fans can make your selection easy.


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