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Atomberg Efficio Pedestal Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Atomberg Efficio+ 400mm BLDC Pedestal Fan with Remote

Atomberg is an Indian company that two IIT graduates started. They aimed to deliver high quality innovative products to the Indian consumer. Atomberg offers ceiling fans, mixer grinders, exhaust fans, pedestal fans, and wall fans. The brand has elite clients like DRDO, IIT Bombay and even Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Atomber was incepted in 2012, and today, the brand has a presence in over 60 cities. Over the years, the brand has expanded its capacity and capabilities. If you are looking for a BLDC pedestal fan with remote, it is worth considering Atomberg Efficio. Go ahead and check out this review about Atomberg Efficio.

Atomberg Efficio Pedestal Fan

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Features of Atomberg Efficio Pedestal Fan

  • High Speed

Atomberg Efficio has a top speed of 1350 RPM, and it has an air delivery of 88 CMM. This is above standards when you look at the market standards of pedestal fans. So, when you buy a pedestal fan from Atomberg, you can be assured that the fan will deliver high output. You also get a booster speed at number 6, which can blow you away.

  • Remote Control

Innovation is the core of modern day society. When you look at this pedestal fan, you will notice that it comes with remote control. So, you can turn it on without having to get up. In the morning, when it gets cold, you can press a button from your bed, and the fan will be turned off. You can also set a timer using a remote control.

  • BLDC Motor

The motor is a core component of any fan. You will be surprised to know that Atomberg Efficio comes with a BLDC motor which improves the efficiency and durability by multiple bolds. This is coupled with a double ball bearing design, making the fan run smoothly. The wear and tear are also reduced because of double ball bearings.

  • Tilt Design & Adjustable Height

You can tilt the head of the Atomberg Efficio as per your needs. In addition, you can also adjust the height of the fan with the help of the given screw. The fan works very well, and we noticed no vibrations during the regular use of the fan.


  • You get a two-year warranty with this product. However, you must note that the standard warranty is one year. The company extends the warranty by one year when you register the product. So, a total of a two-year warranty.
  • Atomberg Efficio comes with many smart features. You have a remote control, and you can control the speed, timer and even the oscillation with the help of the remote control. These features are excellent and add a comfort factor.
  • The body of the Atomberg Efficio is made of sturdy material. This adds stability to the fan’s body, making it even more silent. You can check out the quality of Atomberg Efficio, and we are sure that you will be impressed too.
  • The fan comes with a BLDC motor with 100% copper winding. Because of this, the fan’s speed improves, and it is also energy efficient. The total power consumed by this fan is only 32 watts, even when you are running it at booster mode with an oscillation feature.


  • Atomberg Efficio is an expensive option. The higher price is because of the additional electronic components that go in the fan because of the remote control.
  • This fan is made in China, and some people don’t prefer products that have any China link.

Final Verdict

We are sure you would have already checked out many boring pedestal fans on the market. If you are tired of such designs, Atomberg Efficio has something new. Atomberg Efficio comes with remote control, and you will get used to it once you start using the fan. The warranty, quality and other features are as per the market standards. In a way, this package offers value for money because of all the additional features.


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