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The Best Crompton Ceiling Fans in India 2023 – Top Models Analysis

One of the most used electrical appliances in your home is the ceiling fan. No matter which part of the country you live in, we are sure you would have a ceiling fan in your home. Ceiling fans are of great help during summers, but they can also be helpful during the winters. Since the ceiling fans circulate the air, the ceiling fans can also help you reduce the energy bills during the winters. Moreover, you may find it challenging to dry the clothes in the winters or monsoon. During such season, the ceiling fan is your saviour. All you need is to bring the cloth rack in the room and air dries the clothes the whole night.

Being such an essential part of the home, ceiling fans certainly deserves special attention. Buying a good quality ceiling fan would also ensure that you are not frequently spending on re-coiling or repairs of the fan. So, we always recommend our readers not to invest in a brand known for the quality of the products. In such cases, one such brand that you can rely upon is Crompton. We are sure that you would have used some of the other products from Crompton.

The brand has a lot of products in India. At the moment, Crompton sells lighting solutions, pumps, steam irons, air heaters, room coolers and many other electrical appliances. The ceiling fan is one such appliance that Crompton sells. The quality of this ceiling fan brand is unmatchable, and you need to use this ceiling fan to believe in the quality and the commitment of the brand towards the country. So, the purpose of this blog post is to share the best ceiling fan from Crompton with you so that you can also invest in a brand that not only meets your need but that also offers you reliable electrical appliances.  Let us now move on to the next section and check out Best Selling Crompton Ceiling Fans In India.

Crompton Ceiling Fans Top Models Analysis

Crompton Fan

After going through the ceiling fans from Crompton, we found six such ceiling fans that we feel are worthy enough for purchase. In this section, you will find the top 6 ceiling fan from Crompton presently available in India. Check them out below.

1. Crompton Hill Briz 48 Inch High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz 48 Inch High Speed Ceiling Fan

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Are you looking for a basic ceiling fan that is affordable yet durable? Check out the Hill Briz series, and we are sure that it will serve the purpose. This is a basic model, but it is a lot more durable than its competition. This model supports a high speed of 370 RPM, which delivers a good amount of air across the room. The fan also has double ball bearings to reduce friction and to improve the efficiency of the fan. The double ball bearing would also reduce the wear & tear, which translates into longer life of the ceiling fan. Talking about the motor, it is a heavy duty unit that has 100% copper winding. The copper winding also improves the energy efficiency of the ceiling fan.

The power consumption of this ceiling fan from Crompton is 75 watts, and it offers an air delivery of 205 CMM. Apart from this, the blades in this fan have been dynamically balanced so that there is vibration or unwanted noise. As per the users, the fan is very silent and durable. The blades of the fan are also powder coated, and this makes the blades resistant to oxidation. Even if you live in a place with high humidity, the fan stays protected for a long time, and the weather barely impacts the blade.

As per the information available, the brand offers a two-year warranty on this ceiling fan. You also get a 48-hour response guarantee. Since Crompton has over 500 service centres in India, it becomes easy to offer you support in case of an issue. Overall, this model is easy to install, it has a lightweight design, and it is one of the best offerings in the basic fans. This option certainly deserves a look if you have budget constraints. We assure you that the Hill Briz series from Crompton will not disappoint you in any way.

Pros –

  • It is one of the most affordable ceiling fans on the list.
  • There are two variants and six colours available; Brown, Ivory, Ivory Gold, Opal White, Smoked Brown & White Bronze.
  • It has a 100% copper motor for higher energy efficiency.
  • Crompton offers a two-year warranty on this model.

Cons –

  • No such complaint from the users.

2. Crompton Sea Wind 48-inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton Sea Wind 48-inch Ceiling Fan

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The next ceiling fan on our list is from the Sea Wind series of Crompton. Just like the cool breeze of the coastal belt, this particular model soothes you on a hot day with its remarkable air delivery mechanism. Just like the ceiling fan at number 1, this model also belongs to the basic series of ceiling fans, which is why it is an affordable option. The fan is manufactured in India, and it also supports a high speed of 380 mm. The power consumption is slightly better as it stands at 70 watts. The air delivery of this model is 200 CMM, and it also comes with a standard two-year warranty from the brand.

