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V-Guard Gatimaan Pro Pedestal Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

V-Guard Gatimaan Pro High Speed Pedestal Fan

V-Guard is an Indian Electrical Appliance Manufacture. The brand was incepted in 1977, and since then, it has been committed to delivering quality appliances to the people of India. The brand has its headquarters in Kerala. V-Guard manufactures stabilizers, pumps, geysers, motors, cables, solar water heaters, UPS, and even electrical fans. If you are looking for a high quality pedestal fan with a timer feature, then it is worth looking at V-Guard Gatimaan Pro. Go check out the detailed review of this pedestal fan from V-Guard.

V-Guard Gatimaan Pro High Speed Pedestal Fan

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V-Guard Gatimaan Pro Pedestal Fan Features

  • High Speed & Sweep

Most of the pedestal fans you will find in the market have a speed of around 1400 RPM to 1600 RPM. Things are slightly different in the case of the V-Guard Gatimaan Pro. The top speed of this fan is 2250 RPM which is very high considering other products. This high speed translates into a higher air delivery and better airflow.

  • Metal Grill & Body

It is also essential to look at the quality of the body of the pedestal fan. In the case of the V-Guard Gatimaan Pro, you get a grill that is designed with metal. The grill is powder coated, and hence it would not rust. In addition, the body is made of high-density ABS plastic. This would make the fan absorb vibrations very well. It also balances the weight of the body.

  • Height Adjustable

You can tilt the fan and adjust the height of the head. These adjustments would not take more than a couple of seconds, but they can improve the airflow for you. With the help of these features, you can direct the airflow to the right level.

  • Stability

While looking at the V-Guard Gatimaan Pro, you will notice that the fan is very stable. This is also because the brand uses a combination of plastic and metal. The body would not make squeaky noise even after long term use.

  • Overheat & Overload Protection

V-Guard Gatimaan Pro comes with overheat and overload protection. The digital circuit breaker will stop the fan if the motor heats more than the threshold temperature. This allows the motor to cool down, and it prevents critical failure as well. Whenever you buy a pedestal fan, ensure that this feature is present.

  • Timer Settings

You also get a timer feature with V-Guard Gatimaan Pro. A knob on the top can help you adjust the timer setting anywhere up to 120 minutes. The feature is also of great help when it comes to saving electricity.


  • V-Guard Gatimaan Pro looks impressive. It is available in three colour options, including Black, White, Blue and Yellow Black. The dual-tone colour options are a treat to the eyes. The colour scheme makes the fan look very premium as well.
  • You get a two-year warranty on the fan, which is the market standard as well. The customer service is also satisfactory.
  • Because of the CRNO Laminated Motor, the fan becomes a lot more efficient. This reduces the eddy current by insulating the core. It also helps the motor in maintaining the power. The feature is excellent.
  • You can adjust the motor’s timer, oscillation, and height with ease.


  • It would have been better if V-Guard had added a remote control with this fan. The fan already has a timer and all the other required features. The remote control would have made it more convenient to use the fan without getting up from your place.

Final Verdict

V-Guard Gatimaan Pro is one of the best offerings for pedestal fans. It is also one of the fastest pedestal fans available on the market. After checking the features of the V-Guard Gatimaan Pro, we are sure that you would have loved the fan very much. You can also look at the fantastic deals on V-Guard Gatimaan Pro. So, go ahead and check out V-Guard Gatimaan Pro today.


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