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Chhattisgarh Traditional Dress for Man & Woman

The central Indian state of Chhattisgarh is well known for its vibrant traditions and great cultural history. The ethnic diversity and strong ties to the region’s past are reflected in the traditional clothing of the people of Chhattisgarh. Traditional attire of the state combines distinct fashions, superb craftsmanship, and detailed designs for both men and women.

One of the well-known Indian states, Chhattisgarh, is renowned for its tradition and culture. You likely noticed how nice and friendly the locals are. Many tribal people are living in this state. The Bastar district is home to about 27% of the tribal populations in this area. This article analyzes the captivating Chhattisgarh traditional attire, highlighting its distinction and significance.

Chhattisgarh Traditional Dress for Male

Since tribal castes make up the majority of the population in this state, individuals there prefer to cover their waists with clothing. Dhotis and kurtas are the preferred clothing for men. Men can occasionally be seen sporting pajamas and kurtas. Men do their local or traditional dance while donning feathers on their hands throughout any festive season.

Men from tribal groups favor bangles and jewelry. Silver and bronze are used to make their ornamentation. You will see guys wearing white clothes on their heads during pujas. It is constructed of cotton. The men of tribal groups such as the Halbas, Ghotul, and Murias prefer Dhotis and headwear.

Some of the Key popular attires are

1. Dhoti

In Chhattisgarh, the dhoti is the most recognizable male garment. It is made up of a long length of fabric that is wrapped about the legs and waist. The dhoti’s color and pattern change depending on the occasion and are typically made of cotton or silk. It is frequently worn with a “Bandi” waistcoat or a “Sherwani,” a long jacket.


2. Kurta


The loose, knee-length kurta goes well with the dhoti. It is usually made up of cotton cloth embellished with bright hues and conventional designs. According to the ocassion, the kurta may be plain or richly embroidered. It is frequently worn with a vibrant stole or “dupatta.”

3. Headgear


In Chhattisgarh, men frequently don unusual hats called “Phetiya” or “Pagdi.” These headpieces are typically composed of silk or cotton cloth that has been deftly knotted to create beautiful patterns. The headpiece, which represents dignity and pride, gives the traditional clothing an attractive finishing touch.

Chhattisgarh Traditional Dress for Female

Chhattisgarh women favor wearing vibrant sarees and other clothing. The majority of the ladies in this state favor knee-length dresses. The dresses are mainly composed of linen and silk. Also common among ladies are Batik-style garments made of tie-and-dye fabric. This business is run by many local women as well. They sell and supply these items throughout India. Many metropolitan dwellers favor creating such clothing as well.

Some of the key attires are

1. Saree


In Chhattisgarh, sarees are the women’s traditional garment of choice. The state is well known for its intricately woven sarees, including the well-known “Kosa Silk Saree.” The silk used to make these sarees comes from a unique variety of silk moth that lives in the area. The rich texture, elaborate zari work, and vivid hues of Kosa Silk Sarees are well-known characteristics. Traditional motifs and patterns frequently embellish the saree’s pallu (end piece).

2. Choli

Short blouse is known as the choli and is worn with sarees. It typically has vivid and elaborate embroidery, reflecting Chhattisgarh’s rich cultural past. The purpose of the choli, which might have short or no sleeves, is to highlight the wearer’s beauty.

3. Odhani

The long scarf or veil known as the odhani or dupatta is worn with sarees. It frequently has a thin fabric weaving and is available in various hues and patterns. Women dress gracefully and elegantly by draping the odhani across their shoulders or heads.

4. Lehengas


At weddings, they dress in lehengas. Silk is used to make the Lehengas. They have some distinctive embroidery patterns on them. They don a variety of silver and bronze-based jewelry. Throughout the marriage rites, they don the kadhah.

Distinctive Features

Traditional Jewellery: In Chhattisgarh, traditional jewelry is worn by men and women. Women wear a variety of decorations, frequently made of silver or gold, including necklaces, bangles, earrings, and anklets. A sense of elegance is added to men’s traditional clothing using accessories like bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Traditional Motifs and Embroidery: Chhattisgarh’s traditional clothing is renowned for its beautiful embroidery and designs. These motifs frequently feature elements of the natural world, such as flowers, birds, animals, and geometric designs. Chhattisgarh’s experienced artisans produce aesthetically spectacular designs on the fabric using methods like resham, zari, and mirror work.


Chhattisgarh’s cultural richness, legacy, and craftsmanship are brilliantly reflected in its traditional clothing. These traditional garments are a visual treat due to their elaborate designs, vivid colors, and expert craftsmanship. The clothing for both men and women represents a testament to the state’s distinctive character and embodies the essence of Chhattisgarh’s diverse cultural traditions. These traditional garments’ preservation and celebration pay homage to Chhattisgarh’s rich cultural past and add to the rich tapestry of Indian traditions in general.

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