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The Best 600MM Small Ceiling Fans In India

India is a country with a beautiful climate, lots of greenery and vast cultures. The weather here in India changes at a pace and there are all the seasons one can find. With the consistent warm temperature eight months of the year, a ceiling fan offers an excellent solution to eliminate heat.

No doubt that Summer is drastically hotter than before and having a good cooling solution is necessary. One might choose to go with a ceiling fan, wall fan, air conditioner or water air cooler. However, nothing beats the usability of a ceiling fan in a small space. The use of a 600mm ceiling fan provides effective cooling and it is the perfect size for small shops, offices, kitchens, washrooms, patios and other spaces.

The Indian market for ceiling fans is vast and you can find hundreds of brands offering 600mm ceiling fans. From adequate cooling to energy efficiency, you can expect all the advantages of a large ceiling fan in one place. However, choosing the right ceiling fan is such a difficult task even though it seems easier. Most people choose the colour of their choice and buy the fan. But, this is absolutely the improper method to shop for a ceiling fan.

Looking at the essential parameters like fan blade size, motor power, energy efficiency, and warranty is necessary. After considering all these factors, one should consider the colour. To make this challenging task easier, we did the hard work. We tested the top-selling 600mm ceiling fan and curated the list of the top 6 best options.

Why Choose 600 MM Ceiling Fans?

A regular ceiling fan with a 1200mm blade size is perfect for almost every need except one thing. The issue occurs when you are willing to use the ceiling fan in a place with space constrain. Here are a few reasons to choose a 600mm ceiling fan over a regular 1200mm ceiling fan –

→ Best in Tight Spaces

Installing a ceiling fan in a small office, shop or tight space but having issues with a regular fan? Well, a small-sized ceiling fan will perfectly fit the need. The blade size of the small ceiling fan is 600mm and it can work perfectly. Even, the airflow delivery is perfect enough to fulfil the need.

→ Energy Efficiency

Even though a 1200mm and 600mm ceiling fan has a similar-sized motor, there is a difference in efficiency level. Large fan blades require more electricity to run at a similar RPM than a 600mm fan. So, if you are using a normal ceiling fan in a kitchen or washroom, then most of the energy is getting wasted.

→ Affordability

A 600mm ceiling fan is comparatively affordable and provides better overall usability than a regular ceiling fan for small spaces. It is one of the major reasons that you should choose a 600mm ceiling fan. On the other hand, using the smaller ceiling fan as compared to a wall-mounted fan is a comparatively better alternative.

Top Selling 600mm Ceiling Fans In India

To come up with the list of 6 outstanding ceiling fans, we tested all the popular options, checked reviews, talked to people on the forum and sorted out the top ones with better value. The below given are top-selling small ceiling fans that offer an excellent value for money purchase –

1. Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan 

Bajaj Maxima

Check Price

Bajaj Maxima Ceiling fan has a power of 66W and 600mm sweep. It provides high-speed movement to offer excellent air. The power of the fan is also highly rated to increase the load-bearing capacity and durability. So, the ceiling fan also does not require support for the installation.

Bajaj Maxima ceiling fan has a quick start with a high torque motor. It is responsible for providing comfort with higher performance. You can learn about the specification before purchasing of Bajaj Maxima fan. It will result in achieving higher performance goals.

Apart from it, the brand also provides high air delivery at low voltages. High air delivery will deliver an extended lifespan to the fan. Durable life is also contributing to less power consumption and whisper-quiet operation. So, you need to evaluate the specifications to get modern looks. It ensures automatic winding and the consistent quality of the fan.

The brand comes with four blades with a length of 270 and a width of 198. These will deliver two years of product warranty to get cool air in the kitchen, bedroom, and many other places at home. Bajaj Maxima provides the desired results to the users with the excellent operation.

Pros Cons
There is a quick start with a high torque motor. The product is small, so it is suitable for only small rooms.
The sleek and modern designs of the fans enhance the look of the home.  
It provides instant comfort to the users.  
Greater reliability with Bajaj Maxima Ceiling fan.  

