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Usha Pentacool Pedestal Fan: Top Features, Pros and Cons

Usha Pedestal Fan Pentacool 400mm 5 Blade

If you are looking for a pedestal fan, then Usha is one such brand that you can look for. Usha is an Indian manufacturer that offers world-class products to many countries. Apart from the fans, Usha manufactures cooking appliances, sewing machines, fabric care appliances, water coolers, room coolers, heaters and water pumps. Today, we will talk about the best selling pedestal fan from Usha, which comes under the Pentacool series. So, go ahead and check out the review below.

Usha Pentacool Pedestal Fan

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Features of Usha Pentacool Pedestal Fan

  • Warranty Policy

The first feature that we would like to mention about Usha Pentacool is the warranty policy offered with this fan. You get a two-year comprehensive warranty on the fan. You can either call customer care or visit the service centre during this period if you face any issues with your pedestal fan.

  • Colour Options

It is necessary to have a colour option when it comes to electrical appliances. The good thing is that Usha offers two colour options for Usha Pentacool. One of them is White and the second one is Black. Both of them look very premium. However, we like the black fan better. Don’t worry; it is not a dust magnet, and it is also effortless to clean.

  • ABS Blades

Most of the pedestal fans you will see in the market are designed with three blades. Things are different in the case of Usha Pentacool. You get a five-blade design with this fan. It improves the efficiency, airspeed and makes a lot less noise. The five-blade design is a lot more stable when compared with the three-blade design.

  • Air Delivery

The air delivery of the fan is very high. As per the manual, Usha Pentacool has an air delivery of 85 CMM, which is above average. In addition, the fan is also very silent, which makes it work like a charm. You won’t feel suffocated if the fan is running in the room.

  • TOP

TOP stands for thermal overload protection, an essential safety feature. You must always look for this feature in the pedestal fans that you purchase. Fortunately for us, Usha Pentacool has this feature. What TOP does is that it acts as a digital circuit breaker in case of overheating of the motor. This prevents the motor from frying, especially in case of a surge.


  • Usha Pentacool is one of the most affordable pedestal fans on the market. There isn’t any compromise on the features and quality. It works as anticipated, and it has all the functions of a regular pedestal fan. If you buy Usha Pentacool, you will undoubtedly save at least Rs 1000.
  • Usha also has a legacy and a brand value that you can’t deny. The brand value itself is enough to ensure that you can trust the quality of the fan. In addition, you also get good customer service because Usha has an established customer service network across the nation.
  • The fan comes with an efficient copper motor, and the fan is also very stable. So, when you buy Usha Pentacool, you are getting a combination of quality and efficiency.


  • While looking at the fan, we feel that the quality of some components could have been better. This is one place where we felt that the brand tried cutting costs. For some parts, the quality is average.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a pedestal fan, you can certainly check out Usha Pentacool. It offers excellent value for money, and it is very affordable. Usha is known for its quality, and hence it will last for many years to come. You will also be happy with the customer service and the features offered by Usha.


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