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What is the Cost of Owning a Helicopter in India?

It is important to remember that having a helicopter in India might be expensive; you will need to pay for fuel, insurance, hangar leasing, and pilot training. For a more precise assessment of the expenses related to owning and operating a helicopter, it is best to speak with an Indian helicopter dealer or operator.

The price of fuel and maintenance services in the area, the kind of helicopter, the frequency and type of use, its age and condition, and other factors can all have a significant impact on the cost of the ownership and upkeep of a helicopter in India.


Cost and Its Dependant Factors

Like Mahindra, an Indian manufacturer offers helicopters with single-cylinder engines costing $4 crore. Some firms that manufacture helicopters include Bell, whose brand-new helicopter with a single-cylinder engine costs approximately 5 to 10 crore INR, and whose four-cylinder engine costs approximately 15 to 20 crore INR. Helicopters are also built by Jet firms, Airbus, Boeing, and Augusta, among others; however, they mostly produce luxury models, which makes them more costly than these helicopters and provide fewer service stations in India.

Several factors, including the type of helicopter, its age and condition, and its intended usage, can significantly affect the cost of owning and operating a helicopter in India.

For a tiny, single-engine helicopter, the price can be several hundred thousand dollars; for a larger, more sophisticated model, it might reach tens of millions of dollars.

The quality, engine capacity, passenger capacity, and luxury variation all affect the cost of the choppers. Numerous organizations, including the Indian firms Mahindra and Tata, manufacture helicopters.

Some of the major costs associated with owning and maintaining a helicopter in India include:

  • Purchase price: Based on the aircraft’s age, condition, make, and model, the initial cost of buying a helicopter can change. A few million dollars to tens of millions of dollars may be spent.
  • Insurance: Because helicopters are regarded as high-risk assets, their insurance premiums can be exorbitant. The kind, usage, and pilot expertise of a helicopter will all affect insurance rates.
  • Cost of fuel: Aviation fuel, which is needed for helicopters, can be costly. Fuel prices differ based on one’s location; distant places typically have higher prices.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Helicopters need expensive, routine maintenance and sporadic repairs. The type and frequency of use of the helicopter, along with its make and model, will determine the cost of upkeep and repairs.
  • Costs for pilots and crew: According to their credentials and expertise, hiring pilots and crew can come at a different cost.

Prior to purchasing a helicopter, you should be aware of its maintenance costs.

According to their expertise level, Indian helicopter owners must pay their pilots between $40,000 and $150,000; some may even receive more, but they never refuse their pay.

The cost of each flight will vary from 40,000 to 70,000 INR, depending on the distance flown and without including the landing fee. For example, landing at IGI Airport in New Delhi will cost 30,000 INR, but smaller airports may charge less.

The owner ought to be required to choose an MRO (maintenance repair overhaul) firm. Several organizations are operated in India; they charge for their services and collaborate closely with service centres to provide owners with smooth solutions and assistance in sustaining air traffic. In total, a helicopter owner must budget between 10 and 15 lac rupees per year for maintenance.


Ultimately, based on the previously mentioned parameters, the annual cost of owning and operating a helicopter in India might vary from a few hundred thousand to over a million dollars. It is crucial to carefully weigh the expenses and make sure you have the knowledge and resources necessary to oversee the operation of a helicopter.


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