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SBI Cash Deposit Machine Not Working Money Stuck: Here’s Fix!

With a long history stretching back to 1806, the State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest public sector bank in India and one of the largest in the world. SBI is a pillar of the Indian banking industry since it provides a broad range of financial services, including banking, investments, loans, and insurance, to millions of consumers worldwide.

What is CDM in SBI?

The Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is one of the State Bank of India’s (SBI) major innovations. SBI has emerged as a leader in the modernization of banking services. Customers can deposit cash quickly and easily using the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) at SBI, an automated self-service banking kiosk. These devices increase banking accessibility and effectiveness by enabling customers to deposit money into their accounts without going to a bank location. Customers can deposit cash fast and conveniently using these devices thanks to their unmatched convenience.

Why Money Gets Stuck in SBI CDM:

Sbi Cash Deposit Machine

It’s important to comprehend the causes of money becoming stuck in an SBI Cash Deposit Machine before moving on to the solutions. Various things can cause this issue:

1. Technical Issues: SBI Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) are complex electrical equipment subject to glitches in operation. These problems might range from software bugs, where the machine’s code is broken, to hardware malfunctions, where the actual parts stop working.

2. Improper Cash Insertion: Users can unintentionally cause CDM bottlenecks by inputting currency notes that aren’t in the best shape. Notes that have been folded, torn, or crumpled can prevent the machine from running smoothly and possibly result in a frustrating wait in the deposit procedure.

3. Foreign Objects:  Foreign objects other than monetary notes may unintentionally enter CDMs. The interior workings of the machine can become clogged by coins, paper clips, or any other debris mixed in with the cash being placed. When depositing cash, it’s important to exercise caution to avoid such errors.

4. Overloading: When too many notes are deposited or when there are too many notes stacked on top of each other, the machine becomes overwhelmed and jams. To avoid overloading problems, it is crucial to adhere to the machine’s rules for the maximum quantity of notes for each transaction.

Solutions to Get Your Money Back

1. Remain Calm: This is the first and most important step. Keep in mind that although your money is currently caught in the machine, it is not lost.

2. Contact SBI Customer Support: To report the problem, contact the SBI customer service hotline or go to the SBI branch that is closest to you. They’ll walk you through everything and record your complaint.

3. Write down the incident: Take a photo or jot down the time, date, place, and any error messages that appeared on the CDM screen. When contacting SBI to report the issue, this information will be helpful.

4. Wait for Resolution: The customer service team at SBI will strive to quickly fix the problem. To unlock and get your money back, it could be necessary to send a professional to the machine’s location or use remote troubleshooting.

Preventing actions

Follow these guidelines to reduce the possibility of experiencing a stuck money issue with SBI Cash Deposit Machines:

1. Use Unfolded, Crisp Notes: Make sure your currency is undamaged and not folded, torn, or crumpled.

2. Avoid Overloading: Put only a few notes in at once. Regarding the maximum quantity of notes for each transaction, abide by the machine’s instructions.

3. No Foreign Objects: Check your currency twice to be sure there are no extraneous things mixed in before putting it into the machine.

4. Use the Cancel Transaction Option: The “Cancel Transaction” or “Eject” option may be found on the screen of many SBI CDMs. If there’s a holdup or you see the machine having trouble accepting your deposit, stop the transaction right away. Your money might be released if you do this.

5. Wait for the Timeout: After a predetermined amount of time has passed, the machine may automatically return your money if it is unable to finish processing your deposit because of a minor jam or technical issue. Wait for the machine to finish this process with patience.

6. Contact the SBI Branch Manager: If you can’t reach SBI customer service right away or can’t get to a branch right away, consider contacting the branch manager of the particular branch where the CDM is located. They could help you out or advise you on what to do next.

7. Keep Your Receipt: Keep the transaction acknowledgement or receipt if you were able to finish some of the transaction before the money became trapped. When reporting the problem to SBI for a remedy, this document may be essential.

8. Service the CDM regularly: SBI keeps its Cash Deposit Machines up to date, however, problems might still happen. By immediately reporting any broken machines you come across, you can help avoid problems. The CDM can then be serviced and repaired by SBI if necessary.

9. Use Alternate Branch or CDM: Consider using a different SBI bank or nearby Cash Deposit Machine if one CDM isn’t working properly. This can assist you in avoiding any problems and guarantee a seamless transaction.

10. Educate Others: When you see another person using the machine improperly or attempting to deposit notes that are creased or ripped, politely explain the right usage to them. By working together, we can lessen the chance of accidents involving stalled money and traffic.


While it can be annoying to have your money become trapped in an SBI Cash Deposit Machine, it’s important to keep in mind that SBI takes customer concerns seriously and has systems in place to swiftly address such difficulties. You may improve your chances of a speedy resolution, guarantee your assets remain safe and accessible, and maintain your composure by being calm and following the instructions provided below.


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