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Crompton High Flo Pedestal Fan Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Crompton High Flo 400 mm (16 inch) High Speed Pedestal Fan

The hot and humid climate is very common in India, so investing in a pedestal fan can be very useful. However, these fans have grown significantly in popularity over the years, because of the convenience and ease they offer. Due to this, a wide range of pedestal fan models and designs from different brands are being manufactured these days.

Here we come up with the Crompton High Flo Pedestal Fan that has a lot to offer. From powerful air delivery to silent operation, it is equipped with all the advanced and general features that allow the user to experience the cool breeze throughout the day.

Moreover, unlike AC, it also has a low maintenance cost, which makes it pocket friendly and eco-friendly. Also, the light design allows the user to move the fan from one place to another without any hassle. Its motorized operation ensures smooth delivery and high speed of air. If you’re looking for a powerful pedestal fan, Crompton High Flo is a great choice. To know more about this pedestal fan, let’s understand its features, pros and cons.

Crompton High Flo Pedestal Fan

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Salient Features of Crompton High Flo Pedestal Fan

  • Silent Operation

People are eager to buy pedestal fans, which can help them bear the heat in extremely hot temperatures with no noise.  The Crompton High Flow Pedestal Fan ensures high-speed air delivery without any noise as it is equipped with durable and sturdy blades. These blades are made of high-quality polypropylene, which is very easy to maintain and clean. This feature makes noiseless pedestal fans an asset to every home!

  • Powerful Air Delivery

The Crompton High Flo Pedestal fan is designed thoughtfully to spread cool air to the entire room. The secret behind it has blades that give an unbeatable air delivery of 70 CMM. The mix of aerodynamic blades and the strong motor provides a hit with the highest point speed of 1300 RPM.

  • Oscillation & Tilting Control

This ergonomically designed pedestal fan is very easy to activate by simply pushing down the knob on the top of the motor housing. When you want to stop it, you just need to pull it up. In addition to being lightweight, it is also vertically flexible. You can adjust the fan head to the desired angle by loosening the knob on the neck, resulting in better airflow and powerful cooling in the desired direction.

  • Power Saver

Since it has an energy-efficient motor, the fan can consume only 50W electricity, even at high speed. Therefore, you can save your electricity bills without compromising on performance.

  • Elegant and Well-built Body

The light grey colour makes the fan stylish, trendy and elegant. In addition, it has a strong and wide base, which is designed to comfortably carry the weight of the fan, whether it is running or running at high speeds. Apart from being elegant, it offers superior stability thanks to its sturdy base.


  • The Crompton High Flo throws the cool air vertically to provide comfort and relief. Due to its lightweight design, the fan is portable.
  • The fan features overload protection to prevent the fan from overheating and protects the motor in case of any voltage fluctuation.
  • The fan has a three-speed settings button, which allows choosing the speed you’re comfortable with.
  • The base is made of heavy material, preventing falling off. It also gives you ease to shift fans from one place to another.
  • It is a budget-friendly pedestal fan.
  • The fan ensures smooth noiseless operation.


  • It looks like an ordinary pedestal fan with no remote control, no advanced features.
  • At this price point, you’ll find much better options.


We have tried to cover every possible feature, advantage and disadvantage of the Crompton High Flow Pedestal Fan.


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