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How to Find Relationship Manager in Punjab and Sind Bank?

Indian public sector bank Punjab & Sind Bank has its main office in New Delhi. The bank has 1553 branches scattered out over India as of 18 April 2023, 635 of those located in the state of Punjab, and 25 zonal offices scattered out around the country.

To serve colonial India’s then-Sind and Punjab regions, Sir Sunder Singh Majitha, Bhai Vir Singh, and Sardar Tarlochan Singh founded the bank on June 24 in Amritsar. In the second round of nationalization, which began on April 15, 1980, the Indian government nationalized 6 banks, including Punjab & Sind Bank.  The Punjab & Sind Bank opened a branch in London in the 1960s.

Luminaries like Bhai Vir Singh, Sir Sunder Singh Majitha, and Sardar Tarlochan Singh had the foresight to establish the Punjab and Sind Bank in the year 1908. It is an Indian government-owned bank with its main office in New Delhi.

Role of Relationship Manager in Punjab and Sind Bank


Relationship managers are frequently employed by businesses to build crucial connections. To support an organization’s growth, a relationship manager may engage with customers or other companies. An organization can gain from beneficial collaborations and maintain its brand’s awareness with the help of a relationship manager. Effective relationship managers use their product expertise and sales prowess to sustain healthy client connections.

A specialist banking professional known as a relationship manager (RM) may assist you with all your financial needs, including:

  • Financial guidance
  • Processing loans
  • Financial preparation
  • Money management
  • Treasury administration
  • Trade financing

How To Search Punjab and Sind Bank Relationship manager:

  • Call the PSB customer support line- In addition to connecting, you with an RM, the customer service representatives may assist you in comprehending the relationship management services provided by PSB.
  • Go to the PSB location that is closest to you– Discuss your desire to become an RM with the branch manager or other senior employees. They can assist you in determining your eligibility and pair you up with the appropriate RM.
  • Attend the PSB seminars and events– For its clients, PSB frequently plans events and seminars. These gatherings are a terrific opportunity to meet PSB staff members, including RMs, learn more about the bank’s goods and services, and to network.
  • Ask for a recommendation from friends, family, or colleagues- Ask a PSB relationship manager if you know someone who has one.
  • Describe your needs in detail- Be specific about the qualities you seek in a relationship manager when you speak with PSB. Do you need assistance with financial planning, loan processing, or investment advice, for instance?
  • Inquire about the RM’s background and credentials- Make sure to ask an RM about their experience and credentials when you meet with them. For how long have they managed relationships? What kinds of customers have they served? What specialties do they possess?
  • Get a sense of the RM’s disposition- It’s crucial to work with an RM who makes you feel at ease. Every partnership needs trust and open communication, particularly a financial relationship.


An RM will arrange a meeting with you once you have been put in touch with them to talk about your financial requirements and objectives. The RM will then create a personalized financial strategy for you and assist you in putting it into action.


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