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Dr Trust IHJ00060 Vs Omron HEM 7120 BP Monitor: Which Is Better?

Earlier, it was challenging to get the BP reading at home. The mercury BP machines were not very user friendly. Since the introduction of the digital BP machines, it has become easy for everyone to check their BP at home. These machines are not just user-friendly, but they are also accurate and reliable. Since many brands are available in the market, it is easy to get confused with the available options. To help you make a better choice, we have compared two of the best-selling BP monitors in India.

In this article, we have shared a detailed comparison between Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor Vs Omron HEM 7120. Let us now move ahead and check out the details in the sections below.

Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor Vs Omron HEM 7120:Comparison

Let us first look at the table comparison of Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor Vs Omron HEM 7120

Product Specifications

Dr Trust IHJ00060

Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Check Price

Omron HEM 7120

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Check Price

Test Time <30 seconds < 30 seconds
Power Source 4 AA batteries Or Power Cord 4 AA Battery
Memory Unlimited 60 Memory
Smart Features Yes No
Cuff Material Fibre Fibre
Warranty 5 Years 3 Years
Cuff Wrap Indicator No Yes
Hyper Tension Indicator RAG Type Yes
Body Movement Detection No Yes
Rating 4.0 4.3

About Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor

Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Dr Trust is a trendy brand in India, and the credit for its success goes to the effort it puts into digitalization. Apart from the BP monitors, the brand also offers glucometers, weighing machines, oximeters, weighing scales, and other devices. Talking about this BP monitor from Dr Trust, it is very reliable, and it comes with additional smart features that can offer higher accessibility to elderly users. You can check out the salient features below.

Salient Features:

  • Dr Trust offers a five-year warranty on Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor.
  • This is a talking BP monitor and what it means is that it would call out the BP in Hindi or English. So, this helps people with visual impairment.
  • You can download the Dr Trust mobile application, which helps you record the BP on mobile.
  • With the mobile app, you can get virtually unlimited memory, smart analysis, and many other features.
  • You can use batteries to power this BP monitor or use a mobile cord along with the power bank.
  • The monitor takes a reading during the inflation, and hence it is very comfortable to use Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor.
  • The cuff provided with Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor has a size of 22 cm to 42 cm.

About Omron HEM 7120

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Another famous brand in the market is Omron, and this offers a basic level of functionality and some additional features. One thing that we love about Omron HEM 7120 is the fact that it comes with cuff wrapping guide technology. Along with body movement detection, this feature helps you get an accurate reading whenever you use the monitor.

Salient Features:

  • The standard warranty offered on Omron HEM 7120 is three years.
  • The monitor has a hyper indication indicator that will notify you of any irregularities.
  • The monitor has amazing features like body movement detection and cuff wrapping guide technology. These help you get a more accurate reading.
  • The cuff provided with Omron HEM 7120 has a size of 22 cm to 32 cm.
  • The monitor has 60 memory slots to save the readings.

Difference Between Dr Trust IHJ00060 & Omron HEM 7120 BP Machine

Dr Trust Vs Omron BP Monitor

Let us now look at the differentiating factors between the two BP monitors

  • Based on Accuracy

The level of accuracy is better for Omron HEM 7120 when compared to Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor. This is mainly because of the brand expertise and a higher level of experience in the market. Even by the user reviews, Omron HEM 7120 scores better.

  • Based on Display

We found the display of Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor to be better than the display of Omron HEM 7120. The Dr Trust BP monitor display is very crisp, and it has a black background. The backlight also improves the visibility for the users. So, based on display, Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor scores better.

  • Based on Power Source

When we look at the power source, we wish to have more versatility. Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor offers more versatility as you can use 4 AA batteries or a power cord to power it. You can connect the power cord to the power bank or a wall adapter. On the other hand, Omron HEM 7120 works only with batteries.

  • Based on Alerts & Accessibility

In terms of accessibility & alerts, both the machines have their pros and cons. The Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor comes with a talking feature, RAG indicator and connectivity with the mobile application. After connecting with the app, you can use the app to capture the measurements accordingly. The app also shows you the blood pressure trend along with added recommendations. On the other hand, Omron HEM 7120 has some excellent features like cuff guide technology and body movement detection.

  • Based on Warranty

As mentioned earlier, Omron offers three year warranty on the BP monitor, whereas Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor offers a five-year warranty. The catch is that you would need to register your product to get the five-year warranty. Without registration, you only get one year warranty.

  • Based on Memory

Omron has 60 slots of memory whereas, Dr Trust has 120 slots of memory. You can get unlimited memory if you connect the machine with your app. So, this gives an edge to Dr Trust. Moreover, if you have a weighing machine & glucometer from Dr Trust, then all of them can sync up the data for you on the app.

Final Result

Talking about these two BP monitors, we found Dr Trust IHJ00060 BP Monitor to be better because of its features. It is almost the same as Omron HEM 7120, but it offers higher accessibility. People with a visual impairment find it easier to use the monitor because of the talking feature. Apart from this, the warranty is longer, and it has added versatility too.


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