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Deco Elegant Tower Fan Remote Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan with Remote

Deco is a relatively new brand, but it has delivered as per its promise. The brand is still a popular choice in the southern part of the country, and with time, it is gaining more popularity in the rest of the country. Deco is mainly known for tower fans, so if you are looking for a similar product, you must review Deco’s offerings. The Deco Elegant Tower Fan is one such premium offering from the brand that many people love. Here is a comprehensive review of the tower fan so that you can understand what it offers you. Check out more details below.

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan with Remote

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Features of Deco Elegant Tower Fan

  • Sleek Design – The design of this fan is very sleek. Moreover, it is available in black colour which looks very attractive. Deco Elegant Tower Fan is a perfect tower fan for offices and homes. It would not occupy much floor area either.
  • Warranty Policy – This fan comes with a one-year warranty policy. You can get the warranty benefits in case of a manufacturing defect or any other issue. The brand has a good customer service network, so you can get the job done quickly.
  • Speed Settings & Oscillation – Deco Elegant Tower Fan has multiple speed settings. You get three speed settings and three wind modes. The options available are simulating slumberous and natural wind. In addition, you can set a timer or control the oscillation of the fan. The timer feature will auto shut the fan after a given duration.
  • Button & Remote Controls – Another nice feature of the Deco Elegant Tower Fan is that it can be controlled using buttons or remote controls. The buttons are located on the top of the fan, so you don’t have to bend to control the fan. The remote supplied with the fan is also very easy to use.
  • Power Efficient – The brand uses a 100% copper motor in this fan. The motor is very durable, and it is also resistant to mild power surges. In addition, the copper core of the motor makes it a lot more power efficient. Even when running it at full power, the Deco Elegant Tower Fan would only consume 35 watts.


  • The airflow offered by Deco Elegant Tower Fan is quite impressive. It can work in the mode you select, which helps you circulate the air in the room. This tower fan maximizes the effect of the air conditioner.
  • The fan offers a lot of settings. You can choose between three speed settings and three wind modes. You can also set a timer in this fan which is quite a blessing.
  • You get a remote control with this fan which makes it very easy to control the fan’s functions.
  • Deco Elegant Tower Fan works silently. It is so silent that even toddlers would not be bothered by the sound.
  • Deco Elegant Tower Fan comes pre-assembled. There is no need for assembly. You can unbox this tower fan and plug it in to use it.


  • We feel that the fan is expensive, and the fan could have been cheaper, considering the brand value and the build quality.
  • This tower fan will not automatically restart if there is a power cut. You would have to turn it on using the remote or the buttons on the fan.
  • The coverage of Deco Elegant Tower Fan could have been better. You might need multiple fans in bigger rooms.

Final Verdict

Overall, the quality of the Deco Elegant Tower Fan is satisfactory, and it does the work as stated. The added advantage is the remote control that comes with it. The fan is easy to use, and it is also very power efficient. If you are looking for a tower fan, then this is something that you can consider.


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