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3 Blade Vs. 4 Blade Vs. 5 Blade Ceiling Fan: Comparison, Pros & Cons

With the onset of hot summer days, some people try to find out a remedy to the situation by looking after cooler places. What if things made a breeze for people just with a simple solution? The ceiling fans are a simple answer.

They are the most affordable and efficient cooling appliance, the portable, comforting, and appealing product for the home—the requirement of the ceiling fans is not limited to summers but also during winter.

It is useful to circulate the warm air in the house when the weather is chilly. However, ceiling fans have distinct designs and sizes like the other products sold on the market.

It comes in different blades such as three, four, five, and more. Choosing an ideal ceiling fan in India depends on various aspects, which can be tricky. Here are the pros, cons, and a comparison between three, four, five blades of a ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans in India

Difference Between Three, Four, and Five-Blades Ceiling Fan

  • Number of blades

The less number of blades offers gentle and continuous airflow to cool down the body and give an even distribution. The three-blade ceiling fan offers comfortable air, whereas a five-blade ceiling fan offers less air when moving.

  • Energy efficient

Fans with less number of blades are energy-efficient since their energy consumption to work is less. On the contrary, the five-blade ceiling fan uses more energy to serve a good amount of air.

  • Speed

The fan’s speed is quite high if a fan consists of less number of the blade. For example, the three-blade ceiling fan is high in speed compared to 5 blade ceiling fan.

  • Design

The five-blade ceiling fan has more symmetry that offers blade balance. Compared to the design with a four and three blades ceiling fan, it is more appealing for the room.

Pros and cons of 3 Blades ceiling fan

Let’s begin with the three-blade fans. They are the best appliance for the household. Here are the perks and cons of the fans.


  • Cost-effective – The three-blade ceiling fans are a suitable option to make for a home. These fans are good because it’s pocket friendly and consists of unique features.
  • Excellent design – The best part about three blades ceiling fan is it complements the home design and offers a classic look. In addition, the feature of the three plate fan is amazing that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • High Speed – The surprising fact about three blades ceiling fan is it has the highest speed. That makes it an efficient and reliable option for large rooms.
  • Amazing blade balance – Even though the three blades ceiling fans have three-blade, it delivers comfortable air because of dynamic blade balance. It becomes more suitable than fan with more blades.
  • Blade span – The width of the fan is good enough to provide direct airflow that is suitable for large rooms. It is an ideal option that offers soft airflow.


  • Noisy – The fan with less number of blades causes noise when running. So, three blades fans are noisy.
  • A cool person, not room – The fan’s speed only shows its impact on a person but not the room.
  • Can’t use AC – The ceiling fan with three blades cannot work with the air-conditioner.

Pros and cons of 4 blades ceiling fan

The pros and cons of four blades ceiling fans are an important factor to discuss when choosing the ideal option. Read them below:


  • Stylish – Many people consider fans to give a beautiful appearance to the interior. These fans are stylish and perfect for the decorative ceiling.
  • Operates with AC – Due to the less noise and easy airflow, people can use them with AC.
  • Silent – The four-blade ceiling fans are less noisy due to more blades.
  • Affordable – Buying four-blade ceiling fans will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Lightweight – The four blades ceiling fans are long and lighter.


  • Slow air – The four-blade fan airflow is less because some blades are more.
  • Aerodynamic – The motor used in a four-blade ceiling fan is more aerodynamic drag.

Pros and cons of 5 blades ceiling fan

The following are the perks and cons of five blades ceiling fans –


  • Perfect Symmetrical design – The ceiling fan design with five blades is appealing for a home.
  • Silent working – The noise production of the fans is less compared to the blade with less number.
  • Gentle Airflow – The fans offer comfortable airflow in the space. But it helps to cool your body, not the room.
  • Fabulous design – The symmetry of the five-blade ceiling fan complements the space that can be utilized to make the room appealing.
  • Comfortable Air – The fan offered continuous and gentle airflow with an even air distribution.


  • Move less air – The more blades means, the last year it will move. So, a five-blade ceiling fan offers less air.
  • No Energy Efficiency – The more blades are not energy-efficient since the motor has to do a lot to contribute to high energy consumption.
  • It’s Large – even the design of the blades is unique, but it is too large for a place.

Wrap Up

Which Ceiling fan is better? Specifically, there is no direct answer since it ultimately depends on the requirement of the house. However, by comparing the pros and cons of the three, four, and five ceiling fan blades, one can determine the ideal choice.


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