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Mesh Office Chairs Advantages And Disadvantages

When you start thinking about getting new office furniture with high-quality, then you will have several options in the present market. But making the right choice for office seating is a very important decision to make. The comfort of your employees should always come first as that will help in increasing productivity. But there is another point that the employer will always keep in mind, the budget. Yes, budget is also important from the employer’s point of view. Something that matches both these requirements is a mesh office chair.

The mesh office chairs are the latest trend of inexpensive ergonomic chairs. If you have never heard about them yet, then it is time you start gathering some information about them. They are now everywhere in the present furniture market. Due to so many benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you get them for you, the demand for these ergonomic mesh office chairs is increasing every single day.

When compared to the most standard materials like fabric and leather, the mesh is surely a great alternative. Fabric chairs and leather chairs are always the most popular choices but now it’s time for you to try the latest and new designs of the market along with everyone else. Whether it is due to being animal friendly and avoid leather chairs or you want a chair that needs very less maintenance, mesh office chairs are a great choice.

Mesh Chair

Just like any other kind of office chair, these mesh office chairs also come with upsides and downsides. Checking out their advantages and disadvantages will help you make the right choice. These points will help in choosing whether the mesh chairs are perfect for your office or not.

Advantages of mesh office chairs

Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy with mesh office chairs:

⇒ Breathability

When you sit for a long time on a chair, like a leather chair or fabric chair, there will be very little airflow in and out of the chair. But when it comes to the mesh office chair, at the seat and back area, there will be enough airflow. There will be good ventilation and hence your body will remain fresh even when you sit for long hours. If there is no enough airflow, then there are chances of skin issues like rashes and blister formation. That can cause discomfort for you to sit and work.

⇒ Light in weight

The mesh office chairs are made using mesh. They are very light in weight and so you will be able to move them easily from one place to another. Yes, leather and fabric chairs also come with wheels at the bottom and can be moved, but they are not as light as a mesh chair. Even in case of any damage, you can easily lift them and place them in another place, which may not be possible with leather or fabric chairs.

⇒ Easy Maintenance

Another advantage that you will be able to enjoy with a mesh office chair is they need less maintenance or no maintenance in most cases. When there is a spillage of food or beverage, you can easily clean the mesh chair with the help of a wet cloth and dry them in the sunlight for better cleaning. The spots or stains will be gone easily as you can clean with the wet cloth. That is not an option with the fabric chairs and leather chairs.

⇒ Easy Availability

Another best thing about the mesh office chairs is they are easily available. Yes, you can find them in any offline store or online store. You can find them at any furniture store near you at a very good price. When looking for more number of latest designs, you should go for online stores.

⇒ Cost

Another good point or advantage of having mesh chairs in the office is their cost. Yes, you will be able to pick a chair for your employee at a price of your choice. You will be able to provide great comfort to the employee during working hours in your budget. When compared to the other kinds of chairs available in the present market, they are very comfortable and pocket-friendly as well. So, you need not have to worry about your budget when you pick mesh office chairs.

Disadvantages of mesh office chairs

Here are some of the disadvantages that you will have with mesh office chairs:

⇒ Not very comfortable

One of the most important that you need to check in any kind of office chair is the comfort level. When compared to the leather or fabric chairs, the mesh office chairs are not very comfortable. There is no padding or fabric available for the mesh chairs and that makes them very uncomfortable for sitting for long hours. So, if your employees will have to spend more than five hours at their desks, then this is not the choice for you.

⇒ Only a few designs

Another disadvantage that you will have to face with the mesh office chairs is they are available only in a few designs. As they are the latest type of office chairs in the present market, you will not be able to find a lot of design. You can find either gray or black mesh chairs. This is an issue at present, but it may not be a problem in a few years from now.

⇒ Not a durable option

When you are investing in office chairs, you will want them to last for at least a few years. But with regular use for long hours, these mesh chairs will start sagging in just a few months. They do not last long. If you continue using them even after sagging, then it can cause back pain, neck pain, or other pains and discomfort in the body.


If you are looking for low-cost options for your office and willing to replace them in a year or so, then mesh office chairs are a great choice. As they are not very expensive, you can replace them after a few months if you wish to. Also, coming to the latest designs, you will be able to find them in many designs and styles in just a few years from you. Any product that is hugely in demand in the market will come up with new designs very quickly. These mesh chairs are the latest ergonomic chairs at a very low budget and so you can expect a good number of designs very soon.

There are several positive aspects when you take a good look at the features of the mesh office chairs. You just need to weigh the pros against the cons to make the right choice. If you are living in a heated environment, then mesh office chairs are a great choice. Also, if your employees spend a lot of time sitting at the desk, then these are a good choice. If limited designs are not a problem for you, then pick mesh office chairs for your workplace and try them. You will love the experience of using them. Mesh office chairs are a good choice of the chair if they fit your needs.


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