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The Best Candes Ceiling Fans In India 2023 – Top Models Analysis

Candes is a home appliance brand that was created in 1990 and offers a diverse selection of products. The brand takes its cues from the shifting dynamics of today’s consumers. All of their fans combine high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and energy efficiency with unrivaled ease of usage.

Candes has been steadily improving its ceiling fans line ever since it first opened its doors for business. Today, they are regarded as one of the most reputable, pleasant, and thorough fans manufacturers on the Indian market.

When you purchase fans from Candes, you can be confident that you will receive extremely dedicated & responsive after-sales services. Innovation, openness, and originality are encouraged by the Candes brand, and the company takes delight in serving as a link between brand and consumer by providing exquisite and technologically advanced geysers to customers.

When it comes to lowering our household’s electricity usage in India ceiling fans are among the appliances that are most often forgotten about or overlooked. Most of the time, we focus on lighting to reduce their high electricity costs, but fans also consume significantly more electricity than lights. A typical tube lamp consumes 55 Watts, while a normal ceiling fan takes 75 Watts, to give you an idea of how much energy is being used.

Benefits of Candes Ceiling Fans

  • Light is only utilized at night, while the candes ceiling fan is being used both during the day and at night in this space. Ceiling fans use moreover twice or three times the amount of energy that lights do when compared to their counterparts in total.
  • However, when it comes to purchasing ceiling fans, the majority of consumers do not consider power usage. Candes was chosen as the foremost supplier because it is dedicated to providing its customers in the country with the highest quality and longest-lasting ceiling fans available.
  • To assist consumers in making decisions about power usage and other issues, when it comes to lowering the household’s electricity usage, ceiling fans are among the appliances that are most often forgotten about or overlooked.
  • Most of the time, we focus on lighting to reduce their high electricity costs, but fans also consume significantly more electricity than lights. A typical tube lamp consumes 55 Watts, while a normal ceiling fan takes 75 Watts, to give you an idea of how much energy is being used.

Candes Ceiling Fans Top Models Analysis

To assist consumers in India in making decisions about electricity usage and other issues so, in this article, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top-rated and best selling candes ceiling fans in India:

1. Candes star ceiling fan

Candes star ceiling fan

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The Candes Star fan transforms the appearance of your room, giving it a completely new and attractive appearance. This ceiling fan has it all: style, energy efficiency, & cooling all in one convenient package. It has a 100 percent copper winding, which increases power efficiency and aids in energy conservation.

Featuring a 1320 millimeter fan sweep, this three-blade ceiling fan provides remarkable air circulation, allowing for circulation even in big areas. It contributes to the preservation of a cool and very well environment. This ceiling fan features a powerful engine with a speed of 400 RPM, which allows it to deliver a lot of air.

Candes offers some of the most stylish ceiling fan models available, which would completely enhance your level of sophistication. The Candes fan mentioned here is a one-of-a-kind design with broader blades that distribute a refreshing breeze over the entire space. Its motor rotates at a high speed to provide quick rotation and improved heat dissipation for the device.

Notable Features:

  • Non-corrosive aluminum body
  • Copper windings of pure electrolytic quality with air delivery of 230 CMM
  • The motor is made entirely of copper.
  • BEE 5 star rating for double ball bearings
  • Looks like a metal finish

Brand and Warranty:

Candes has a wide variety of appliances in-store that will make your life a little easier. It comes with a 3-year best-in-class warranty, as well as a 1-year extended warranty, which may be activated by registering the product with the manufacturer.


  • Fan with a 5-star rating
  • A copper winding
  • Double ball bearing with a 3-year warranty


  • It comes with only a dark brown design.

2. Candes Amaze

Candes Amaze

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Add a fashionable ceiling fan from an extensive collection to your space to give it a fresh and finished appearance. It is developed with the following considerations in mind: style, fuel efficiency, and cooling. Ceiling fans from Candes will undoubtedly perform to your expectations and beyond. They are comprised of materials that are both easy to clean and long-lasting, making them a must-have purchase.

Adding this exquisite Candes ceiling fan to your room will completely transform the aesthetic of the space. Candes Amaze is able to successfully capture the core of the clients’ requirements. These fans are equipped with three blades that can move 900mm of air per minute. Additionally, this fan is noise-free, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate convenience while using it.

Because the materials used here are dust-free, it is simple to clean them after usage. The fan is designed to operate at low voltage to provide continuous cooling. Due to its low power consumption (just 75W), this ceiling fan is an excellent cooling alternative for your home or workplace that is both energy-efficient and affordable.


  • 100% copper wire is used for the winding.
  • The consumption of electricity is lower.
  • It has low energy consumption.
  • This fan is built to last.