2. Anchor By Panasonic Ventus 600 mm Ceiling Fan

Anchor By Panasonic

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Anchor by Panasonic Ventus is available with the best package. It has some technical specifications like sweep- 600mm and speed – 810rpm. The power of the product is 70 W to deliver the best power. The users can get the benefit of a high-speed fan for higher air thrust.

From designer to high-speed decorative fans, there are plenty of options for the users. It brings your space to life with its powerful specifications. If you are interested in choosing the product, then you should pay attention to the designs and styles.

Moreover, Anchor by Panasonic Ventus is the perfect fit for up-beat living rooms. You can install the fans in your bedroom to get cool air without scarifying the style. The level of comfort is also high with the trendsetting style. It is so because the fan is available with a 4-blade ceiling fab design.

Whether it is a kitchen or a washroom, the fitting of the fans is an ideal choice. The delivery of the powerful air movement is possible to ensure the long life of the fan. Apart from it, you can also evaluate the pros and cons of the brand to offer the desired cool air.

Pros Cons
There is an offering of cool air delivery with an Anchor fan. Less swinging can create a lot of noise during air movement.
Anchor fans provide durable and high-quality motors in fans for powerful air movement.  
A smooth and noiseless operation with the fans.  

3. Atomberg Renesa 600mm 28W BLDC motor energy saving ceiling fan 

Atomberg Renesa

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Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan is available with super energy efficient BLDC motor. There is consuming of only 28W of the highest speed to produce a better performance even in a large room. The energy-efficient feature allows the users to save up to Rs—1500 per year on electricity bills.

The ceiling fan is suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, and even the bedroom. The running of the fan is also possible on the inverter with three times the more extended performance. It is an excellent feature of Atomberg compared to an ordinary induction fan. 

Apart from it, the model has a sleek motor design and longer blades. It results in better performance to offer cool and fresh air. You can also use it as a night lamp because of the LED speed indicators in the ceiling fan. If you are interested in purchasing the product, then you should know about the specification. 

The running of the fan is possible on inverter stabilization technology. So, if the light is fluctuating, then also there is no effect on the voltage. There is no effect of fluctuating lights on the performance of the ceiling fan.

Pros Cons
The product is available with a remote control so you can adjust speed comfortably. The ceiling fan has an auto-restart issue. 
Atomberg Ceiling fan has an energy-efficient feature to save on the electricity bills. The replacement of the ceiling fan is also tricky. 
It is available with a warranty card to offer durable life to the fans.  

4. Crompton Cool Breeze 600 mm Anti-Rust Small Ceiling Fan

Crompton CoolCheck Price

Crompton ceiling fan has a small size with a strong cooling effect. It is one of the technical specifications for 110 CMM air delivery. The speed of the fan is also 60mm to deliver desired cooling effect in the bedroom, kitchen, and other places.

The ceiling fan offers a rust-free feature. The polished aluminium will protect the blades from long-term corrosion. All the components are qualified to offer dynamic benefits. The blades of the fan are also balanced to deliver a cool breeze for meeting the requirements.

Along with it, the components are of superior quality. The motor is of copper to offer the best performance. There are many more things in the package, like 1 Unit of Crompton fan and assembly components. The evaluation of the package is essential before buying the product.

You will allow having a warranty card with the fans. So, you can easily assemble it by following the instructions. There is nothing to worry about regarding the durability of a ceiling fan. Do not forget to evaluate the pros and cons of the products to offer a cool breeze in different places.

Pros Cons
The product is of small size to offer a strong cooling effect in living or bedroom at home. Few negative reviews regarding the sudden stop of the ceiling fan
It is a rust-free product with a polished copper effect.  
All the components are qualified for durability and reliability.  
Crompton Ceiling fan is available with different controller types for ease in operating.   

How To Choose The Best 600MM Ceiling Fans In India?

