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The Best Mercury BP Machines in India

One of the vitals that you should monitor regularly is your blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to several complications, so it becomes crucial to manage it. In most cases, doctors prescribe vasodilators to lower blood pressure. If the blood pressure is not managed, it can lead to strokes, kidney failure, and many other issues. Now, you would have seen many digital blood pressure monitors available worldwide, but how accurate are they? Even today, digital blood pressure monitors are associated with the error, and they are not considered gold standard equipment.

So, if you want to measure your blood pressure accurately, you must certainly not get the digital models. Instead, you should get a mercury BP machine. The mercury BP machines are known as Sphygmomanometer, and they are the most accurate machines for measuring the BP. There is still no alternative to the Mercury BP Machines. Even though medical science is in the process of phasing out mercury-based devices completely, there is not yet an alternative to Sphygmomanometer. So, if you have a clinic or want something very accurate to check your blood pressure at home, you must buy a mercury BP machine.

Since you are here, we are sure that you are looking for the best mercury BP machine in India, and we are going to help you. Today, we will talk about the top 3 best mercury BP machines. We will also share information about buying a suitable mercury BP machine and other details. So, let us now move ahead and check out what we have for you.

Why Choose Mercury BP Machine?

You might be thinking that when we have digital BP machines, then why you should buy a mercury BP machine. They can make it challenging for you to measure the BP, but the fact is that the mercury BP machine is the most accurate one. They are the gold standard machines, whereas digital machines will always have a specific error level. So, when a patient needs to manage his blood pressure, and the medication needs to be decided, the preference is given to the mercury BP machine over the digital ones. Also, they are easy to maintain, and with just a little skill, you will be able to measure the BP using the mercury BP machine.

So, the main reason you should choose the BP machine over the digital one is the accuracy, and it allows you to make no compromise with the accuracy. If you are also looking for a gold standard method of measuring blood pressure, then choose nothing else apart from the mercury BP machine. There is still no alternative available to the mercury BP machine worldwide.

Best Selling Mercury BP Monitor in India

Let us now check out the top rated mercury BP machines available in India.

1. Diamond BPDG141 Conventional Mercury Free BP Instrument

Diamond BPDG141 Conventional Mercury Free BP Instrument

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The first option available on our list is from Diamond. It is one of the best mercury BP machines available in India, and it is also loaded with features. The first thing you will notice about this BP machine is that it is semi-automatic. The machine has an LCD screen that displays a reading corresponding to the mercury level. This is made possible with the help of actuators, and it makes it easy to use the mercury BP machine. Apart from this, a rising spot LED also shows you the pressure value rise. To make these semi-digital features work, you need to insert a battery or connect it to a power source. The battery lasts very long, and the best part is that this mercury BP machine can even function without a power source.

The brand offers a deluxe cuff, and the special control valve is also very sturdy. You will not face any quality issues with the brand. The brand not only offers one year warranty on this mercury BP machine, but it also offers a seven-day replacement guarantee. You may find this model slightly expensive, but we can assure you that the cost is for the additional features and the quality.


  • The brand offers one year warranty on this mercury BP machine.
  • It has an LCD screen to show the reading.
  • It can work with a battery as well as a USB adapter.
  • A rising spot LED is integrated.


  • It is slightly expensive.

2. ELKO Elkometer Deluxe Mercury Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor

ELKO Elkometer Deluxe Mercury Sphygmomanometer

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The next option available on the list is from Elko. This model comes with additional washers to help you maintain the BP machine. The model also has a class tube cleaning brush so that the mercury doesn’t stick to the glass tube. Talking about the warranty, the brand offers one year warranty on this product. There is no compromise on the quality or the accuracy of the product, so you can undoubtedly have a look at this model. Talking about other features, this brand is widely accepted, and it has all the required certifications.

The model has an aluminium die-cast body which keeps the weight low, and an epoxy powder coating is added to prevent oxidation even after years of use. The scale has a velvet finish, and it has an accuracy level of 1mmHG, which is why it is considered gold level. The cuffs have premium quality, and the extra vide Velcro fasteners ensure a proper grip on the cuff. The brand has been manufacturing mercury BP machines since 1965, and hence there are no questions about reliability.


  • It has an aluminium pressure die-cast body which is very durable.
  • The brand has an additional epoxy coating to prevent oxidation.
  • The cuffs are extra-large with durable Velcro.
  • The accuracy level is 1mmGG, which is possible because of the 99.99% pure mercury.
  • This is also the most affordable mercury BP machine on the list.


  • Some users were not happy with the seller support.

