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The Best BP Monitor Machines In India 2023 [From Top Brands]

Hypertension is now a lifestyle disease, but like diabetes, you can manage your blood pressure if you constantly monitor it. Earlier, people were forced to visit clinics to check their blood pressure, but since the availability of Digital BP Monitors in India, it has become easy for people to monitor and manage their blood pressure. The technology is more advance than ever, and it is also more accurate now. It is crucial to manage your blood pressure because high blood pressure can lead to kidney failure and even brain strokes. Similarly, if you experience low blood pressure, it is crucial to manage that. Low blood pressure can restrict blood flow and can even lead to concussions. In all, it is very important to manage the blood pressure and seek medication if you notice anomalies regularly.

With all the technology available at your disposal, you must have a BP Monitor for home use, which can help you check your BP regularly. We are sure that you are also aware of the importance of checking your blood pressure. So, if you are looking for the buy Best Digital BP Monitor in India, you are on the right page. We have compiled this comprehensive guide about the BP Monitors, and this page can help you a great deal in choosing a reliable BP Monitor. Since we get a lot of queries from people asking Which BP Machine is Best, we decided to compile all the information on a single page.

Before we look at the best quality BP monitors machine in India, let us look at some more information.

Who Can Use A BP Monitor?

If you have a digital BP monitor, then anyone can use the BP monitor. It is as simple as putting on the armband and pressing the button. This can help you monitor your BP at home. However, if you have an analogue BP monitor, you would need a certain level of expertise to check the BP. You would need to know how to use the stethoscope and how to take the reading. This is not as easy as it sounds. So, if you are investing in the digital BP monitor, even a kid can help you check your blood pressure. The digital machines have automation inflation and automatic deflation. All the BP monitors use the same principle, so you can easily measure the BP monitor.

Best Selling BP Monitor Machine in India

Let us now move ahead and look at the Best Blood Pressure Monitor India:

1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

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The Best Digital BP Machine in India is from Omron. This is one of the most reliable BP monitors in the market, with a high level of accuracy. The BP monitor is equipped with multiple sensors to detect irregular heartbeat or hypertension. The monitor also has body movement detection technology and notifies you of an error induced by body movement. Lastly, this BP monitor also detects if the cuff has been appropriately wrapped or not. This BP monitor makes it very easy to check the BP with all these features. In usual cases, it takes less than 2 minutes to read while using this BP Monitor.

The cuff arm circumference of the band provided is 22 cm to 32 cm. The inflation is completed automatically, and hence you won’t have to do anything except press a button. The brand has been clinically tested, and it is certified to use for medical purposes. It also meets all the regulatory requirements, and with a three year warranty, you can be sure that this BP monitor from Omron is one of the most reliable ones. It is among the highest warranty offered on the BP monitor.

Lastly, this BP monitor is also available in combo packs. You can also choose one of those combo packs, as they offer a better value for money. You must go ahead and explore this BP Monitor from Omron, and we assure you that you will love the reliability offered by it.


  • It comes with three years warranty.
  • It has irregular heartbeat detection, body movement detection and hypertension indicatory.
  • The monitor also has a cuff wrapping guide indicator.
  • One of the most reliable brands.
  • It has a high level of accuracy.


  • We found it to be slightly expensive.

2. Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


Dr Morepen BP-02 Automatic BP Machine

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The next option available on the list is from Dr Morepen. The brand is very reliable, and this is considered one of the Best BP Monitor brands in India. It is affordable and accurate. This BP monitor calculates three readings at once and then gives you an average out of it. This way, you get a higher level of accuracy. Apart from this, the built-in memory helps you store 60 readings. This feature adds a lot of conveniences since you don’t have to document readings immediately. You can always check the past reading and establish a comparison.

On the right side of the screen, you will notice a hypertension indication for the BP monitor. The indicator shows you the RAG status of the reading. So, for the people who find it difficult to understand the reading, they will see the status as Red, Amber or Green. To protect your purchase from any manufacturing defect, the brand also offers one year warranty. You can claim this warranty policy directly from the brand.

Some users complained about getting inaccurate readings; however, if you reach out to the brand with the issue, they will replace the BP monitor for you under warranty. Overall, this BP monitor is reliable and affordable as well. We recommend this model if you are on a low budget and looking for something that can offer basic services. You can also check the deals available on this BP monitor.


  • It is one of the most affordable BP monitors on the list.
  • The BP monitor averages three reading for higher accuracy.
  • It has memory storage of 60 readings.
  • It is available at a significant discount.
  • The brand offers a standard one-year warranty policy on this BP monitor.


  • Some users reported a wrong value from the readings.

3. Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine

Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital BP Monitor

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At number 3, we have a BP monitor from Dr Trust, and this is also one of the Best BP Checking machines in India. This BP monitor is also one of the best looking BP monitors in the market. It comes equipped with MDI technology for higher accuracy. After taking a reading, the app announces the reading for you in English or Hindi. You can power this device using AAA batteries, or you can use a charger/power bank to power up this BP monitor. The screen also shows you the RAG status and the battery status. In traditional BP monitors, the reading is taken when the cuff is deflated; however, in this model, it is taken during inflation, making it very comfortable for the user.

While using this BP monitor, you can download the DrTrust360 app, which can help you manage your blood pressure in a better way. You can click a photo of the BP monitor’s reading, and the app will store the BP in the app. The smart feature helps you consult your doctor and show them the trend line of the application. Apart from monitoring the BP, the application also helps you set health goals and track your progress. The good thing is that you can use this app to connect with other Dr Trust devices, and it works seamlessly.


  • Dr Trust offers a five-year warranty on this BP monitor.
  • The monitor measures the BP during inflation, making it more comfortable for the user.
  • The readings can be recorded and tracked on the phone.
  • This BP monitor also has a talking feature, and it can dictate BP in English or Hindi.
  • You can use a mobile charger or power bank to run this BP monitor.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

4. AccuSure AS Series Automatic and Advance Feature Blood Pressure Monitoring System

AccuSure AS Series Blood Pressure Monitoring System

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We have reached the end of the list, and this last Blood Pressure monitor on our list is from AccuSure. This is also the Best BP Monitor Machine in India, and it is available at an affordable price. This BP monitor is straightforward to use. As soon as you unbox it, you just need to insert the battery, connect the handcuff, wear the cuff and press the start button. The BP monitor will start functioning. The monitor has a memory of 60 readings, so it can maintain a significant amount of data for you. Talking about the power source, you can use the batteries to use it or use the USB cable to power the BP monitor.

The model also features motion detection, irregular heartbeat detection and BP RAG status indicator. With the large display, it is easier to check read the measurements. In the pack, you get the travel pouch, which helps you protect the BP monitor when you are carrying it or storing it. As per the information available, the brand offers a one-year warranty on this BP monitor, so it protects you from any possible manufacturing defect.

Overall, this BP monitor from AccuSure is reliable, and the brand also has excellent goodwill. The brand already has an established market in India, and it is also popular for other equipment like glucometers, nebulizers and support products.


  • AccuSure has high goodwill, and it is also available at an affordable price.
  • The BP monitor has Motion Detectors, and it also has irregular heartbeat detection.
  • The display is very large, and hence the display is easy to read.
  • You get an easy to carry pouch, which also safeguards the BP monitor
  • The brand offers one year warranty on the BP monitor.


  • Nothing as such.

How to Choose the Best Quality BP Monitor in India?

We have already shared the list of Best BP Monitor brands in India, and we are sure that you would have found the information useful while shortlisting the BP monitor. However, we are also sure that some of you will be confused about Which Is The Best BP Monitor in India? So, to address this concern, we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide for you. We have listed all the points that can help you purchase the Best BP Machine Price In India Amazon. You can consider some of the points we have shared below according to your preference. Considering them would ensure that you buy a BP monitor that meets your requirements. This way, you will not be disappointed with your purchase, but you will be sure that the BP monitor you are purchasing meets the requirements.

→ 1. Types of BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor

The first thing you must understand before selecting the BP monitor is the type of monitor you want. This will help you streamline the selection process, and it will reduce the number of products available as per your criteria. The first type of BP monitor is the Analog, which uses mercury to denote blood pressure. These analogue BP monitors are difficult to use, and mercury is poisonous if ingested. So, you can simply avoid the analogue BP Monitors. The next type of BP monitor is the digital one. The digital BP monitors are very easy to use, and you don’t need any skill to measure the BP using them. The inflation and the deflation of the arm cuff are also automatic.

In the digital BP monitors space, you will notice two different types of machines. There are the ones where the band must be tied around the arm. The cuffs are adjustable, and hence they are easy to put on. The next type available is wrist monitors. The wrist monitors are compact, and since the cuff is on the wrist, you don’t have to worry about removing your T-Shirt to get an accurate reading. So, to begin with the purchase process, ensure that you start by selecting the type of BP monitor you want.

2. Blood Pressure Arm Band Size

All the BP monitor comes with a band which needs to be cuffed to get the reading. Now, there are different sizes of the band. They usually have a broad spectrum, but you need to check if the band is categorized as Large, Medium or Small. For measuring the BP of kids, you would need a small band. Apart from this, you will find different sizes in the adult bands. Things are slightly easy when it comes to wrist type BP monitors since the variation in the wrist size is minimal. So, make sure that you check out the size of the armband that is offered with the BP Monitor.

