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How To Check Table Fan Capacitor? Working or Not?

Whether you are using a table fan or a ceiling fan, any electronic appliance which have a rotating motor for large blades will have a capacitor.

A capacitor is a small electronic component, which can hold the charge and provide thrust or kick start to the fan while starting. The capacitor charges from the direct voltage and keeps holding the current for the next use.

As if the capacitor is damaged due to the end of the lifespan period or any technical fault, then you can have issues related to the fan. To check out a table fan capacitor, you can do three common things which will come in handy.

How To Check Table Fan Capacitor?

Checking the capacitor

Two easy methods can help you whether the issue is with the capacitor or not. These methods are –

  • The fan is rotating at a slower speed than usual even the speed control is at maximum. In these situations, you can try rotating the blades manually and look after the fact that the motor is okay or not. If the blades are rotating freely, then the issue might be with the capacitor. However, we can be double sure by doing one more thing.
  • You can open up the table fan and start finding the capacitor behind the motor. It is a small cylindrical unit that is connected to the motor. You can remove it and then perform a small test. Start by putting both the wires into the electric socket and do it for a single second. Once you have inserted the wires, the capacitor must be charged. It is time to sort them by touching both terminals to each other.

If the capacitor sparked a high current, then there is no issue with the capacitor. However, if it didn’t charge and nor made any spark sound, then the capacitor is dead and it is time to buy a new one. These capacitors are easily available in the market and you should buy the similar one for great usability.

Important note – A capacitor is capable of holding a higher voltage current and touching the terminal can electrocute you. So, it would be an optimal choice to wear safety gear like rubber gloves.

Bottom Line

Apart from the given methods, you can try using other professional tools to check whether the capacitor is working perfectly or not. However, for a layman, getting professional equipment to check capacitors might seem like an issue so you can stick to the above-given methods.


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