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Sweeping Vs. Vacuuming: Which is better For Home?

When it comes to cleaning the house, everyone has their own choices and preferences. You have both brooms for sweeping and vacuum cleaners. Both are a good option, but depending on the kind of surface that you are cleaning, you can make a choice. Depending on what kind of cleaning, whether it is a normal and daily cleaning, then you can choose sweeping, but if it is cleaning for a special occasion, then it is good if you can go for vacuum cleaning. So, you will have to make the decision based on many factors and one can prove to be better than the other in some situations.

Here are some points that will help us understand which is better than the other so that you will be able to make the right choice.

Sweeping vs Vacuuming

Difference Between Sweeping Vs Vacuuming




Equipment Needed Broom and dustpan Vacuum cleaner
Efficiency Less efficient at removing fine dust More efficient at picking up fine dust
Surface Types Suitable for hard floors and carpets Suitable for all floor types
Noise Level Generally quieter Can be noisier depending on the model
Allergen Control May stir up allergens into the air Some models have HEPA filters for allergen control
Speed Slower Faster
Physical Effort Requires more physical effort Requires less physical effort
Maintenance Low maintenance, but broom bristles may wear out Requires regular filter cleaning/replacement
Versatility Limited to sweeping debris Can handle a wider range of debris types
Accessibility Can reach tight spaces and corners May struggle with tight spaces and corners
Eco-Friendly Options Environmentally friendly with no power consumption Some vacuum cleaners have eco-friendly options

Reach places

One of the best advantages of going for sweeping than vacuum is you will be able to reach the crevices and cracks that a vacuum cleaner will not be able to reach. The vacuum cleaner for home may save you a lot of time but it will not offer you completely clean space. It cannot reach under the furniture or other corners where your broom can easily reach. If you are spending a lot of money on a robust vacuum cleaner, then you may think of cleaning the space better like sweeping with a broom.

Harsh on the floor

Like we already discussed, vacuum cleaners are the first choice for many people when they have to clean apartment floors. But did you know that the bristles of the vacuum cleaners are hard and they can easily damage the floor? You can see scratches on the surface and are very harsh on the floors of your house. The rollers are very important for moving the vacuum cleaner around in the house, but again they can even cause damage.

Cleaning carpets

We just discussed that vacuum cleaner can be very harsh on the floor and damage it. But when it comes to cleaning your carpets, sweeping is not just the way. You can use sweeping only for cleaning hard floors like ceramic, stone, or any hardwood floor. Vacuum cleaners will be able to remove the debris or dust that is stuck deep in the carpet or rug and makes the job pretty easy for you.

Saves electricity

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you will need electricity to run them but the same is not required for sweeping. Your brooms are operated with hands and so you will not have to spend any extra money on your cleaning when it is done with a broom. You will be able to save a lot of electricity.

Saves money

When it comes to money, there are two factors that you need to consider. The first is the price of the product. Brooms are very cheaper compared to vacuum cleaners. Even if you have to replace your broom frequently, they are still the cheaper option. The second point is you will have to spend on your electricity bills as well when you are using vacuum cleaners. You will save a lot of money here as well when using the brooms.

Noise levels

When considering the work being done, sweeping is one of the quiet and noiseless options for you. It can be done in your way and does not cause any sort of disturbance. But when it comes to vacuum cleaners, they make at least a little noise. Even if you are buying the best and the latest vacuum cleaners made using the latest technology, you will still have noise, but maybe a little lesser than the other models. But noise is something that you cannot avoid while using vacuum cleaners.

Spare parts

Another important factor is the spare parts. When you are using a broom, you don’t have to look for any extra parts to keep changing depending on the area that you are cleaning. But when it comes to the vacuum cleaner, you will be provided with several parts that you need to keep changing as per the requirement. You will also worry whether their spare parts are easily available in the market if you face any problem while using them. So, you need to be very careful about it.


For a broom there is no maintenance at all, it is just none. But when it comes to vacuum cleaners, you will have to take care of a lot of things. You will have to read the complete instruction manual before using it and make sure to use it only in the right way. If something goes wrong, then you will have to get it fixed and that is again going to cost you. So, maintenance is always part of a vacuum cleaner.


If you are looking for something that can clean your entire house in just no time, then you will have to go for the vacuum cleaners. When you are doing the entire cleaning with a broom, then you will have to spend a lot of time. It is quite good for small and daily cleaning but not good when there is a lot of cleaning involved. You will save a lot of time with the vacuum cleaner.

Wrapping Up

Before choosing between vacuum cleaner or sweeping, you should first decide which the convenient option for you is. There are many factors in which sweeping is a good choice, and there is an equally good number of points that say vacuuming is a good choice. Now you will have to weigh the pros against the cons and then make your decision. Along with the pros and cons, your requirements also play an important role in making the choice. It is good to have a vacuum cleaner at home and use it only when you go for too much cleaning and the rest of the time you can go ahead with sweeping like for your daily cleaning needs. This is a simple way to get the cleaning task done without any worries.


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