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Different Types of Fans in India and Their Uses in a Home

Fans in particular represent quite a vast spectrum. They come in different types and variants from the ceiling fans to the pedestal fans to the exhaust ones. All of these fans have their particular function and purpose. Then there’s your commercial vs home usage fans. All of these represent plenty of options.

Types of Fans in India

We here look at the different types of fans in India and their uses in a home down below. Read along.

1. Ceiling Fans


Ceiling fans are one of the most common types of fans used in the home. They are often the preferred choice for people and are something that has become an essential part of the home. they are installed on the ceiling or suspended from the hooks on the ceiling. It is designed to provide cooling to a room. A cooling fan consists of blades, motor, down rod, and canopy. The motor guides the internal functioning mechanism and allows the blades to rotate. The rotation is what causes the air to move around aerodynamically and provide cooling. A ceiling fan is known to reduce the temperature of a room by over 8 degrees Celsius. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors as required.

Use of Ceiling fan in a home:

  • Helps to cool the room temperature
  • Helps to evenly distribute the airflow in the room
  • Reduces the temperature in a room

2. Pedestal Fans

Usha Mist Purple Pedestal Fan

The second one in our list is the pedestal fans which are the most commonly used fans after the ceiling fans. These are often used as an alternative or substitute for places that don’t have ceiling fans installed in them. The best part about them is they are portable and don’t need permanent fixing on the ceiling like that of the ceiling fan. They come with their stand base and can be used in any room or open area as required. They are also versatile and comes in various shapes and sizes. You’d often see the large pedestal fans being used in programs and ceremonies. The pedestal fans are great picks if you want portability and control over your airflow.

Use of Pedestal Fan in a home

  • Portable in nature
  • Allows adjustment of airflow in terms of height and direction
  • Can help provide instant cooling and stimulate airflow in the room or area

3. Tower Fans

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

The third pick of our list is the tower fans, a new modern-day variant of the fan that is making quite a name for itself. Tower fans are sophisticated pieces of fans with an aesthetically pleasing design and functionality. It’s a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a standing fan but with additional features and a nifty-looking fan. It comes with a host of features like a space-saving option, noiseless, ionizer enabled, and more. A good tower fan tends to accentuate the space and give a great décor option apart from its functionality. It takes up way less space than the pedestal fans and combines the cooling of high-end coolers with the aesthetic look of a fan. It is generally priced at a higher spectrum than the pedestal or ceiling fans and isa great pick for office or high-end homes.

Use of Tower Fan in a home:

  • Visually appealing design
  • Space-saving design
  • Noiseless performance and additional features like ionizer and more.

4. Table Fans

Usha Mist Air Table Fan

Table fans are another major type of fans used in India. They are like the quintessential pick for someone who is looking for a smaller yet functional fan as a substitute for the pedestal fans. These are also known as desk fans and are small and lightweight. They are also priced quite low and come with an affordable rating. These types of fans can help cool a small area in particular be it the area nearby to the desk or the table. They have a simple design with a simple casing that encloses the fan blades. The enclosing helps protect your fingers from injury and allows you to enjoy the cool breeze. The only downside of this is that it cannot cool a large area.

Use of Table Fan in a home:

  • Cool the surrounding area around the desk and table
  • Provide cool breeze while working on a table
  • A portable fan that can be used anywhere across the home

5. Wall Mounted Fans

Ibell BLADE Premium Wall Fan

Wall-mounted fans are the ones that are specially designed to be permanently mounted to the walls. This kind of fan fits perfectly for a house setting where there is no place for the installation of ceiling fans. These work great in small and narrow places as they can be easily mounted to the walls and this ends up saving space. It is also to install and can be removed and affixed in another place or room when required. These fans are used to provide air circulation across the room or in a particular direction. They do not match the aerodynamics of a ceiling fan but can easily provide good airflow and cooling to a room. They are used widely along with other fans to help provide additional cooling. This is also one of those to be used extensively for the narrow rooms at home or office.

Use of Wall Mounted Fan in a home:

  • Space Saver and portable
  • Can be used to cool narrow rooms at home or office
  • Has a great cooling effect

6. Exhaust Fans

V-Guard clado 6exhaust fan

Exhaust fans are a great pick for a home. They have a different purpose than that of the normal fans and they do their job quite well. An exhaust fan is something that is installed to keep the temperature of the house at an ideal level and to reduce the smoke and the moisture level in the home. Exhaust fans are primarily installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and other tight spaces where the airflow is strictly minimum and odor or smoke build-up happens frequently. The exhaust fan helps to blow away the odor and the moisture and keep the home or the room fresh. It also helps reduce the building of molds in the home.The way they are designed is that they come with a fan blade, motor, and a vent that helps to pull the fumes away from the room. It can be easily installed and used. It doesn’t require a larger setup and has a small frame and can ideally be installed at various nooks and crannies parts of the kitchen and the bathroom.

Use of Exhaust Fan in a home:

  • To pull the smoke, odor, and fumes away from the home
  • To keep the room or the kitchen and bathroom free of molds.
  • To improve airflow in the narrow sections of the home where the window and bigger fans are not feasible.

Wrapping Up

There are various types of fans available for homes and all of these have their peculiar function and purpose. We hope that you can find the right type of fan for your home from the list above.


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