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Havells Ventil Air DX 250MM Exhaust Fan Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Each fan has its advantages and uses, such as a ceiling fan to circulate air throughout the room. In contrast, an exhaust fan is used to draw unwanted odours and excess moisture from a particular area.  If we talk about the company that came into the most limelight in a few years, then Havells is one of them.

This is because the company is getting famous for better innovation and classy design. The best exhaust fan example is Havells Ventil Air DX 250MM exhaust fan. Talk of construction, premium quality plastic using to design the fan, which is free from resistance & corrosion.

Apart from being robust, the Ventil Air DX 250mm by Havells is sure to complement the interior of the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, it will help in saving huge monthly electricity bills as it consumes less electricity. Here we are going to mention its features, pros and cons in depth.

Havells Ventil Air DX 250mm Exhaust Fan

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Key Features of Havells Ventil Air DX 250mm Exhaust Fan

  • Sturdy Construction

When it comes to an exhaust fan, we all think of investing in a product that is ergonomic and sturdy. And you would love to know that this fan is good in terms of sturdy construction. As it is made of premium quality engineering plastic, this type of plastic provides excellent abrasion resistance and impact on usage. Moreover, the material also ensures that the fan itself is durable, sturdy, ergonomic, lightweight, and resistant to colour alteration.

  • Aesthetic Appealing Design

As mentioned above, Havells fans are known for their classy & eye-catchy design and look. This fan is also very aesthetically appealing due to its lightweight construction, and white colour. Once installed, it doesn’t look like an eyesore. According to the product description, it is a suitable option to mount on a glass window. The rest is your choice, if you want, you can mount it on any surface of the bathroom or kitchen.

  • Noise-free Operation

Most poor-quality exhaust fans produce unpleasant sounds which lead to turbulence. But, this exhaust fan which is based on advanced technology produces minimum vibration during operation. The best part is that its vibrating sounds don’t endanger your expensive glass windows.

  • Robust Motor

Being the fastest speed fan, it has a great demand in the Indian market. The reason behind this is that it is equipped with a strong motor. The motor ensures that the fan can operate continuously for hours while maintaining a high speed. This is why the blades rotate at the speed of 1200RPM, making the fan very effective for removing bad odour, fumes, and moisture.

  • Power Saver

Since it only consumes 32 watts of power, you can save a lot of money that could be spent on huge electricity bills after installing poor quality power consuming fans.

Pros of Havells Ventil Air DX 250mm Exhaust Fan:

  • The fan features a gravity shutter to prevent the entry of objects like dust, pets, bird, etc.
  • In terms of durability, there is no competition for this fan because it is made of high-quality engineering plastic.
  • A powerful motor allows fans to work longer at their higher speeds.
  • It can pull all fumes, moisture, and dust to make room environment breathable.

Cons of Havells Ventil Air DX 250mm Exhaust Fan:

  • It will work effectively only if it is installed from the outdoor side of the glass window.
  • The blades are a bit fragile so an attention is needed while cleaning.


Havells Ventil Air Exhaust Fan is a great investment for people looking for an exhaust for their kitchen use. The motor function well to pull air out of the space effectively.


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