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LED Bulbs Not Working in a Ceiling Fan? Here’s The Fix!

Gone are the days when the fans had filament bulbs. Today, the designer ceiling fans are loaded with the LED bulbs. The advantage of these LED bulbs is that they have a minimum life of 5 years, and they also generate a lot less heat when compared to the filament bulb. Apart from this, the LED bulbs are durable, and they are also cheap. So, the dependency on the LED bulb is a lot higher, and most of the manufacturers use a LED bulb in the ceiling fan.

Sometimes, things do go wrong and if your ceiling fan with LED bulb is not working, let us help you troubleshoot the same. Check out the pointers below, and we hope that these points would help you solve the issue.

LED Bulbs Not Working in a Ceiling Fan?

1. Socket Damage

You can start by checking if the socket is intact or not. Sometimes, the socket can be damaged, or it can develop rust. So, you can start by checking the socket or the connector. You can also use a tester to check if you are getting the voltage in the input section of the socket.

2. Wiring, Adapter or Switch

The next thing is to check the wiring and the switch. You can use a tester or a multimeter to check the same. If you are getting voltage on the input terminal of the LED light, then there is nothing wrong with the wiring and the switch. If you are not getting current, then you need to check your wiring or the switch. Here, usually, a small adapter is connected to the LED bulb. You can check the output from the adapter. In 90% of the cases, the adapter develops a fault because of the surge. If your adapter is working fine, it is the actual LED bulb that needs to be replaced.

3. Replace the Bulb

In some cases, the bulbs malfunction, and you need to replace the LED bulb in that case. You can unmount the LED bulb, and you can buy a similar bulb as an aftermarket purchase. Replace the bulb, and this should solve your problem. We always recommend taking the old module with you so that you can get the same product.


These are the possible solutions to the LED bulb malfunction. You can also refer to the warranty documentation associated with the fan. Some brands offer a two-year warranty on the LED bulb, and if your bulb is still in the warranty, it will save you money to get it replaced by the manufacturer itself. Most brands offer on-site coverage, so you will not have to worry about carrying the fan to the service centre. We hope the points helped you in troubleshooting the LED bulb in your ceiling fan.


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