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What Are The Different Types of Commode Chairs?

As age progresses, especially older people become unable to move, so it is necessary to simplify their lifestyle to boost their confidence. Being dependent on someone else has a huge impact on both physical and mental health so people must be adequately prepared to deal with their decreased mobility due to age factors or disabilities.

You can add all the necessary equipment made of wood or metal around elderly people who require proper care, to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for them. Apart from wheelchairs, a commode chair, which is known as an autonomy chair has gained popularity among elderly people due to its offering independence and portability.

It is a great tool that is widely used by the person who is unable to walk on their own due to ageing, permanent disability or surgery. More and more age group people are opting for it after seeing the comfort and affordability of these commode chairs. Unlike wheelchairs, commode chairs are lighter in size and can be taken inside the washroom so that the elderly don’t compromise their hygiene. Let us know more about the commode chair, its types and the benefits of choosing one through this blog.

What is a Commode Chair?

Different Types of Commode Chairs

A commode chair is a portable toilet with four legs, rubberized feet and armrests. It is often used by people who cannot walk properly or are unable to access the bathroom due to weakness, disability, or any other illness. This chair is designed in such a way that it can be placed in their vicinity.

The trash can attached to the commode is easily emptied as it can be removed. These chairs are covered under Medicare Part B and are considered a sturdy medical tool. There are different versions of commode chairs, but they all share most of their features and functionality is similar. Despite the version of the commode chair, they all have a common feature, including:

  • All of them feature rubberized feet to prevent slipping.
  • All of them are highly durable and lightweight as they have hollow steel tubing.
  • All chairs look like a portable toilets with a removable collecting container beneath for easy pouring.
  • All of them come with some type of handgrip.

Types of Commode Chairs

Let us discuss some of the popular commode chairs available in the market:

1. Portable Commode Chair

Portable Commode Chair

As the name suggests, portable commode chairs are designed to push and move by someone else. These chairs can carry anywhere as they have a foldable design. Most portable commode chairs have four wheels to push them over tile, wood, and carpet floors, and are lightweight and take up very minimal space. Portable commodes used as a shower chair if you have an accessible shower, or chairs with their pan removed can be mounted over a conventional toilet for greater privacy.

These chairs are made with water-resistant material, and typically feature four or two wheels with locking mechanisms to assist ease of mobility in and out of the shower.

2. Bariatric Commode Chair

Bariatric Commode Chair

Bariatric commodes chairs are designed thoughtfully to keep sturdiness in mind. These chairs provide enough space for the person using this to sit comfortably as they are wide in size. It is designed to lodge one that is over 300 Ibs.

Where a regular bedside commode chair can only accommodate up to 300 lbs and a bariatric commode chair is designed for up to 600 lbs. Unlike traditional commode chairs, this type of chair has a wider seat, which allows the user to sit properly with added comfort without feeling restricted. Most bariatric commodes even have a drop arm for easy mobility and transport from a hospital bed or wheelchair.

3. Static Commode Chair

Static Commode Chair

Static Commode Chair doesn’t have wheels and can be shifted to whichever room you need. However, they usually offer a detachable arms feature for easy transportation and mobility. This type of chair is available in different materials and is slightly popular among users. Most static commode chairs are easily stackable and have splayed legs for stability. Many chairs are equipped with a polypropylene lid, handle and pan.

4. Over-the-toilet Commode Chair

Over-the-toilet Commode Chair

This type of commode chair features four wheels with locking mechanisms and doesn’t have a separating collection container. These chairs are designed in such a manner so that they can be locked into position, and wheeled over the toilet, offering additional support for the user. These are considered multi-purpose commode chairs as they generally combine all the essential features of all the types of commode chairs mentioned above.

Wrapping Up:

Commode chairs are completely infirm and used by one who has difficulty getting to the bathroom or has mobility problems. These chairs are designed for convenience and functionality, giving people mobility who are suffering from an accidental or elderly disability.


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