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The Best Wrist BP Monitor Machines in India

Due to frequent changes in eating, sleeping and working habits, it is necessary to take care of the health and overall health of the body at all times. Nowadays, people usually become careless about their health which results in many health problems. Blood pressure is a major health concern affecting every age group.

The majority of the population may consider digital forearm blood pressure monitors and traditional BP monitors due to their higher accuracy. But, these devices are more expensive and may not be able to be operated by a person who is not a professional.

If you too are suffering from problems related to blood pressure, then you need something that helps in monitoring and measuring the pulse rate and blood pressure level under your budget. The only effective solution is the Wrist BP Monitor Machine, which helps reduce frequent visits to clinics, making monitoring easy and quick when needed.

This medical equipment can be used at home and is easy to use check pulse rate and blood pressure with a single touch. Since almost every wrist BP Monitor Machine is loaded with many features like store back reading, user friendly, and much more, making the device reliable, accurate and convenient.

 It can be awesome to find an accurate and reliable one that makes blood pressure measuring just like medical experts on your own. After doing focused research, we bring to you the top three best Wrist BP Monitor Machines in India for people with BP issues. Let’s quickly take a look:

Why Choose Wrist BP Monitor?

Best Wrist BP Monitor Machines in India

Your BP is an essential medical measurement to know, as high blood pressure can lead to life-threatening conditions. The chances of heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, and heart failure may rise if your blood pressure is too high.

Many people these days have frequent fluctuations in their blood pressure levels and pulse rate. To avoid the risk of heart attacks, it is important to monitor and inspect blood pressure at all times. But, going to clinics all day or calling medical experts is impossible.

In such a case, a device like a wrist BP Monitor comes in handy which may be accurate if used exactly as recommended. According to the American Heart Association, using a home blood pressure monitor provides even more accurate results for measuring blood pressure in the upper arm than using a wrist or finger blood pressure monitor.

A wrist blood pressure measuring device is exactly when it says like, a handy tool that monitors your BP from your wrist. It is designed thoughtfully so that you don’t need a prescription to purchase on and is ready to use at home anytime. This device is also ideal for people with hand or arm mobility limitations, even those with larger upper arms.

It may be more comfortable and easier to carry along with all your stuff wherever you go. The lightweight, portable and handy design enables one to measure at any place. After following the manufacturer’s directions, you are ready to take readings. Even, many monitors provide instructions on the box and come with a manual.

Benefits of Choosing Wrist BP Monitor:

  • These devices are comparatively inexpensive, unlike traditional BP monitors.
  • They can provide accurate results when they’re used accurately.
  • Using a Wrist BP Monitor is a practicable substitute you can use both in medical settings and at home when an upper arm monitor is not practical.
  • Most importantly, it eliminates the need to visit the doctor regularly. All useful information regarding blood pressure readings will be stored by this device so that you can provide it directly to the doctor.

Best Selling Wrist BP Monitor in India

1. Omron HEM 6161 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 

Omron HEM 6161 Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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OMRON is one of the most recommended brands by medical experts, doctors and experts due to offering medical instruments with superior accuracy and advanced quality. As we have talked about earlier, heart health is very important and it is necessary to take care of and monitor it, and this wrist blood pressure monitor will help you a lot.

The device contains several features one of these is IntelliSense Technology which highlights your movement through a movement error symbol during the measurement if you move your body. It is designed thoughtfully to measure & monitor irregular rhythms. If the device shows an irregular heartbeat symbol on its display, then you need to be aware of your heart health.

Overall, the best part about this medical device is that it allows you to confirm the measurement via symbols or text messages on the display. The fact is this device uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurements. In simple words, this monitor senses the pressure pulsations of the artery underneath the cuff when the cuff inflates.

The electronic pressure sensor displays a digital reading of blood pressure. In fact, the cuff wrap guide function will also indicate to you through illuminated indicators be the cuff is wrapped correctly or too loose. This 11.2 x 11.4 x 9.6 Centimeters product weighs 0.26 Kg and is suitable for all wrist sizes as it features a universal large size cuff. If you are looking to buy a precision machine with quality and convenience in mind, this would be a great option.


  • This simple wrist monitoring device by Omron has a portable, compact design that enables extra convenience for people who want to measure blood pressure while at work or travelling.
  • It is a lightweight machine with lots of handy features.


  • The built quality could have been better.

2. Beurer 659.02 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 

Beurer 659.02 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 

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The Beurer 659.02 wrist blood pressure monitor has been specially designed for keeping an eye check on your blood pressure accurate from the area of your home. As it has a digital screen display, this device measurement task is easier. The device has been expertly manufactured with an ergonomic design.

This monitor is completely light in weight, which makes it easy to carry and a portable device at all times. In addition to ergonomic design, it features a Velcro strap fastener which is suitable for a wrist border of 13.5 to 19.5 cm.

This wrist blood pressure monitor has a lot of advanced features, such as a low battery indicating feature, storage capacity, etc. Since it has good storage, it will be able to hold up to an average of 2*60 memory space, in which you will be able to check saved readings over 7 days.

Moreover, this handy medical device comes with automatic pressure measuring features. This means that the device can identify automatic pressure deflation and preselection. Additionally, it has the mechanism to show a signal in a potential heart rhythm disturbance and can also detect Cardiac Arrhythmia.

This device can be another good option to consider on this list if you want to choose a digital BP monitor for everyday use. Another notable aspect of the device is the combination of plastic & glass materials makes the device display clear, highly visual, sturdy and durable. This 9 x 10 x 11 Centimeters weighs 0.3 pounds. For this device, you just need to spend Rs 1749.


  • This device can store up to 60 readings for two users.
  • Due to its lightweight design, it offers convenience to you to carry your healthcare essentials along wherever you go.


