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How to Find Ward Number of My Area in India?

A “ward number” in Indian cities designates a certain zone or administrative division inside the city. Administratively and politically, every city is separated into several wards. The smallest administrative divisions in urban settings, wards are essential to municipal administration and local governance.

Here are some key points about ward numbers in Indian cities:

  1. Administrative Division: Wards are established to aid in the effective management and provision of local government services. The needs and problems of the people living inside each ward’s borders are the responsibility of that ward.
  2. Representation: The citizens of each ward are represented in the municipal corporation or local governing body of the city by a ward councilor or representative, who is normally elected by the ward.
  3. Municipal Services: The population and demands of each ward determine how the municipal corporation or municipality distributes resources, including money and staff. This covers various services, such as water supply, street lighting, roadways, and sanitation.
  4. Identification: Ward numbers are utilized to find and identify locations in a city in a unique way. In cities, they are a crucial component of an address, particularly when interacting with local government.
  5. Elections: Voters select ward councilors for their particular wards throughout municipal elections. At the municipal level, these council members are in charge of representing the interests of their residents.
  6. Development Planning: Municipal development plans, which include the development of infrastructure, are frequently customized to meet the unique demands and specifications of each ward—planning by ward aids in guaranteeing fair growth throughout the city.

In India, the ward number of a particular area or locality can typically be found through the following methods:

1. Local Municipal Corporation Website: There are numerous municipal websites or corporations in Indian cities. These websites frequently include comprehensive details, including ward numbers, concerning the city’s administrative divisions. You can find details regarding wards and their boundaries by going to the official website of the municipal corporation or municipality in your city. Otherwise you can also visit this website: https://lgdirectory.gov.in/viewWard.do, put the details of your location and municipal after submitting the details. Ward numbers and locality names are included here. All you have to do is carefully go through the list and look up your location.

ward number

2. Get in Touch with the Municipal Office: You can contact your city’s town planning department or municipal office. They need to be able to tell you the ward number associated with a certain address or place.

3. Make Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Services: Online GIS mapping services are offered by a few cities. These sites allow you to look up your address or location and determine the ward number that corresponds with it.

4. Ask Local Authorities: To find out the ward number for a certain location or address, contact the city corporate office or your local municipal office by phone or in person. They ought to be able to help you.

5. Ward Boundary Maps: Public libraries, government agencies, and online resources may have ward boundary maps for some cities. You may find the ward number for a specific site using these maps.

6. Smartphone Apps: A few cities also give citizens access to smartphone applications that give them details about wards, services, and local government contacts. Find out if there is an official app in your city for this purpose.

7. Local Representatives: Additionally, you can contact the ward or municipal councilors in your area. They can help you locate the ward number for your location and frequently possess knowledge of the ward boundaries.


A city’s precise word count and ward boundaries differ from one to the next based on variables including population density, geographic extent, and organizational setup. In India, you can check the official website of the municipal corporation or municipality, contact the local municipal office, or speak with the ward councillor or elected representative for that locality to find the ward number.


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