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Crompton Aura 1200mm (48 inch) Ceiling Fan Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Crompton Aura 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are still a necessity for Indian homes, whether technology has invented coolers, A/C, or any other type of fan. Being a best seller and packed with great features, the Crompton Aura 1200mm is becoming the first choice of buyers in India.

Crompton is one of the best selling ceiling fan brands in India. Crompton Aura 1200mm, 48 inches is designed for long lasting use due to several aspects, such as equipped with a powerful motor, free from rust and corrosion, eye-catching design that is built to last, etc.

Therefore, the Anti-Rust body enhances the life of the fan and its usage. If you are looking to buy the Aura 1200mm, 48-inch model, it is important to know its features, Pros and Cons in depth.

Crompton Aura 1200mm (48 inch) Ceiling Fan

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Features of Crompton Aura Ceiling fan

  • Anti Rust Body

When buying a modern ceiling fan, we all look for a fan that is well built, which means the fan has a strong and ergonomic body. Similarly, the Crompton Aura body has an aluminium construction that protects the fan from rust and corrosion, while giving it durability and strength.

  • Designer pole

The ceiling fan should be aesthetically appealing if you renovate the room ceiling from traditional to modern. If you buy a Crompton 1200mm model, you’ll love its tint of metallic shine fuse with a contemporary design at the centre parts. The purpose of installing this type of designer fan is to enhance the vibes of your designer space, therefore producing a unique style statement.

  • High Speed

In addition to the sturdy construction, the fan ensures a powerful airflow throughout the room. This is because it is equipped with dynamic balancing high-performance blades that are designed to deliver a high air delivery of 230 mm and a high speed of 380 rpm.

  • Two-Piece Construction

The two-piece sturdy construction, 100% copper motor and double ball bearings of the fan ensure silent operation and stability. In addition, it ensures the long life of the fan without rust and corrosion, especially in humid environments.

  • Colour Options

If you get a choice in fan colours, you can choose one that suits the interior of each room. You will love to know that this model is also available in three common colours including White, Brown, and Cream.

  • Budget-friendly

For those who are looking for a pocket-friendly ceiling fan, this would be a great option. At the 5,990 price point, you will get two ceiling fans in a single pack. This fan is a suitable choice for those who want to install a ceiling fan with a similar design and model.

Pros of Crompton Aura Ceiling fan:

  • The fan provides multiple speed setting options to operate the fan from low speed to high speed, depending on your needs.
  • The motor installed in it is very powerful yet less power consuming thereby you can save a lot on hefty electricity bills. At full speed, the fans intake 74 Watts of electricity.
  • The fan has a contemporary design that complements every modern décor.
  • It has well-built construction, provides noise-free operation, and has an anti-corrosion body. Your sleep will not be disturbed even if you run at full speed.

Cons of Crompton Aura Ceiling fan:

  • Two fans don’t need to be suitable according to the dimensions of each room.
  • The fan requires proper installation which requires the assistance of an electrician. Due to this, the electrician will also have to pay money and it will also be a waste of time.


After knowing its features, pros and cons, you must have understood that buying it is a very profitable deal. In terms of reliability, affordability, appealing design, Aura is a perfect model.


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