We understand that you would need multiple ceiling fans in the home, and this is where you get an advantage. You can opt for a Pack of 2 or a Pack of 4 and save some additional money. There are three colour options available in this series, and all of them look decent enough. You can install these fans in the living room, bedroom or any other area, and you won’t feel awkward about it. The motor of this fan has 100% copper winding which is yet another factor that makes it energy efficient and durable. Because of this pure copper winding, the fan can deal with power fluctuations and voltage surges.

You get a motor, three blades, a downrod, shackle assembly, and two canopies in the package. Overall, you can consider this option, and it has its pros and cons, which we have listed below.

Pros –

  • This is available in Pack of 1, 2 & 4. Also, the colour options available are Ivory, Lustre Brown & Opal White.
  • It is energy efficient since it has a 70 watt power consumption factor.
  • It comes with a 100% copper winded motor and double ball bearding design.
  • Two years standard warranty offered by the brand.

Cons –

  • Some customers reported an issue with the packaging & delivery.

3. Crompton Uranus 48 inch Decorative Ceiling Fan

Crompton Uranus 48 inch Decorative Ceiling Fan

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We all want our dining room and drawing room to look royal. You can also build an exotic ambience by installing an elegant looking fan with under-light. There are many such options available from Crompton in this space, but the one that we loved the most is the Uranus series. This model has a sweep of 1200 mm, and it has a maximum speed of 320 RPM. Apart from this, the fan has an air delivery of 200 CMM & the maximum power consumption is 72 watts. The brand also offers a standard two-year warranty on this model, which you can use in case of an issue.

There are two colour options available in the Uranus series. One of the ivory colour which features golden pattern and the second one is black colour with a shiny chrome finish. This fan would enhance the look of your room by multiple folds, and it will give a royal look to the room. The controls of this fan are based on the cord design. You can pull one of the cords to adjust the fan’s speed, and you can use the second cord for turning on the under-light. The fan is very well-balanced, and the anti-rust body adds to the durability and longevity of the ceiling fan.

You can install LED bulbs in the lampshades, and that will help you optimize energy consumption. It is also possible for you to use smart bulbs, giving a touch of modernity to the royal looking fan. The carvings on the fan offer an old-world charm. Before buying this fan, you should note that it has a four-blade design, and it works great with air conditioners. In usual cases, the four-blade designs are better at low-speed circulation.

Pros –

  • It is an exquisite looking ceiling fan with under lights.
  • It comes with a pull cord design to adjust the speed and the light.
  • This ceiling fan is available in two colours; ivory & black.
  • Excellent built quality with 100% copper winding in the motor.

Cons –

  • Some users may find this ceiling fan to be slightly expensive.

4. Crompton Energion HS 48 inch 5 Star Rated High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Energion HS 48 inch 5 Star Rated High Speed Ceiling Fan

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One of the reasons why people buy the remote control fan is the accessibility that it offers them. These remote control ceiling fans are also great for low energy consumption. If you are looking for a model that offers both the benefits, you can check out this ceiling fan from the Energion series. This model is available in Brown, Black, White, Ivory and Toast Brown colours. The fan uses Activ BLDC technology, which saves up to 50% electricity. The fan’s maximum speed is 370 RPM, and it also has an air delivery of 220 CCM.

Getting into the details of energy consumption, the wattage varies between 6 watts and 35 watts depending on the speed of the ceiling fan. This usually translates into a 50% saving since most regular fans have a maximum wattage of 75 watts. Also, the high power factor of the motor of this ceiling fan helps the brand achieve such marvellous results. In the usual cases, this fan will save up to Rs 1,500 on electricity bills every year. This way, with four fans, you can save as much as Rs 6,000.

The remote of this ceiling fan also works very well. You can pair the remote to multiple fans, and the sleep based timer can help you save a lot of electricity too. The sleep based timer also ensures that you don’t have to get out of bed if it gets cold at night. The fan has a memory that retains your last setting, and whenever you turn on the fan, it will start at the same speed.

Pros –

  • This model comes with a remote-control feature and ActivBLDC for energy conservation.
  • The 5-star rating ensures that you save up to 50% electricity while using the fan.
  • Crompton offers a five-year warranty on this particular model.
  • The remote control has a sleep well timer function, and it also supports multiple pairing.

Cons –

  • The design of this ceiling fan looks plain.

