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Tower Fan Vs Air Cooler: Which is Best and Why?

In summers, you need something that can lower the room’s temperature and make you feel better. It isn’t easy to deal with such high temperatures without a fan or a cooler. In recent times, many companies have launched tower fans that are compact and have high airflow. On the other hand, there are air coolers, which work along with a honeycomb to lower the room’s temperature. Now, the question is that which one of these is a better offering? We have done some analysis for you so that you can buy what suits your requirements the most. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Differentiating Points between Tower Fan and Air Cooler

Tower Fan Vs Air Cooler

Below are some of the points that would differentiate the air coolers from the tower fans. You need to go through all these points to understand what you need for yourself.

Air Cooling

The main difference between the tower fan and the air cooler is the temperature of air that they blow. The tower fan would blow air at the normal temperature while the air cooler would use water & honeycomb to cool down the air before blowing it in the room. So, if you want something that can drastically reduce the room’s temperature, you should opt for the air cooler and not the tower fan. Remember that an air cooler can work as a tower fan, but the tower fan can’t work as an air cooler. You need to turn off the water pump of the air cooler to make it function as a tower fan.

Weather Conditions

The next consideration that you need to give is to the weather conditions. The tower fans are great if you have an air conditioner or if you have a humid climate. The air coolers are great for the cities that do not have high humidity because the air coolers are not very effective on humid days. Apart from this, the air coolers work great in a hot and dry climate. So, understand the climate of the city that you live in and make a purchase accordingly.

Life Span

Both the air cooler and the tower fan has a powerful motor to blow out the air in the room. The motor is quite sturdy, and you get a warranty policy on the motor. The air coolers have an additional water pump, and it also has an additional honeycomb or mesh to circulate the water and cool down the air. The water pumps are usually reliable, and they last longer if you take proper care of them; however, the life span of the mesh in the air coolers are limited. Whereas, if you are buying an air cooler with the honeycomb, then the lifespan would be equal to that of the tower fan.

Energy Consumption

For some of us, energy consumption is quite a significant factor. The tower fans are a lot more efficient in terms of energy consumption. In contrast, the air coolers would consume slightly higher power because the air coolers have two motors working continuously. The difference is not much, and if you live in a hot climate, you can very well ignore the energy consumption of both appliances.


In terms of portability, the air coolers are less portable than the tower fan. The tower fans have lightweight whereas, the air coolers are slightly heavy. This increased weight is the water weight in the water tank that is required by the cooler to run. Apart from that, both the air coolers and the tower fans usually come with a wheel assembly that can be used to move them around.


Talking about the maintenance of the appliance, the air coolers need more attention in terms of maintenance. You would need to fill the water regularly when you are using the air cooler. Moreover, you would also need to replace the mesh or the honeycomb once it starts going bad. In terms of the tower fan, there is minimal maintenance that you need to perform. You would need to clean the filter once in a while. Also, the air coolers would need you to maintain hygiene levels by draining the water when the cooler is not in use.

Smart Features

Many appliances these days are loaded with smart features. Both the air coolers and the tower fans support such smart features depending on what you are buying. These smart features may include a remote control that allows you to control the cooler or include Alexa support. You can check the product brochure for more information for information on the smart features.

Air Swing

The air swing may or may not be offered in the air coolers and the tower fans. This is again very subjective to the model that you are buying. The older models of both the tower fans and the air coolers had manual air direction adjustments whereas, the modern day models come with automatic adjustments for the air swing. This factor can be essential if you share a room with other family members. No matter what you choose, you should check if the appliance has the air swing feature.


The last point on our list is the cost of the tower fan & the air cooler. The air coolers are slightly more expensive than the tower fans because of the additional features they offer. The running cost and the maintenance cost of the air cooler would also be higher. You should note that the air coolers work very well in a hot climate, so basically, you pay a premium for all those additional features. The tower fans are usually economical in terms of the total ownership cost.

Final Decision

After going through these points, we are sure that you would have understood what meets your requirements in a better way. The air coolers can undoubtedly lower the room’s temperature, especially if you do not live in a humid climate. For the humid climates, you might want to opt for a tower fan. There are also other factors that you can go through while making the purchase decision. Lastly, if you want something to cool down the room while restricting the budget, the air coolers would be better than the tower fans. So, consider all these things before you purchase a tower fan or an air cooler.


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