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How to Find Relationship Manager in Bandhan Bank?

Bandhan Bank Ltd. is a Kolkata-based provider of banking and financial services. With 6,140 banking locations and 3.07 crore customers, Bandhan Bank operates in 35 of India’s 36 states and union territories. With 50 ATMs, 501 branches, and 2,022 Banking Units (BUs), Bandhan Bank began operations on August 23, 2015, after receiving the universal banking license from the Reserve Bank of India. As of June 30, 2023, the Bank has mobilized deposits worth 1,08,479 crore and its overall advances were at 1,03,168 crores.

Who is a Relationship Manager?

A specialist banker at Bandhan Bank who manages the banking requirements of a particular group of customers is known as a relationship manager (RM). RMs assist their clients accomplish their financial objectives by offering them individualized financial advice and services.

Relationship managers cultivate close bonds with consumers and corporate clients. They look for new business prospects, counsel customers on the best products or services to fulfil their needs, and address any problems or complaints.

There are a number different methods you can use to locate a relationship manager at Bandhan Bank.

1. Go to a Bandhan Bank branch in your area

This is the simplest method of locating a relationship manager. Visit a Bandhan Bank location near you to chat with a customer care agent. A relationship manager that can help you with your banking needs will be able to be assigned to you by them.

2. Contact Bandhan Bank’s customer service

To obtain a relationship manager, call Bandhan Bank customer service at 1800-258-8181. Once they have your information, a customer care agent will be able to connect you with a local RM.

3. Use LinkedIn to look for relationship managers

Additionally, you can look for relationship managers at Bandhan Bank on LinkedIn. Just sign into LinkedIn and type “relationship manager Bandhan Bank” into the search bar. A list of all Bandhan Bank RMs with LinkedIn profiles will be visible to you. The outcomes can then be filtered based on expertise level, geography, and other factors.

4. Request a recommendation from your family, friends, or coworkers

Ask anyone you know who uses Bandhan Bank whether they would be prepared to recommend you to their relationship manager. Finding an RM who is already knowledgeable with your demands and financial condition is very easy using this method.

Bandhan Bank History

Bandhan Bank

To empower women and promote financial inclusion through the construction of sustainable livelihoods, Bandhan was established in 2001 as a non-profit organization. A little community called Bagnan, which is roughly 60 kilometres from Kolkata, is where it began its microfinance activities. Individual financing through the development of groups was the model used for the provision of microfinance services. Bandhan concentrated on providing services to underbanked and underserved markets.

To expand its microfinance operations, Bandhan purchased an NBFC in 2006 and established Bandhan Financial Services Private Limited (BFSPL). It grew to be the nation’s biggest microfinance institution (MFI) in 2010.


Once you have located a relationship manager, you can arrange a meeting to talk over your banking requirements and how they may assist you in reaching your financial objectives.


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