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Havells Fan Customer Care Number, Complaint Email id, Official Website

Doing business as Havells India Limited, a foremost quick pace electrical items (FMEG) corporation, and a significant power distribution electronics company with a worldwide presence, you can expect to receive prompt courteous service. Across a broad range of products, Havells enjoys great market dominance, including Domestic and Industrial devices of circuit protection, power capacitors, water heaters, air conditioners, home appliances, modular switches, fans, motors, etc.

havells fan

Havells Contact information

Get in touch with them on their official website at www.havells.com. Feel free to call at our Havells Fans customer care number at 08045 77 1313 and for any complaints, drop an e-mail at our complaint Email id customercare@havells.com.

Why use Havells Fans?

With Havells fans, you can keep your house cool while also circulating the air. As we all know, fans are required in every room, so why not invest in a great quality fan that performs its job well & lasts for a longer period? Bring this Havells fan into your home to ensure that you have enough airflow in your space so that one can sleep and do some other things without interruption.

Havells fans are in business since the middle of 2003, and they have been successful in meeting the needs of their customers. The prices of Havells fans are affordable and well within your financial reach.

Select the one that will enhance the appearance of your home’s interiors & make your spaces look beautiful. Remove your outdated fans and replace them with modern, elegant fans from Havells right away. Get them online and have them delivered without ever having to leave your home or work environment.

Known for its quality

High-quality materials are used in the construction of these appliances, which are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Ceiling fans, table fans, and exhaust fans are all available in a variety of styles and sizes. They have a large selection of stylish, energy-efficient, and classic fans from which you can choose.

Types of Havells Fans

Ceiling Fans: The ideal addition to your space is ceiling fans, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This type of fan is mounted on the roofs of your rooms, as the name implies.

Exhaust Fans: They can be placed in a variety of locations, including the kitchen and bathroom. Using these fans, you can keep your room feeling fresh all of the time by removing fumes, smoke, and moisture from the environment.

Pedestal Fans: Alternatively to ceiling fans, pedestal fans are a fantastic option that can be used in residences that don’t have ceiling fans or if the fan needs to be moved to a variety of locations.

Table Fans: The name implies that these fans must be placed on a flat surface, such as a table, to function properly. These fans, which are ideal for homes with limited space, allow you to remain comfortable at any time of day or night.

Wall-mounted Fans: These fans, which can be mounted on the wall of one’s room, assist you to save space while also providing optimal air circulation.


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