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How to Find Relationship Manager in Indian Overseas Bank?

Located in Chennai, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is a public sector bank in India. 3,220 domestic branches, two DBUs (Digital Banking Unit), around four international branches, and a representative office make up its network. With the dual goals of specializing in foreign exchange commerce and overseas banking, it was founded in February 1937 by M. Ct. M. Chidambaram Chettyar and has since set numerous milestones in the Indian banking industry.

Where in Indian Overseas Bank can I find a relationship manager?

Overseas Bank

In Indian Overseas Bank, there are a number different ways to locate a Relationship Manager:

  • Visit the IOB branch in your area- Ask the branch manager or customer care agent whether you can be given an RM in your conversation.
  • Call the IOB customer service line at no cost- The customer service agent can direct you to an RM in your neighbourhood.
  • Send IOB an email- You can ask to be given an RM by emailing the IOB customer support division.
  • Visit the IOB website- Relationship Managers have a special section on the IOB website. You can look through the list of RMs and make direct contact with them.

The following elements should be considered while choosing an RM:

  • Look for an RM who has handled clients with requirements comparable to yours.
  • Check the RM’s credentials to ensure they are qualified to offer you the financial advice and assistance you require.
  • Select an RM with strong communication skills and the ability to communicate difficult financial ideas in a clear, uncomplicated manner.
  • It’s critical to pick an RM you can trust and with whom you feel at ease discussing your finances.

About IOB

IOB was one of the 14 significant banks that the Indian government took control of during the nationalization. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology presented IOB with the Degidhan Award 2020-21 on December 5, 2021, for having the second-highest percentage of digital payment transactions among public sector banks. IOB’s overall business as of March 31, 2022, was 417,960 crore (US$52 billion).


One of India’s top public sector banks, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), has more than 3,000 locations nationwide. IOB provides its clients with a vast array of services and products, such as corporate banking, investment banking, and personal banking.

Then, in 1969, IOB was nationalized by the Indian government. Twenty of IOB’s eighty branches were abroad at one point, likely before to nationalization. The ownership of Malaysian banks by foreign governments was prohibited by law. Like all nationalized banks, Indian Overseas Bank went inward after nationalization and prioritized developing branches in rural India.

In a rescue effort in the years 1988–1989, IOB purchased Bank of Tamil Nadu and its 99 branches. The South India Bank, now known as the Bank of Tamil Nadu, was founded in Tirunelveli in 1903.


Once you have identified a few possible RMs, set up interviews with them to find out more about their background, education, and customer service philosophy. Choose the RM who can best meet your financial needs and with whom you feel most at ease.


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