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How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home?

A vacuum cleaner is used for a wide range of purposes. From the cleaning of the house to the cars floor mat, the versatility is ensuring that it is a worth buying home appliance. These days vacuum cleaners are getting better in terms of functionality and design, which can provide a rich experience in the cleaning of any room.

You can choose between almost seven different types of vacuum cleaners, but car vacuum cleaners are surely the most popular ones among buyers and they have a ton of functionality also. Car vacuum cleaners are easily available in the market and they are widely preferred for dust and dirt cleaning from the car’s carpet.

However, most people don’t know the right method of using a car vacuum cleaner, which might make them suffer from the effectiveness. Vacuuming a car is an effortless job and require a basic strategy. If you are also someone, who want to use a car vacuum cleaner at home, then you need to learn about few basic things.

How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home?

Here, we are discussing the complete method to use a car vacuum cleaner at home. Let’s get started –

Understanding the Basic Problems First

A car vacuum cleaner is compact with a low power motor and small capacity. There are two major issues that you will find while using a car vacuum cleaner to vacuum your home. These problems are –

  • Problem 1 – The car vacuum cleaner works on DC power and it is directly connected to the cigarette lighter socket. Well, these kinds of sockets are widely preferred among vacuum cleaner’s manufacturers. It is the first problem that how to connect the power socket.
  • Problem 2 –The length of the vacuum cleaner hose or tube is small so that it is easy to use in the car. There is no need for a long hose inside a car, but when it comes to house cleaning, this will be a major issue.
  • Problem 3 – The capacity of a car vacuum cleaner is small and you can find it difficult to clean the whole using the same vacuum cleaner. So, you would have to figure out a strategy.

To deal with both issues, there are many things you would have to take into consideration during this procedure.

Solutions for Power Conversion

To figure out the perfect solution, learning about the power (AC and DC) is necessary. AC stands for Alternating Current, whereas DC stands for Direct current. Most of the low power or battery-powered appliances work on Direct current. The power supply in the home is AC and before finding the conversion method, learning about the output voltage is necessary.

  • Start by checking out the voltage supplied to your home. You can find it online through the official websites of the electricity board of your state or country.
  • Then check out the voltage required by the vacuum cleaner. When you have learned about both, it is time to figure out a reliable solution.
  • The easiest solution in every situation is to go for third party manufacturers, which offer power converters. As you can find a cigarette lighter to AC adapter, there are dedicated solutions available for reverse mechanism.
  • Search for ac to dc converter with a cigarette lighter socket online and you will have plenty of results available in the same kind.
  • Now, you can insert the ac to dc converter with cigarette lighter socket into the power outlet and then plug in your vacuum cleaner. By this method, you can vacuum sofas, carpets and other places without any issue.
  • The length of wire is the next issue in these situations and the perfect alternative is to go with extension boards. They will get the job done and they are highly effective for these tasks.

By following this method, you can convert AC into DC using the same cigarette lighter power brick. Make sure that if you want to keep your vacuum cleaner from getting damaged, then read about the power output of the new power brick and then use it.

Solution for Vacuum Cleaner Hose

Many brands offer vacuum cleaners with a small hose and don’t offer any accessories to keep the price low. For a car vacuum cleaner, you might not find the necessity of a long hose, but with home cleaning, you need one. So, the easy solution is to go for extenders.

There are vacuum cleaner extender tubes available and it is your task to find the most compatible one. Choosing the same manufacturer during the purchase of accessories will be a better solution because you will get a perfectly made, highly compatible extension tube for the vacuum cleaner.

Solution for Small Capacity

Most vacuum cleaners made for cars does offer a pretty good capacity. However, the same capacity does seem inadequate for house cleaning. There is no perfect solution as the capacity can’t be increased. However, you can choose to follow a basic tactic while cleaning your home with a car vacuum cleaner.

  • Always start with the cleaning of the floor so that there is less dust inside the house. When you are vacuuming the couch, bed and other places, the dust on the floor will scatter again with your movement. So, always begin from the floor and carpets.
  • Once the floor is clean, you can move to furniture, sofa and another part of the room. As you are done cleaning the room, you can empty the vacuum cleaner’s dust compartment and start again. By this method, you can use the same vacuum cleaner in the entire house.
  • The biggest problem with a car vacuum cleaner is a small turbo brush. Well, you can buy these turbo brushes from a third party seller and effectively increase the cleaning area.

By following these basic tips, you will be able to clean the entire house effectively. However, all these solutions don’t effectively suit the job. To eradicate those problems, there are some different methods.

Alternative Solution

If you are going to buy a new car vacuum cleaner, then it will be an adequate choice to opt for a different type of vacuum cleaners. Well, you can choose to buy two-in-one vacuum cleaners. These types of vacuum cleaners are slightly expensive, but they work the best for the car as well as home cleaning. The power rating will be optimal, there will be all the accessories and you don’t have to worry about the side solutions. In simple words, the purchase of a two-in-one vacuum cleaner is the optimal solution for those, who are looking forward to buying a new product.

The Final Verdict

Meanwhile, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t have much difference in their working method, the manufacturers still offer a unique design to suit the job. Choosing a powerful car vacuum cleaner with all the basic accessories is always the best option to help you get the job done effectively.

Make sure that you stay selective while choosing the converters for vacuum cleaners and you should also look forward to using all the safety measures. We hope that this guidepost helps you figure out the right solution that you are looking for online.


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