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HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 BP Machine: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

If you or someone in your family suffers from hypertension, there is nothing much to worry about. All you need to do is take a little effort, and you will be able to manage your blood pressure. The blood pressure monitors are of great help to help you manage your blood pressure at home. There are many options available in the market, and today, we will talk about one such reliable BP monitor that is available from HealthSense. The model that we have reviewed today is Heart-Mate BP144. So, move ahead and check out the detailed review of HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144.

HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 BP Machine

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Features of HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144

  • Talking Function – The first feature we would like to talk about is the talking function. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 has a talking function that announces the BP every time you measure it. The monitor has options available for English & Hindi, and this feature is handy for people with visual impairment. The talking feature ensures that such people don’t have to look at the display to know their blood pressure.
  • Crisp Display – Some machines come with LCDs, and such displays can sometimes be hard to read. Things are different when it comes to HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144. This BP monitor comes with a self-lit LED display, and it has an acrylic screen. The screen would not break easily even if the monitor falls accidentally. You can also take a reading even in a dark room since the LED display lights up.
  • Cuff Wrap Status Indicator – We often don’t get an accurate reading because of not wrapping the cuff properly. This is a real problem. This machine comes with a cuff wrap status indicator to counter this problem. It tells you if the cuff has been appropriately wrapped or not. The symbol is visible on the screen. The benefit is that the feature helps you with accurate readings.
  • Body Movement Indicatory – It is very important to stay still when measuring your blood pressure. If you are not still, then you may get an inaccurate reading. Most of the machines available in the market don’t tell you about this error, but HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 has a special sensor to check the errors. In case of excessive body movement, the machine displays an error code and asks you to measure your blood pressure again.
  • BP RAG Status & Irregular Heartbeat Indicator – Since most home users don’t have a medical background, they are not aware of how high their blood pressure is. This BP monitor comes with a RAG indicator to deal with this problem. A coloured stripe on the right appears red, amber or green, depending on how high your BP is. At the same time, the BP monitor also checks for an irregular heartbeat and notifies you if it notices anything.
  • Memory Function – We all prefer BP monitors with memory functions. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 comes with 90 memory slots for a user, and it can save data for two users. This means that the machine has a total of 180 memory slots.
  • Dual Power Source – You can use 4 AA batteries to power this BP monitor or use a USB Type C Cable to power this monitor. You can connect the Type C cable to a laptop, adapter or even a power bank. The versatility is very important for an emergency.
  • Warranty – A golden rule while purchasing any equipment is that you should always buy equipment that comes with a warranty. The good thing here is that HealthSense offers one year warranty on HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144. This warranty protects you from any manufacturing defect that might have been missed during the strict quality checks. The warranty can be claimed directly from the brand.

Using the HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144

It is very simple to use HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144. To begin with, plug in the monitor to a power source or insert batteries in it. Now, put the cuff on your arm and connect the cuff to the BP monitor. You need to press the Start Button in the next step, and your job will be done. The machine will then check the status of the cuff. If the status is ok, the cuff will inflate and deflate automatically, and the BP monitor will then display your blood pressure. At the same time, you can also check if the BP is High or not using the RAG status available on the monitor. If you have turned on the talking function, the monitor will also announce your BP. Once everything is done, you can turn off the machine by pressing the Stop button.


  • The one year warranty is enough to cover any manufacturing defect. These machines are very robust and can last for a long time.
  • The cuff size offered is 22 cm to 42 cm, which offers a better utility.
  • HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 has a dual source of power. You can either use AA batteries or a Type-C adapter.
  • The talking function improves accessibility, and it is excellent for elderly patients.
  • The memory on the device ensures that you don’t have to maintain the readings on the notebook.
  • The design of HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 is very classy.
  • HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 is made in India, and since a lot of us prefer Made in India products, this becomes a perfect choice for you.


  • Some of the users mentioned that the support from HealthSense has scope for betterment.

Final Verdict

HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144 BP Monitor is a reliable option available in the market. It is available at an affordable price, and it also has a lot of features. The bright acrylic display on this BP monitor makes it very easy to check blood pressure. We assure you that using this BP monitor can help you manage your BP very well. The cuff has a wider range of sizes, and hence you would not need to purchase an additional cuff even if you have a wide arm. You can check out the deals available on the eCommerce platform for HealthSense Heart-Mate BP144, and you can buy it for a high level of reliability.


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