3. Dr Odin LCD Mercury-free Sphygmomanometer

Dr Odin LCD Mercury-free Sphygmomanometer

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Mercury is considered to be highly toxic, and that is why some people may not like to use mercury BP machines. If you are among them, then we have another option for you. You can check out this BP Machine, which is mercury free. There is a dual-screen setup on this BP Machine. One LCD screen displays the rising pressure, and the second one shows the pressure in numeric form. Once you start pumping, the pressure on the LCD screen starts to rise. This machine requires a battery to run, and it will not function without a power source.

The LCD screen on this monitor also shows you the remaining battery. So, this way, you can be prepared for the battery replacement. The cuff is made of cotton, which is very comfortable, and the patient doesn’t experience any discomfort because of the high quality cuff and the D-Ring. The bladder and the bulb are purposely designed with latex to improve the machine’s durability. We have this BP monitor on the list because it is mercury free, and the monitor is customized as per Indian weather conditions.


  • The brand offers one year warranty on this BP Machine.
  • The cuff is designed with cotton, and it has a D Ring for proper grip.
  • The bulb and the bladder are designed with latex to prevent leakage.
  • The machine has an integrated LCD screen, and it is mercury free.


  • It will not function without a power source.

How to choose the best Mercury BP Machine in India?

Because of the available options, it can be tricky to choose the right product. Well, we are here to help you. In this section, we have compiled a buying guide for the mercury BP machine. You can check out the points below, and we are sure that this will help you shortlist the mercury BP machine.

Easy to Use

The first thing you should look at in the BP machine is the ease of use. You don’t want to waste time setting up the BP machine and keeping the patient waiting. So, buy something easy to use. At the same time, ensure that the quality of the BP machine is up to the mark. This factor will help you ensure that the BP machine will last for a long time.

Leak Proof Bulb

As the name suggests, the mercury BP machine contains mercury in the bulb, which helps measure blood pressure. Mercury being very toxic, you want equipment that is safe to use. There can be times when the mercury BP machine may get toppled or fall, and you would want to ensure that the mercury stays safely contained inside the bulb in such a case. Many companies make dual layer bulbs to contain any spill. So, ensure that you get a mercury BP machine that eliminates the risk of mercury spillage.

LCD Screen

Some people find it challenging to take the readings, and hence you can check out the mercury BP machine that comes with an LCD screen. The LCD screen displays the reading corresponding to the mercury levels, and hence it becomes effortless to take a reading. The LCD screen is usually powered by a battery or by an adapter. Moreover, the mercury BP machine with an LCD screen can also be used without a power source, but the only difference is that the LCD screen won’t work. We certainly recommend buying the mercury BP machine with the LCD screen interfacing.


The next thing to choose is the material of the mercury BP machine. You may have a certain preference. For example, you might want a mercury BP machine designed with plastic, or you may want a metallic case. Apart from this, you may want a mercury BP machine with latex cuffs, or you may want it to be latex-free. There are endless possibilities, so please list your preferences and then look for the mercury BP machine accordingly.

With Stethoscope

You will need a stethoscope to measure the BP using the mercury BP machine. So, you need to ensure that you have a stethoscope. You can check if the mercury BP machine comes with a stethoscope or not. There are some combo packs available that come with a stethoscope. If you already have a stethoscope, you must only buy the mercury BP machine without a stethoscope.

Brand & Warranty

It is also important to check for the brands when buying a mercury BP machine. Some of the best brands in this space are Diamond, Dr Odin and Elko. While checking for the brand, ensure that the brand also offers a warranty. Most of the brand offers 12 months warranty on the BP machines, which is enough to cover any manufacturing defect. Consider these two things, and we are sure that you will end up with the best mercury BP machine.


The last thing to consider while buying a mercury BP machine is the price. Mercury BP machines are expensive, and in general, they are priced between Rs 2000 to Rs 4500. The ones with the LCD screen are expensive, and the machines with a stethoscope will be even more expensive. So, ensure that you understand the reason for the price. Depending on your budget, you can choose a BP machine that will meet your requirements.

Our Criteria: How We Selected These Mercury BP machines For You?

We have shared all the information about the mercury BP machine with you, and we can assure you that we have listed the most reliable BP Machines for you. We used various criteria while coming up with the list. We considered user reviews, brand value, price, reliability, and other factors while compiling the list. We also looked at the discounts and the ease of use while compiling this list. This was not all; we took recommendations from the doctors and took recommendations from them too.

The idea behind doing so much market research was to develop the list of mercury BP machines that are the most reliable. So, when purchasing the mercury BP machine, you can choose any one of the monitors from our list without being worried about the quality, accuracy or anything else. We hope that the page will answer all your questions, but if you still have any doubt, you can reach out to us via the comment section. We will help you clear your doubts and purchase the best mercury BP machine on the market.


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