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Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust Fan: Features, Pros and Cons

Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust Fan For Kitchen & Bathroom

Exhaust fans are a very valuable tool for maintaining ideal temperature and air quality in a kitchen, bathroom or entire home system. When it comes to choosing an exhaust fan, there are several leading brands available in the Indian market. Amidst all this, Bajaj is one of the oldest and most trusted brands of electrical appliances that manufacturers ceiling fans, kitchen appliances, exhaust fans, lighting and much more.

Bajaj Maxima 300mm exhaust fan can be considered the best in terms of effectiveness and affordability. Premium quality plastic is used to design the exhaust fan, thereby increasing the durability of the fan.

Bajaj Maxima 300mm exhaust fan is an incredible option that can be easily installed on all surfaces, and also allows for ease of cleaning. But, before making a selection, you need to know briefly about its key features, pros and cons:

Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust fan

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Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust Fan Features

  • High Velocity

A key feature that the Bajaj 300MM exhaust fan has it offers high velocity. The benefit of high velocity is that the fan is not limited to the absence of noise. The fan doesn’t push a lot of air in a short period. In simple words, it is designed to target the air long distances.

  • Energy Saver

If you use an exhaust fan 24/7, you can expect to pay between Rs 64.65 to Rs 1700 per day, depending on the power & size of your exhaust fan. If you’re worried about your hefty electricity bills but don’t want to stop using your exhaust fan, you can install this model. The reason behind this is its low power consumption advantage. Since it consumes only 55W of power to make you feel blissful. Hence, it is the most pocket-friendly option.

  • Free from Rust & Corrosion

Since the fan is constructed using plastic material, even if it is fitted in a place where there is moisture, it will not rust. In this way, the durability of the fan will increase for a longer period. Conversely, metal exhaust fan tends to rust.

  • High Speed

Since it comes with 1350 RPM or Revolutions per Minute, thus allowing enhanced performance and higher speed of air. It runs effectively at its high-speed capability without producing noise.

  • Easy to Maintain & Clean

The lightweight, ergonomic, simple design of the fan lets you clean the fan without hassle. In addition, it does not require much maintenance during the use of time as the plastic body does not rust, tear or wear.

  • Easy to Mount

This fan can be placed anywhere on all surfaces and in the house due to its lightweight & portable design.

Pros of Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust Fan:

  • As per the Bajaj standards, the fan comes with a specific warranty period. If you have some problem with the fan, you can contact customer service.
  • Bajaj Maxima is one of the classy and stylish exhaust fans with well-built construction.
  • The fan is sturdy yet very light to install on all bathroom and kitchen windows.
  • Apart from saving a lot of bucks, it can cut off in hefty electricity bills as it only consumes 55W of electricity

Cons of Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust Fan:

  • The dust that settles on the fan will be highlighted due to the white colour.
  • The fan size isn’t right for a large space, so if you’re going to shop for a hall or an entire bathroom, it won’t be effective and powerful.

Final Words:

Here is everything mentioned regarding the Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust fan. Hopefully, you’ll read the benefits & drawbacks of a fan before choosing.


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