5. Crompton Silent Pro Enso 48 inch Remote-controlled Ceiling Fan

Crompton Silent Pro Enso 48 inch Remote-controlled Ceiling Fan

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Some of us are heavy sleepers, while others can be bothered by the slightest of noise. For the people who need a pin drop silence during the night, Crompton launched the Silent Pro Enso series. This fan is super silent without any compromise on the speed or air delivery. The maximum speed of the fan is 315 RPM which offers 240 CMM of air delivery. The maximum wattage is 42 Watts, and the 5-star energy rating saves you a lot of power. The colour options available for this ceiling fan are White, Grey, Pink & Brown.

The blades are designed in such a way that the air friction is reduced. This translates into a higher air delivery, lower air drag and silent performance. This ceiling fan is also loaded with smart features. To begin with, there is remote control support for this model. You can use the remote control to toggle the fan on/off. You can also use the remote to adjust the speed between the five speed settings or set a timer of up to 4 hours. As per the details available, this ceiling fan is up to 2 times more silent than the conventional fan. The maximum noise limit for this fan is 52 dB.

Overall, the fan is excellent in terms of quality, air delivery and features. Also, if you are tired of cleaning the ceiling fans frequently, you can opt for the Silent Pro Anti-Dust series. Those fans have an additional coating on the blade that keeps the dust away. The price difference between the regular fan and the one with an anti-dust coating is negligible.

Pros –

  • It has the highest air delivery of 240 CMM but the lowest noise levels.
  • The fan offers energy savings of up to 50%.
  • Crompton offers a five-year warranty on this ceiling fan.
  • It also comes with a remote control that has a sleep function.

Cons –

  • We feel that it is slightly expensive and some customers also reported quality issues.

Why Choose Crompton Ceiling Fans In India?

Many of us might not know about Crompton. Well, does Crompton Greaves sound familiar to you? If it does, then let us share a little more information about the brand. Crompton was a result of the demerger of Crompton Greaves, and this happened in 2015. By 2017, Crompton was able to claim the award for the most energy efficient appliance brand in the ceiling fan category. With this achievement, we are sure that you would have already found a reason why you should choose Crompton ceiling fans in India. When you buy the Crompton fans, you are opting to save electricity and reduce your energy bills. This saving usually depends on the model that you are purchasing. There are more reasons why you should buy a ceiling fan from Crompton only.

In 2018, Crompton launched an Air 360 fan. The USP of this particular series was that the ceiling fan under this series could cover more area of the room. As per the brand, these fans were able to offer 50% extra coverage. This meant for the Indian users that they could get the same size fan, but they could manage with only one fan, even in a large room. It translated into savings in electricity and money that they would have otherwise used to purchase another fan.

Today, people have also been concerned about the brand’s ethics that they are doing business with. You will be glad to know that Crompton was recognized for its safety practices on the operational floors in the manufacturing units. Apart from this, during 2019, there was testing from one of the consumer research organizations where they tested seven brands for their energy rating. Out of those seven brands, only Crompton was able to achieve a 5 Star Energy Efficiency Rating. So, we can say that Crompton is not only honest with the customer, but it also takes care of its employees.

We are sure that you would only wish to invest in a Crompton ceiling fan for your home for so many reasons. While many brands offer designer ceiling fans in India, we would recommend opting for theceiling fans from Crompton only.

Final Note

We have been through almost all the information about the ceiling fan from Crompton. As a brand, Crompton is one of India’s best entities, and it takes care of the consumer and its employees. At the moment, there are multiple options available in ceiling fans from Crompton. Some models are super silent while other offer under-light. Some fans from the brand are a work of art, while there are models that you will find with an electroplated finish. The brand also sells anti-dust fans, which repels the dust and then there is the Duratech series from the brand that comes with a five-year warranty.

We have already talked about the energy efficiency and Air 360 fans from Crompton. With all these options, you have a lot of things to explore, and we are sure that you will find a reliable fan according to your needs. You can opt for the fans that we shared in the list, or you can browse through other offerings. If in case, you like a particular model, you can also visit the product link, and you can take advantage of the sale on Amazon to save a great deal of money. You will also get to know Crompton Ceiling Fans Price In India with the help of the button link. With this, we will sign off, and we hope that you found the ceiling fan as per your liking. Any question? Please drop a comment & we will respond shortly.