3. Ease of Use – Best BP Monitor Machine in India

The best BP Checking Machine is the one that is easy to use. So, when you are looking for the BP Monitor, ensure that it is straightforward to use. Putting on the armband shouldn’t be a struggle, and you should be able to check your blood pressure with the press of a button. The analogue BP monitors are far inferior when it comes to ease of use. So, go through the steps to check the blood pressure, and you should understand how easy or how tough it is to get the reading. This feature makes it even easier to check blood pressure for adults.

4. Accuracy

The next thing to consider is the accuracy associated with the BP Monitor. The digital BP Monitor will always have a margin of error, but you need to understand how much it is. For some of us, the medicine dosage may depend on the present blood pressure level. So, you need an accurate machine. Most machines would list the margin of error on the packaging and the specification sheet, and you can check these details. Apart from this, you can reduce the margin of error by taking multiple readings. So, please ensure that you invest in a BP Monitor that is accurate.

5. Visual & Audio Alerts

Some elders with visual impairment may find it challenging to get the readings correctly. If you or your parents have similar conditions, you may want to buy a BP monitor that can give you visual or audio alerts. Some machines are available where the display background colour will change depending on the blood pressure. If it is within the acceptable range, the colour would be green. If the BP is slightly high or low, the light will be yellow. If the BP is very high, the BP monitor will show a red background with an audio alert. Such monitors can prove to be great for people with any visual impairments. Similarly, you can also check the BP Monitor with the talking system. Such systems can announce the BP after every reading.

6. Connectivity & Data Sync

We live in an era where everything is connected. This can make it easy for you to check the BP and monitor the records. Some smart BP monitors are available that can connect to the smartphone using Bluetooth. The data can be synced this way, and all the records are available on the phone. Another good part of this connectivity is that you would not have to maintain your records in a notebook. You can check the phone application and share the same with your doctor with a lot of ease.

7. Memory Function

The BP monitors with the connectivity features can be expensive, and you may still want something that maintains a record of the reading. You will be glad to know that all the BP Monitors have a memory function. They can store a minimum of 30 readings, but all this depends on the model and the specifications. The memory function is of great help, and this way, you can maintain records of a few days altogether.The memory function will also help you avoid taking notes every time. You can take down the readings once every 2 or 3 days.

8. Type of Battery

While you are looking at the BP Monitor, ensure that you check the power source. Most of the BP Monitors use AA or AAA batteries. We recommend buying a BP monitor that uses such batteries over those that come with the in-built batteries or need an adaptor to work. The pencil cells are easy to replace, and you won’t have to look out for the charging point while checking your blood pressure. They last very long, and you can even use rechargeable batteries in place of them. The in-built batteries go bad with time.

9. Warranty

Since the BP Monitor is digital, there is always a chance of any issue with the circuit or anything else. We have never seen a BP monitor malfunctioning in five years, even after extensive use. Talking about the warranty, you will notice that products on our list range from 1 year to 5 years. Understand how much warranty you would be comfortable with and make a purchase accordingly. Just that, don’t buy anything that comes without a warranty. Also, you can check what all is covered in the warranty as well.Some brands also offer a lifetime warranty on the calibration.

10. Brand

The next important thing to choose is the brand. Ensure that you choose a reliable brand whose medical equipment is certified. Choosing a good BP machine brand in India will also help you ensure that it is easy to reach out to the support or claim warranty when it is required. On this list, all the brands are very reliable.

11. Price

BP monitors are affordable, and there is not much price variation either. The most affordable model on our list is close to Rs 1000, and the most expensive one is close to Rs 2000. You can compare them and look at the differentiating features these models offer. Based on that, select your budget & make the purchase.

Tips for Using a BP Monitor

Even the Best BP Monitor may give you inaccurate readings if you are not following the correct instructions while checking BP. So, let us now look at some of the tips that can help you measure your blood pressure accurately.

Timing for Measurement – The truth is that your BP will fluctuate throughout the day. So, to get an accurate measurement, you must measure your blood pressure at the same time every day. If your doctor has asked you to check the blood pressure twice or thrice, then make sure that the time to check the BP is the same. This will help you improve the accuracy, and at the same time, this will also help you understand the pattern. Most of the time, the BP is usually lower in the morning when compared to the afternoon. So, consistency is critical while you are measuring blood pressure.

