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Jharkhand Traditional Dress for Man & Woman

The eastern Indian state of Jharkhand is renowned for its vibrant traditions and abundant cultural heritage. Eastern India’s Jharkhand, which means “Bushland” or “The Land of the Forest,” is a state. Jharkhand is a new state that was created for a variety of reasons. The heartland of the tribal people who had long desired their state is Jharkhand, which became the 28th State of the Union on November 15, 2000.

The ethnic diversity and uniqueness of Jharkhand’s native communities are reflected in traditional clothing. Both men’s and women’s traditional clothing of the state is steeped in its history and features a distinctive fusion of craftsmanship, hues, and motifs. The traditional clothing of Jharkhand for men and women will be discussed in this article, along with its unique characteristics and significance.

Jharkhand Traditional Dress for Male:

Dhoti-Kurta: In Jharkhand, the dhoti-kurta is a common traditional garment for men. The kurta is a loose-fitting shirt, that is worn over the dhoti, a rectangular piece of unstitched clothing, which is used as the lower garment. The dhoti is typically a cotton or silk garment that is worn about the waist and legs. The kurta, which is frequently embellished with elaborate embroidery or block designs, elevates the look. To finish the traditional look, men also don a bright “Safa” turban or a “Gamcha” scarves.


Santhals and Paharis: Santhal Pargana comprises one of the largest tribes in Jharkhand, along with the men there dress in Santhals and Paharis to give them a unique look. Additionally, they dress in Jharkhand’s traditional garb, including kurta-pajamas, Dhotis, shirts, and pants. Men dress in sherwani and expensive kurta pajamas for festivals and special events.

Sherwani: A long, coat-like outfit called a sherwani is worn across a kurta and churidar or dhoti. It is often constructed of silk or brocade cloth and embellished with complex patterns. Typically, sherwanis are sported at formal events such as festivals and weddings.

Topor: In Jharkhand, topor is a traditional hat worn by males at weddings. This is a conical hat with elaborate designs and motifs which is constructed of sholapith, a kind of sponge wood. Throughout the wedding ceremony, the topor is seen as an auspicious item and serves as a symbol of marital status.

Jharkhand Traditional Dress for Female:

Saree: In Jharkhand, the saree is the most prevalent traditional garment for women. It is a long length of fabric that is wrapped around the body, with one side draped across the shoulder as well as the other end pleated and nestled into the waist. Jharkhand’s sarees are renowned for their vivid hues, elaborate patterns, and utilization of regional motifs. Jharkhandi sarees frequently feature tribal art-inspired motifs, Tussar silk, as well as Kantha stitch.

Lehenga-Choli: Women frequently wear lehengas to weddings and other festive occasions. It is made up of a long, flounced skirt referred to as a lehenga, a choli (a fitted blouse), plus a dupatta (a scarf). Mirrorwork, Elaborate embroidery, and sequins are frequently used to adorn the lehenga-choli ensemble, showcasing the skill of regional artists.

Paitani: Women of the Santhal tribe in Jharkhand typically dress in paitani. The two-piece ensemble consists of a shirt with elaborate threadwork and a knee-length pleated skirt. Typically constructed of cotton cloth, paitani represents tribal heritage and cultural identity with its brilliant colours and geometric patterns.

Significance of Traditional Dresses:

Jharkhand’s traditional clothing has significant cultural and symbolic value. They not only illustrate the ethnic diversity of the area but also give the local populations a sense of identity and pride. To protect and preserve the cultural history of Jharkhand, these traditional garments are worn for festivals, marriages, and other auspicious occasions.

Jharkhand Tribal Costumes

  1. Munda

Munda clothing is fairly basic. Men often just wear a cotton loincloth called a botoi, which has colourful borders. A belt made of silk or thread is worn around the waist by young males.

  1. Oraon

The Oraon tribe members not only live in Jharkhand, but a small number of them have also successfully spread out into numerous economically and technologically advanced places like Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai as educated and well-paid workers. The members of the Oraon tribe enjoy living luxurious lives as well.

  1. Santhal Paragana:

Santhal Pargana constitutes one of the largest tribes in Jharkhand, and the men there dress in Santhals and Paharis to give them a unique appearance. Additionally, they dress in traditional Indian garb like kurta-pajamas, dhotis, shirts, and pants. Men dress in sherwani and expensive kurta pajamas for festivals and special events.


Jharkhand’s traditional attire for both sexes is a reflection of the state’s rich cultural heritage and the numerous ethnic communities that call it home. Each garment displays the distinctive workmanship and artistry of the area, from the beautiful sarees and lehenga-cholis for ladies to the gorgeous sherwani and dhoti-kurta for men. The individuals of Jharkhand preserve their legacy and pass on their customs to younger generations by dressing in these traditional clothes, which makes these outfits an essential component of their cultural identity.

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