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Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

You should always know what fits exactly to the work you do, and even if does fits your work, comfort is important. Let us take a chair as an example so, if you’re hunting for a perfect chair, you must have come across a question likes which chair is better, an office chair or a gaming chair?

Now to know a little about both the chairs, we have been using the office chairs for many years now and the gaming chairs are also pretty famous, and it becomes your stress free buddy if you work for long hours or if you are a hardcore gamer, using a comfortable chair is important for your efficient performance and also a healthy back.

Standard office chairs are not very costly and basic chairs with only movability to change the length and with fixed armrest. In 1984 it was the most comfortable for the people but then they started getting sick of it because it causes quite the problems in muscles.

Some common problems faced by everyone that used a standard office chair are chronic fatigue, migraine, constipation, and depression.

Gaming chairs have become popular since 2006 and everyone including famous you-tubers has used and felt the comfort. And the design and wheels give the best show to the gaming chairs.

They were made to resist all the back pain that is caused in the standard office chair.

Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

Factor Gaming Chair Office Chair
Design Typically flashy, aggressive, and bold designs with racing-style aesthetics. Generally more conservative and professional-looking designs.
Ergonomics Often designed with ergonomic features like lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and headrests. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, often with adjustable lumbar support and various adjustments.
Comfort Padded cushioning with a focus on comfort during extended gaming sessions. Designed for comfort during long work hours, but may lack some of the padding found in gaming chairs.
Adjustability Highly adjustable with recline, height, and armrest adjustments for customizable positioning. Typically adjustable for height, tilt, and armrests, but may have fewer adjustments than gaming chairs.
Materials Often feature synthetic leather or fabric with bright colors and branding. Use a variety of materials including leather, mesh, or fabric, usually in more neutral colors.
Price Wide price range, with some high-end models being expensive. Generally more affordable, with a wide range of options to fit different budgets.
Durability Durability can vary, but some high-end models are built to last. Office chairs are designed for durability and can withstand daily use for many years.
Aesthetics Designed with a gaming-focused aesthetic, which may not suit all office environments. Tends to have a more professional appearance suitable for various work settings.
Gaming Features May include built-in speakers, RGB lighting, and other gaming-related features. Lacks gaming-specific features and focuses on productivity and comfort.
Use Case Primarily intended for gaming and casual use. Designed for office work, including long hours of desk work.
Portability Less portable due to bulkier designs and additional features. Generally more portable and lightweight.
Assembly Often require assembly and may be more complex to put together. Usually easier to assemble with fewer components.

Difference Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

Gaming chairs have become popular in the last few years and YouTubers, gamers, or streamers are generally seen using them. They are specially designed and ergonomic comfortable chairs, which are meant for long hours.

While office chairs, on the other hand, have been there for decades and you’ll pretty much find them in corporate offices. These chairs are simple in style and have mostly comfort maximizing features.

A common observation between the two is that office chairs focus on comfort over style while gaming chairs focus on more of style.

Factors deciding the appropriate chair for you:

There are plenty of things that need to be considered when you’re deciding between a gaming chair or a standard chair.

Ergonomics and comfort

Comfort is the foremost thing to be considered while purchasing a chair. A standard office chair has a smaller range of movement while a gaming chair allows much for a recline, which helps in leaning back a lot. Also, office chairs lack head cushions, which is an added feature in gaming chairs. And in the case of the standard office chair, it gets quite stiff and rigid after some time. And you will have to keep pushing your muscles more and this will make your body pain.

This is the reason why even after just sitting all day in the office the worker gets tired But despite of the fact many people find office chair very comfortable and decent because it is quite adaptive and easy to use.


With some extra amount of features in gaming chairs, it is quite obvious that they are expensive than a standard office chair. It is important for a buyer to think about the time one has to sit in it. If long hours are to be sat in, then a high- end gaming chair will be required, otherwise for small hours, a cheap office chair would work fine.

Office can be purchased from any store for Rs.10,000 with the 30 days to 6 months warranty and on the other hand the cheapest gaming chairs will cost you around Rs.8,000 with no real warranty and the expensive gaming chairs will be Rs.15,000 to Rs.25,000 with 1 year warranty.


Gaming chairs are designed with upholstery and faux leather, which not only looks good but stays wrinkleless like leather. It also comes in bright and vibrant colors, so if this is your taste then you should definitely consider gaming chairs.

If we talk about office chairs, mesh office chair allows more of airflow and keeps the sitter cool, and is only ideal for a hot weather. Leather office chairs seems great initially, but it loses its cushioning when used a lot.

So in the design part of the chair comparison of course the gaming chairs win but if you are not funky but classy person you should definitely go with the office chairs.

Lumbar support

An Office chair comes with a fixed lumbar support and are usually curved. Gaming chairs comes with additional lumbar support which can be detachable and moved lower or higher according to the needs of the owner.

It leads to lower back problems. Lumbar support gets quite important because if not cared about it you will get major back pains and problems in the future.

Additional specifications

Apart from comfort being an important factor, you may expect some additional features too. Office chairs usually fulfill the basic requirements while a gaming chair with add-on specs makes your chair from standard to luxury. Some of them are Bluetooth speakers, vibrations and even massage functions.


The health issues that you will face after using any chair is because of the way you are sitting or working. Be it the office chair or the gaming chair your back should always be straight supported by the chair.

The ultimate decision is on the personal preference of the buyer as it depend on the work and comfort style of an individual. Mostly, people use office chairs for full-time desk work.

Therefore, they face problems like back pain, stiffness, lethargy and bad posture. Gaming chairs tend to have more ergonomic varieties than office chairs. Being slightly more expensive, it offers all the functions and probably completes all the expectations of the individual purchasing it.

It provides robust reclining, lumbar pillows, backrest and even 3D armrests. Considering all the factors with each of their pros and cons, adjustable featured chair will be a smart choice to invest in for those who work at desks full day.


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