Relax – The next important thing here is to relax while using your Best BP Monitor Machine. Don’t measure the blood pressure right after a workout or after jogging. This is bound to give you an inaccurate reading as the blood pressure will be higher after physical activities. So, whenever you have been involved in any physical activity, we recommend you relax for 10-15 minutes before taking a measurement. Apart from this, you must also ensure that you are not getting anxious because of anything. Some people tend to have higher blood pressure at the hospital because of white coat anxiety. So, ensure that you are not over-thinking and you are not stressed. Deep breathing exercises can help you manage physical and emotional exertion before you measure your blood pressure.

Wearing the Band – The next important thing is to wear the band properly. If you are not wearing the armband properly, you won’t get an accurate reading. Many times, the machine might even throw an error. So, ensure that the band’s fit is fine, and at the same time, you must also ensure that you are not wearing the band over your clothes. Some people may measure the blood pressure over their clothes, but we don’t recommend this. The extra layer of cloth can induce a slight inaccuracy in the reading. For understanding it better, you can always read the instructions on the band.

Multiple Readings – You may notice a slight difference in the readings every time you measure the blood pressure. This can be due to an error in the machine. So, to deal with this, you can take two or three readings from the blood pressure machine and take an average of the readings. This can help you reduce the margin of error, and it can help you with more accurate readings compared to the scenario where you are taking only one reading. So, please ensure that you take multiple readings and take note of it.

Salt, Drinks or Caffeine – Earlier, we mentioned that physical activities could impact the readings. Similarly, a high intake of salt, caffeine or any such drink can impact your blood pressure. Caffeine and salt are known to increase blood pressure significantly. The same is the case with tea. So, it is better to avoid eating or drinking right before you start measuring your blood pressure. You can give a gap of 30 minutes. Also, alcohol can impact blood pressure. If you are on the blood pressure medication, the doctor may ask you to measure the blood pressure before taking medicine and 30 minutes after taking medicine.

Height of BP Monitor – While using the Digital BP Machine to monitor your blood pressure, ensure that you follow the instructions carefully. You need to ensure that you keep the BP monitor at arm’s level to get an accurate reading. This is one of the most critical points to take care of. As we mentioned earlier, it is better to check out the detailed instructions before using the Best BP monitor in India.

Digital BP Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my blood pressure fluctuate so much?

If your blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day & night, or in various places where you can measure it, this is perfectly normal. A person’s blood pressure can be affected by a variety of factors at any given time, including stress, food and drink intake, level of activity, and even the time of day.

 A person’s blood pressure can fluctuate by as much as 20 millimeters in a single day, depending on their activity level, food and drink intake, stress, and other factors. As a result, it is critical to take the blood pressure on a routine basis and to review your readings with the doctor.

2. Why do I need to keep an eye on my blood pressure?

Anyone with or at risk of hypertension should keep a personal blood pressure monitor at home, according to the American Heart Association. One of the best ways to track a person’s blood pressure over time is with a home blood pressure monitor.

3. Is there any difference between using a digital blood pressure monitor at home and having my doctor take my reading?

Instead of using auscultation to measure blood pressure, digital monitors use oscillometric measurements. Blood pressure is measured by the doctor using stethoscopes during auscultation.

The doctor listens for specific heartbeat noises to find out how high and low the pressure is in the lungs and heart, respectively. In order to obtain digital data, oscillometric technology analyses the movement of blood as it flows through arteries.

Blood pressure is measured using the oscillometric method in digital BP monitors. An oscillometric monitor doesn’t require a stethoscope, making it easier to use than a traditional monitor.

The fact that you can monitor your blood pressure at home and report the information to your doctor is also essential to bear in mind.

4. Is it possible to take a BP reading while I’m exercising?

Exercise or activity is not recommended when using digital blood pressure monitors. For at least half an hour prior to the measurement, you should refrain from eating, consuming alcohol or coffee drinks, smoking, taking a bath, or engaging in any physical activity. Resting for 15 minutes prior to the measurement is also recommended.

5. What could be causing the high readings on my BP monitor?

The most common reason for high readings is that the user is not holding the monitor properly. You should always make sure that the monitor you’re using is level with your heart when trying to take a reading. Also, keep in mind that your blood pressure may differ from the site on your upper arm to the site on your wrist.

Our Criteria: How We Selected These BP Monitors For You?

While sharing the list of Best BP Machine in India, we considered many factors to help you choose the best option. We have selected the BP machines based on the user guide and user reviews. We have also documented our personal experience with the BP monitors and the brand goodwill while choosing the products. Since we want people to measure their BP easily, we have ensured that all the BP monitors on our list are easy to use. So, this was all about the BP monitors, and we hope that the information will help you select a BP monitor for yourself. Go ahead and choose the best BP monitor today.


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