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How to Repair a Table Fan at Home?

Table fans may start to make strange noises, stop working, or show other signs of malfunction. Is your table fan not working and you have tried everything? Well, don’t worry. These kinds of issues are common in almost every home. Electronics products have a limited lifespan and a table fan usually have a lifespan between 5 years to 8 years. However, proper maintenance and extreme care can provide you with much longer usability.

Most types of issues with a table fan not working is easy to solve at home and doesn’t require any specific knowledge. However, you still need to understand that how a table fan works and what are the important parts. To begin, let’s get started by understanding the issue first.

Type of Problems

There are usually three types of problems that people face while working on table fans, so it is always necessary that you should learn about the problem first. The common problems are –

  1. The blade is not rotating and you have tried it manually. It feels like the motor is damaged.
  2. The second type of issue is with the power supply. You can test the motor by using a DC battery and directly connecting the motor to it.

After learning about the problem, you can find an easier solution through the internet and several other methods.

Fixes for the Problems

Table Fan Repair

There are many ways to fix the problem and if you have no experience dealing with electronic appliances, then you should hire experts for the job. Here are some of the easy solutions to fix your fan as if the problem is from the above-given types.

Solution 1 – Fixing the rust on Fan

The rust on the fan occurs due to oxidation and poor maintenance. If your fan deals with humidity, and it has rust collected on the frame, fan and motor also, you should start cleaning it with the brush. You can open up the motor and get rid of all the rust. Now, you should add a lubricator inside the motor and it will increase the lifespan as well as it will help in dealing with the issue adequately. If the motor is rusted completely, you can replace it with a similar model and fix the table fan with ease.

Solution 2 – Fixing Power Supply

Usually, the power supply issues occur due to the overheating of the table fan. If your fan heated up due to over voltage and damaged the power supply unit, then we don’t suggest you repair it at home. There is a need for technical knowledge as well as there are many components risky enough to touch. The charged capacitor can be risky. So, you should call an expert during this kind of issue.

Finally, any type of issue related to the table fan can be eradicated. For common issues like damaged power cords or slow speed, you can replace the wire and lubricate the fan motor to work properly. Even changing the capacitor to the fan will help you fix this kind of issue in an effective manner also.


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