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How to Check Original Raymond Cloth: Real or Fake

To make sure you’re obtaining genuine goods for your hard-earned money, it’s important to verify the authenticity of the cloth. As we know that Raymond cloth brand is one of the most popular apparel and fabric brand that mostly everyone knows.

In addition to lowering the value and quality of your purchase, counterfeit clothes also damage the brand’s reputation. You may confidently take benefit of the elegance and comfort that genuine Raymond clothing offers while preserving this prestigious brand’s reputation by doing your research and exercising caution. Always remember that authenticity is your guarantee of both style and quality when it comes to high-end apparel.

In Indian fashion, Raymond is a byword for excellence and elegance. Raymond’s clothing emanates elegance and sophistication and is renowned for its flawless tailoring, luxurious materials, and classic patterns. Raymond remains a symbol of sartorial quality, enticing people with a taste for the best in life with everything from dapper suits to stunning formal clothing.

Here’s a guide on how to identify if your Raymond cloth is real or fake:


1. Buy from Authorized Retailers

Buying Raymond apparel from approved Raymond retailers or their official website is the most dependable approach to verify authenticity. Fake goods are less likely to be sold by authorized stores.

2. Verify the cost

A price that seems too good to be true almost always is. Genuine Raymond clothing is rarely offered at incredibly low costs because of its reputation for high quality. Avoid purchasing things at steep discounts from unreliable sources.

3. Inspect the Label and Tags:

  • Raymond Logo: Verify the clothing label for the Raymond logo. Make sure it is crisp, well-stitched, and not pixelated or blurry. The logos on fake goods could be a mess.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Check the label and tags for any spelling or grammar issues. Genuine Raymond products have excellent labelling with proper spelling and language.
  • Barcode and QR Code: There may be a barcode or QR code on the tag of certain genuine Raymond clothes. By scanning these codes, you may confirm the product’s legitimacy utilizing the Raymond app or website.

4. Feel the Fabric

Raymond is renowned for its high-end textiles. Genuine Raymond cloth ought to feel luxurious, smooth, and delicate to the touch. The fabric can be a fake if it feels cheap, rough, or inconsistent.

5. Seaming and Stitching

Examine the clothing’s seams and stitching very closely. The stitching on Raymond’s items is renowned for being accurate and tidy. Uneven loose threads, seams, or poor workmanship might all be signs of a fake.

6. Buttons and Zippers

Verify the zippers and buttons. They must be well-made and work efficiently. A fake may have flimsy buttons, cheap, or zippers that get stuck.

7. Examine the Packaging

If you’re purchasing Raymond clothing in a box or other special packaging, thoroughly scrutinize it. Genuine Raymond products frequently come in attractive packaging with the company’s information and emblem.

8. Authentication Certificates

Some high-end Raymond clothes could have holographic labels or authentication certificates. Look for them and confirm their legitimacy through official methods.

9. Internet research

Research the precise product you want to purchase before buying it. Look for official product photographs and descriptions to compare what you’re being sold with what is on the Raymond website.

10. Ask for Documentation

Ask the seller for any pertinent paperwork, like a receipt or proof of purchase from an approved outlet, if you have concerns about the product’s legitimacy.

11. Placement of the logo and embroidery

Make sure logos are consistently and accurately embroidered or printed on the apparel in the appropriate places. The location of the emblem is very important in authentic Raymond clothes.

12. Consistency in Fit and Size

Verify if the apparel fits and is sized according to the brand’s specifications. Size variations could be a sign of a fake product.

13. Labels for warranties and care

Genuine Raymond clothes may come with care instructions and warranty information. Check the accuracy and completeness of these labels.

14. Some Tips to Identify Original Raymond Cloth

Cotton Fabric

  • A small drop of water on cotton cloth usually only partially evaporates after it drops to the bottom.
  • Apply glycerin or oil to the fabric. It would continue to be opaque if it were cotton.
  • A cotton thread that has been unravelled would be short, fuzzy, and lacklustre.


  • A small drop of water would immediately soak and spread on linen.
  • If you held the linen up to the light, it would appear translucent if oil had fallen on it.
  • Compared to cotton, linen thread fibres are often longer and lustier.
  • An ink drop would typically spread out evenly and quickly if the cloth is made entirely of linen. It would spread unevenly if coupled with cotton.


  • The secret to distinguishing wool is caustic soda. Caustic soda would dilute the fabric on wool while leaving a common blend.
  • A thread made of wool would typically be shaggy and springy.


A silk thread that has been unravelled will appear glossier than cotton or even wool.


  • When compared to other textiles, rayon fabrics tend to dry relatively slowly.
  • Compared to other fibers, a ravelled rayon thread is typically glossy, slippery, and fairly chilly.
  • When scratched with your nails, rayon threads split and snag far more easily than other materials.
  • The bright white colour of rayon fibres doesn’t fade over time. However, natural materials often become yellow.


Finally, Only go with approved Raymond merchants or their official website for a secure transaction.


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