While choosing a ceiling fan, one might consider a reputed brand and look for the colour option to finalize the right choice. However, this approach toward a 600mm ceiling fan purchase is inappropriate and it can make you buy the wrong product in many ways. Here, we are mentioning the most critical factor that you must check before buying a 600mm or small ceiling fan –

Understand the Requirement

A small ceiling fan offers an excellent value in four different types of use case scenarios. Each scenario represents a different requirement for the features. The usage types are –

  • Kitchen –When you are choosing a 600mm ceiling fan for the kitchen, you must consider the speed options, dust-resistant coating and a simpler colour to make it look perfect.
  • Washroom – For a washroom ceiling fan, you must choose a ceiling fan that offers excellent protection against moisture. Small ceiling fans with features like corrosion resistant coating, different speed modes and remote control features are adequate.
  • In Small Office or Shop – If you think that your office or shop is small enough to install a 600mm ceiling fan, then you should consider the size of the shop first. Small ceiling fans are perfect for places where the roof is at an 8ft to 10ft height. Secondly, your office or shop has a size lesser than 80sq ft.

After understanding the requirement, you can look for the essential features of a small ceiling fan.

Motor Power

Always check a ceiling fan’s motor first. The power rating of the motor helps you decide whether this fan is adequate for use or not. Most small ceiling fans have a motor of 70w and higher. Choosing a low power ceiling fan might be good to go option, but most people end up having an issue with the same. So, you should at least go with 70W.

Consider Air Flow Over Rotation Speed

Most manufacturers claim their fans have higher rotation speed and it is denoted in RPM. A fan with 400 RPM might seem slower than an 800 RPM fan. But, it is not the complete truth. The fan blades also play an important role in these scenarios. To avoid getting confused, you should check the airflow offered by the manufacturer. The fan blade and its design play an important role in sweeping a higher amount of air downward.

Dust-Resistant Coating

Right after considering the key aspect, you can pay attention to the side features. One of the important features is dust-resistant coating. It is a coat of thin polymer that make your fan blades less dusty during long term use. The overall benefit is easy to see as you won’t have to clean the fan on a days basis. A ceiling fan with dust-resistant coating requires no cleaning for more than 6 months in continuous use.

Remote Control

If you are installing a small ceiling fan in the office, shop or washroom, then having remote control functionality is impressive. You can turn on the fan through the remote, change the speed and also look for other features like the timer. By using a remote control fan, you will find that it offers an excellent convenience rate than a regular ceiling fan. It is not a must-have feature, but we recommend to take a look and decide for yourself.

Reputed Manufacturer

During the purchase time, one should be considering a reputed manufacturer over a less-known brand. Why? Reputed brands offer excellent durability to their product, you get a long term warranty and there is one key feature of excellent after-sale services. Electronic devices can’t be fully trusted with their durability. So, having a long term warranty and reliable after-sale services can help in any breakdown of the ceiling fan.


Most brands are offering a long term warranty of 2 years with their 600mm ceiling fan. Always buy a fan that at least offers 1 year of warranty. This particular feature will ensure that you won’t have to pay for repairing the fan if it fails to work properly in the first year of purchase.

Check Feedback

Instead of going with our claims of best ceiling fans only, you can do your research by checking reviews. We have mentioned the top 600mm ceiling fans in India, and you can check them out as well as look for other buyers’ feedback.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  1. Are 600mm ceiling fans better than 1200mm ceiling fans?

From the energy efficiency perspective, the answer is a big YES. Smaller ceiling fans have an efficient but powerful motor which can save you lots of money on electricity bills.

  1. Which small ceiling fan brand is best in India?

Bajaj, Crompton and Anchor are some of the top-selling 600mm ceiling fan brands that offer excellent value for money and great features.

  1. What’s the Lifespan of a 600mm Ceiling fan?

10 years and even more. Maintaining the ceiling fan properly as well as keeping it clean can help you expect more than a decade of use without any major issues.

Bottom Line

Although small ceiling fans are widely available from most brands, we looked for the top manufacturers to ensure the legitimacy of our recommendations. A small ceiling fan that offers 800RPM and provides higher airflow is good enough to buy for almost every buyer. We hope that going through our top recommendations and the buyers’ guide will help you finalize the right small ceiling fan in India.


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