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Pedestal Fans Advantages and Disadvantages: Pros and Cons

So many brands are designing theme-based fans to make their appearance more appealing to the masses. Just the other day, I saw a television ad that promoted fans designed with inspiration from the Flora. The marketing strategy they’re using is spot on, as all people see nowadays in advertisements, is the appearance of the product and how visually appealing they are. Talking about fans, ceiling fans aren’t the only variety available in India. Pedestal fans are a close competition too. If you’re looking to buy a pedestal fan in India, here are some pros and cons of this kind:-

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan Advantages

Here are some pros of having a pedestal fan:

→ Portable

The benefit of owning a pedestal fan is that it can fit into really small spaces. You can place it in any small available corner of your room, and it’ll function perfectly. You don’t need to clear out a huge space for a pedestal fan to fit. Even when you’re working in store rooms or basements, and you need a source of air to keep you cool, you can easily place this fan at the corner of the room and turn it on.


One of the biggest advantages of these fans is that they can be carried around the house wherever needed. Need to beat the heat while you’re enjoying the latest issue of Vogue on your balcony? Getting sweaty while cooking in the kitchen? Bring your pedestal fan with you wherever you go. Keep yourself cool at all times! This is probably the best thing about pedestal fans!


Pedestal fans are making so much progress in the market, that there’s a huge range of options available for when you want to buy one! From different colors and a number of blades to changeable fan speeds and adjustable height, you can change up your fan into whichever way you want! The features are seriously comparable to an air cooler.


If you want to buy a pedestal fan, you don’t need to give it a second thought, because it will go easy on your wallet. You won’t spend much, but get benefits worth splurging on. And if you need your fan to have some advanced functions, then you probably need to spend a few more bucks. But it still wouldn’t compare to how much you’d spend on a cooler or air conditioner.

Pedestal Fan Disadvantages

Here are some cons of having a pedestal fan:

Difficult to clean

The protective casing of the fan is pretty difficult to clean, compared to ceiling fans, which are pretty simple to clean. In-ceiling fans, you need to wipe the blades of the fan, and they’re good as new! But because of the cage-like structure of the casing of pedestal fan blades, it can be tricky to clean every part of them.

Powerpoint required

These fans can be placed only where there’s a plug-point and not exactly where you need it to be. You might need air at one part of the room, but you can’t place your fan there if there’s no plug-point available at that part of your house.

Uneven cooling

Unlike ceiling fans that circulate air all around the room, pedestal fans only cool the area close to where they are placed. So, say you have placed your pedestal fan near the source of electricity in your room, and you’re working at a desk on the other end, you won’t get air from the fan to where you’re sitting.

So, here’s everything you need to consider before buying a pedestal fan. It’s your choice whether you want to invest in a great pedestal fan or get an average cooler or air conditioner instead!


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