  • It’s noisy & intolerable

3. Candes Florence

Candes Florence

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Candes Florence Fans are known for their speed, style, and energy economy, and they have something for every room in the house, workplace or business space. By adding this trendy Candes Ceiling Fan to your room, you can completely transform its appearance and ensure that you remain cool, light, & breezy throughout the year.

When the weather gets hot, this ceiling fan’s three wide and broad blades, which are aerodynamically balanced, provide more air delivery, greater air spread, and greater air thrust, resulting in a pleasant cooling experience.

The Candes Ceiling Fan is equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient engine that delivers a powerful stream of air. It provides high-speed performance to provide you with the best of all worlds – both in terms of looks and utility.

Additionally, this fan operates without making any noise and without wobbling, providing you with ultimate user ease. They are manufactured from dust-free materials, which allow for easy cleaning, are corrosion-resistant, are rust-free, and have a long lifespan, making them a must-have item in any household.

 To provide uninterrupted cooling, the fan is designed to operate even at low voltage. This high-capacity ceiling fan uses very little electricity, making it an energy-efficient & cost-effective cooling choice for your home or workplace. It allows you to save up to 30% on your energy bills while still enjoying the ultimate cooling pleasure at a reasonable price.


  • Long-term endurance- With a sealed double ball bearing, you can count on long-term endurance while avoiding the burden of periodic maintenance charges.
  • Utilization with Reliability – This fan CNC Pattern motor provides for extremely dependable operation.
  • High-speed Performance – The fan will not only improve the appearance of your home, but it will also provide efficient operation.
  • Power- The power consumption is 50 watts when there is no load (no blade), and 74 watts when there is a load (with blade).

Why Choose Candes Ceiling Fans?

The subject of interest may be an appeal. For a small number of people, the steady, peaceful rotation of the paddles evokes romantic memories of bygone days and hot summer evenings. It both decreases energy bills and improves the overall condition of the area.

Heating requirements are reduced in winter by forcing hot air downhills and pushing warm air upwards in summer by moving up the gentle wind in the winter and downhills, respectively. When purchasing a candes ceiling fan, the following are the reasons that why one must buy it

Size and Installation of a Fan

It is estimated that a 52-inch fan is required for a 400-square-foot space, a 44-inch fan is required for a 225-square-foot area, and a 42-inch fan is required for an area up to 144 square feet. Two medium-sized candes ceiling fans can be used for rooms that are more than eighteen feet in length.

Blade Size & Framing

Nowadays, fans are available with three to five blades, although the common configuration is four blades. A few blades don’t have a significant impact on performance. Some believe that adding more blades will result in less air being moved because there will be less space for them to capture air. Regardless, the candes ceiling fans’ blades’ number has an impact on the overall value.

Power Consumption

If you’re shopping for a Candes ceiling fan, this one is one technical element that shouldn’t be that significant to you, but it is for individuals who don’t have a lot of financial resources. The typical power consumption will be between 60 & 70 watts. Of course, lowering our energy use is the preferable alternative because it means we will have to pay very little for electricity. If you are trying to cut costs, the power consumption of candes ceiling fans must be taken into consideration.

The electricity bills that we receive every month can account for a significant portion of the monthly income. We must therefore strive to reduce our expenditures to the greatest extent possible. If this is something that you are concerned about, you should invest in candes ceiling fans that come with low power consumption.

There are several ways in which you can reduce your electricity bill expenses. On the official site of candes ceiling fans, one can find information on the fan’s power consumption. You will receive information about the amount of electricity used by each ceiling fan, measured in watts.

Testing the Quality

It moves air powerfully and silently. The components are precise, constructed of high-quality materials, and finished with long-lasting, high-quality finishes. The motor’s speed is effectively high, so it comes with a warranty that is valid for a long period.

Bottom line

It is recommended that anyone of you who does not like cleaning the ceiling fans regularly consider investing in this anti-dust fan. Because it has numerous energy-saving stars, it will also assist you in conserving electricity. Over more than 15 years, Candes has established itself as a manufacturer of distinctive and well-designed fans in India.

We have finally completed the overall detailed analysis part, which was achieved through a combination of technical, quality, and efficiency.

It is believed that it will now be quite simple for the users to select the ceiling fan that best suits their needs, tastes, and, most importantly, their budget constraints. Because every single user has a varied budget, an effort to cover each candes ceiling fan’s price in India is done so that everyone may find a ceiling fan that meets their needs and wishes.

With the Candes brand’s continued commitment to providing clients with the best fans possible, the company continues to introduce them to unique fans variations that captivate users with their ease of use, good value, and long-lasting sturdiness.

There is a wide selection of sizes, prices, & specifications available from the Candes brand; you will be able to find fans from Candes that is suited for your requirements.