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Telangana Traditional Dress for Man & Woman

Telangana, a state in southern India with a diversified and lively culture, is known for its traditional clothing. Telangana’s traditional attire embodies the area’s culture, traditions, and handiwork. This article examines the distinctive traditional clothing of men and women in Telangana, emphasizing its significance and distinguishing characteristics.

Telangana Traditional Dress for Male

Telangana men typically dress in a way that expresses their cultural identity and historical significance. Several components make up the traditional attire for men, including:

1. Pancha


A traditional lower garment, or cotton dhoti, is known as a Pancha. It usually covers the legs and is basic or simply patterned. It is wrapped about the waist. The style and length of wearing might vary depending on the situation and personal desire.

2. Kurta


The loose, knee-length Kurta is a garment composed of cotton or silk. Typically, it is worn on top of the Pancha. The Kurta displays the skilled craftsmanship of the area with elaborate embellishments or embroidery on the cuffs, collar, and front.

3. Angavastram

A traditional stole or shoulder fabric made of cotton or silk is called an angavastram. It lends the outfit a touch of refinement and is slung over one shoulder. The Angavastram frequently features vivid colors and ornate motifs, showcasing Telangana’s creative tradition.

4. Kolhapuri Mojari

In Telangana, men’s traditional footwear includes the Kolhapuri Mojari. It is a pair of hand-made leather shoes with elaborate embroidery or motifs renowned for their comfort and sturdiness. The Kolhapuri Mojari finishes the classic appearance and lends it some credibility.

5. Hyderabadi Sherwani

Hyderabadi Sherwani is the 3rd-most traditional clothing in Telangana. It is typically worn during weddings and other events. It is constructed of nylon and other fabrics, typically in deep hues with sparkling stones.

Telangana Traditional Dress for Female

Telangana women display a wide range of traditional attire representing their cultural and feminine heritage. The following components are frequently present in women’s traditional attire:

1. Langa Voni

Moving on, the Salwar Kameez, Langa Voni, and Churidar are the traditional women’s clothing of Telangana. Cotton or fancy materials, which are gorgeous and abundant, are used to make Langa Voni. Weddings are typically when Langa Voni is worn. The majority of the women here prefer to wear Langa Voni.

2. Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is a traditional garment in the north, primarily in Punjab. It is made of cotton, making it incredibly comfortable to wear at work, any event, or home. Like a salwar kameez, a churidar likewise only has one scarf (chunni). Additionally, it is crafted from cotton materials in soft hues that go well with Telangana’s environment.

3. Saree

Girl in Saree

In Telangana, the saree is the most well-liked and frequently worn traditional garment for ladies. It is a lengthy piece of cloth intricately woven with vibrant designs and patterns. It is typically made of silk or cotton. The Nizam type of draping is popular in the area, though there are other options.

4. Choli/Blouse

The saree is paired with a blouse or choli. Based on the occasion, it is a fitting garment that covers the upper part of the body in various designs that range from plain to lavishly adorned. The blouse frequently harmonizes with the saree’s hues and designs.

5. Dupatta

A long stole or scarf called a dupatta is worn with sarees. It enhances the appearance by draping about the neck or across the shoulders. To further accentuate their beauty, dupattas might include elaborate mirror work, embroidery, or beaded tassels.

Telangana Bride Dress

As discussed above, formal dress is for both men and women. Moving on to Telangana’s Wedding Gown. The single item in the Telangana bridal dress is a saree. The colour of the saree varies depending on one’s hobbies, preferences, and cultural traditions.

Sarees are mostly white, with occasional additions of scarlet, maroon, gold, or green and gold embellishments. The Telangana bride is stunning since she is dressed in a straightforward white and red combo saree with gold jewellery and minimal makeup.

Telangana Bridegroom Dress

When it comes to the Telangana bridegroom’s attire, it consists of a Hyderabadi Sherwani in the colour of their choice, a turban that makes them look like kings, a gold chain and bracelet, and a couple of rings for their fingers.


Exquisite jewellery is a necessary component of traditional Telangana clothing. Women adorn themselves with beautifully created anklets, waistbands, earrings, and necklaces frequently made of silver, gold, or other metals. The jewellery represents affluence and tradition while reflecting the rich cultural history.


Telangana’s traditional attire for both sexes is a prime example of the area’s aesthetic attractiveness and cultural identity. These clothes are visually magnificent and a perfect representation of the state’s history thanks to their elaborate design, vivid colors, and utilization of traditional fabrics. The rich tapestry of Telangana’s cultural variety is enriched by the preservation and celebration of these traditional garbs, guaranteeing that its distinctive customs are treasured and passed down to the next generations.

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