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Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Electricity is the major boom in the universe. We always like to listen to stories, every innovation; the experiment has its own story, if we like anything we want to know its origin and the invention. The first and the major invention of electricity came into the mind by seeing the thunder and lightning in the sky. It’s said that when clouds collide with each other there is a chemical reaction that makes the cloud take the shape of thunder and cause lightning. This is the major invention that happened in that era and also said that if it collides with the metal it can produce electricity.

The first major invention was the battery, then the light bulb, then the major invention was the motor and due to that ceiling fan came into existence and we can get a good breeze, and form a cooling environment. Nowadays we cannot think of a day without ceiling fans.

The fan was invented by India, around 500 BC, Palm leaves are used to make a fan and it is fixed in the ceiling and moved using a rod or stick. Now electricity is connected to the motor and it is controlled by mere a finger.

The first modern ceiling fan was invented in the 1860s in the country United States. During that period motor is not invented but the ceiling fan was run by using water. The electric fan are invented in the year 1882 by Philip Deihl, and immediately it is liked by the people and commercial authorities.

Today, there are lots of companies producing a variety of ceiling fan, Usha electrical are considered the oldest and fast-growing electrical company in India. Usha Bloom Daffodils Goodbye dust Ceiling fan 1250 mm has beautifully crafted dual-color design having facility of Goodbye dust Finish, it means the dust will not stay on the blades and it is removed automatically, it has 3 blades with 230 volts motor power and works well in low voltage situation with 2 years of warranty and brown also has a speed of 380 rpm.

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

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Below are some of the features of the Usha Bloom Daffodils ceiling fan is as follows:

Features of Usha Bloom Daffodils Ceiling Fan

  • Dual Color features: This fan has a dual-color facility, It has a facility of designing according to the requirement of customers, and color can be changed according to the wall painting. This will work in a low voltage situation.
  • Dust Resistant: It has a dust-resistant facility also called Say Goodbye to dust, which means dust will not stay on the fan because the paint used in the fan is Novale Silane Paint Technology from Asian paints, this will not allow the dust to remain on the blade of fans.
  • Oil and Moisture Resistant: It has painted with the Oleophobic and hydrophobic surface and coated by steel and copper body, so they are oil and moisture resistant and do not allow grease or oil on the motor as well as remove the stain.
  • Scratch and stain Resistant: The superior quality of polyurethane coating is used in the fans and has a low energy surface but also it is scratch and stain-resistant. This will help the product encounter damage.
  • High-Speed motors: The motor used in the fan is having high power with 380RPM( Revolution per Minute) airspeed of 240m3/min. It has an electroplate finish with the motor having 2 years guarantee, with 3 blades has a unique design and high air delivery.
  • Easy to clean: The fan has a unique coating which is easy to hassle-free cleaning especially along the edges of the blades where dust is available.


  • Ceiling fans consume less energy compared to wall mount fans.
  • Usha Bloom ceiling fans are designed in such a manner that we feel cooler and they can be adjusted according to the outside temperature.
  • Due to less consumption of energy ceiling, fans can be connected to an inverter and it will make you cool during the summer season even the power is off.
  • The least maintenance it requires and it will be a long-lasting asset until the motor gets damaged.
  • Nowadays ceiling fan comes with many decorations, which can increase the beauty of the house.
  • Less risk of accidents, pedestrian fans can cause accidents like, for example, if children playing in the house and by mistakenly they put fingers in the frame of the pedestal fan and cause accidents. There is no kind of risk in the ceiling fan.
  • Less consumption of space is another good feature of the ceiling fan.
  • The ceiling fan maintains constant airflow and even 10 people in a room can get the cool breeze but the wall mount fan doesn’t have that advantage.
  • The blades of the fan increase more smooth will be the flow of air in the room. Most of the ceiling fans are light so it is easy to carry while shifting houses or offices.
  • Usha bloom ceiling fans are easy to clean and it is dust-free and germ-free products, so you and your family no need to face any infection.


  • Usha bloom daffodils ceiling fans can cause shadow flicker also consume more energy when coming in contact with light.
  • Damage can be caused due to continuous fluctuation in power.
  • The blades are thin, which can lead to the sound of blades during the low power situation, so always buy better and thick blades.
  • The roof is low then the ceiling fan cause accidents, also it causes danger to your limbs.
  • Installation may cause damage and it should be done by an expert, improper fitting can cause huge damage to our loved ones.
  • There is a chance of wobbling of the blades, which means breaking of blades, bent of blades causes serious losses to our money.

Final Verdict

Other than some drawbacks, Usha ceiling fans are having many good and convenient features, It is operating on regulators so you don’t have to keep the remote in your hands to adjust the temperature. This is the most convenient and cost-consuming product in the market.

When compared to conventional ceiling fans, the Daffodils fan operates for significantly longer on the inverter battery. The fact that it works at steady speeds even when the voltage fluctuates. Hence always choose the better products according to features and your needs.


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