  • It can drain the battery very quickly.

3. Rossmax S150 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax S150 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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If you’re looking for a reliable blood pressure monitor device while shopping online, Rossmax S150 would be a suitable option. This device is one of the best choices for those who wish to frequently measure blood pressure on their own.

This wrist equipment ensures that there is no departure in the reading even if you move your body or hand while monitoring your blood pressure due to feature movement detection and smart-sense technology. Further, it also detects stress & tension risk via hypertension risk indication.

This device is designed ideally to monitor and measure irregular heartbeat to maintain heart health. With Irregular heartbeat detection indications, you can monitor your heart situation anytime. One-touch automatic operation enables you to use it with ease whether you are at home or on the go. It is equipped with smart sensor technology, making it a hi-tech blood pressure monitor on this list.

This device is suitable for an adult with a 24 to 36 cm arm circumference. The readings taken by this device are comparable and consistent with those taken by medical experts with the conventional method. This 0.9 Kg weighted wrist blood pressure monitor can store the average of the last three readings. Whether you buy this device online or offline, you will get it at a very reasonable price. By the way, the cost of this device is Rs 1,799, making the device budget-friendly.


  • It is considered the most accurate and reasonable medical device.
  • It features numerous advanced features, such as smart sensor technology, irregular heartbeat detection, one-touch automatic operation, and hypertension risk indication.


  • Not ideal for professional use.
  • Sometimes shows the wrong result according to a user.

How to Choose the Best Wrist BP Monitor in India?

If you are unable to select the best Wrist BP Monitor due to endless options available in the market, then you must go through a proper buying guide. The most crucial aspect is to check whether it is valid, which means that medical experts and organizations have made sure that it works correctly. Beyond that, you should buy one that fits perfectly, is budget-friendly; and have clear screen size and a chargeable battery. Keep reading to know what aspects to keep in mind while buying a Wrist BP Monitor in India.

  • Perfect Fit

Look for a monitor that makes sure it fits snugly, neither too tight nor too loose. The device you are going to choose should fit on the wrist exactly like a wristwatch. Also, it should feel comfortable enough so as not to be tight that it is irritating the skin. Make sure that it does not fall while placing it on the wrist. Modern BP monitor devices usually come with adjustable straps to help with the fit.

  • Display Size

For easy and clear reading, you should look for a wrist BP monitor that has a large screen size made of crystal clear glass. According to experts, going for bigger letters and numbers or a bigger screen makes it easier to note down or read the results accurately.

  • Battery

The Wrist BP Monitor device is battery-powered, and the long battery life means you won’t have to remember frequent charging when you’re using it. Some people prefer a battery that needs to be replaced completely while some others prefer one that needs to be charged after each use.

  • Features

Since medical devices are offered by different teams or manufacturers, they have different characteristics & features. Some features that can be very useful are Bluetooth connectivity and accommodation of multiple users. Bluetooth connectivity of a Wrist BP monitor device with an active application gives more information on your blood pressure reading. Another feature is multiple usages that allow you to use a single device for the entire family.

  • Budget

As we said earlier, wrist blood pressure monitor devices are relatively affordable, unlike traditional BP monitors and arms monitoring devices. This device is considered to be a budget-friendly option when it comes to home blood pressure monitors. However, they can range in price from Rs 1200 to up to Rs 1900. So, you will be expected to choose one in your budget. But, don’t forget to check the validation status of a monitor if the cost seems too good to be genuine. Also, make sure the reviews are in the device’s favour.

Wrist BP Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Wrist BP Monitor accurate?

 If used correctly, some wrist BP monitors can be accurate. American Heart Association suggests using a home BP monitor that measures your upper arm BP and not wrist or finger monitors.

2. How to take an accurate reading with Wrist BP Monitors?

It is important to note that wrist BP monitors are highly sensitive to one’s body position. An accurate reading from a wrist monitor is impossible unless your arm and wrist are held at chest height.

The accuracy and precision of wrist blood pressure readings varies from person to person, but they are always higher than upper arm readings. Wrist arteries seem to be narrower and less deep in the skin than upper arm arteries, which is why this occurs.

3. Why wrist BP monitors cannot be used in all the cases?

Arteriosclerosis, for example, has a greater impact on the vessel walls elasticity in the wrist than in the upper arm because of the smaller cross section of blood vessels there. When using the oscillometric method, a healthy & elastic artery is essential.

4. For whom wrist BP monitors are considered best?

Upper arm blood pressure measurements may not be an option for some people due to the size or discomfort of their arms. Measurement of BP at the wrist is appropriate in these situations.

5. When taking my blood pressure, on which wrist I should put the monitor on?

Any arm can be used with the wrist BP monitor. On the non-dominant hand, most people would prefer to use it. In the case of right-handed people, it is best to wear on the left wrist

6. Is there a difference in readings between upper arm and wrist BP monitor?

It’s possible that your upper arm and wrist blood pressure readings will differ because blood pressure varies all over the human body. Because wrist BP monitors are so sensitive to wrist position, upper arm BP monitors provide more accurate readings than wrist blood pressure blood pressure monitors.

7. Why choose wrist monitors over digital one?

A wrist monitor can also be used to take blood pressure readings at home. When you wear the cuff, you secure it all around the wrist instead of your upper torso.

Then, like an electronic blood pressure monitor, it can be used.

However, in general, wrist monitors are cheaper than digital BP monitors, and can be affordable in your budget.


The aforementioned devices are recommended by medical experts as the best ones, as they provide accurate readings and pulse rates. In addition to accuracy, they are a reliable, portable, and budget-friendly option. People who are unable to make frequent doctor appointments or want to check blood pressure readings on their own should check out the three options given.


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