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How to Check Original Skechers Shoes: Real or Fake?

A well-known brand of shoes noted for its comfort and design is Skechers. In 1992, the American lifestyle and athletic footwear company Skechers was established. It has many shoes for kids, ladies, and men. With over 3,000 Skechers locations worldwide, Skechers has established itself as one of the world’s top performance footwear companies.

Checking the authenticity of your Skechers footwear is essential to guarantee the highest possible level of quality. Fake shoes might last less long or offer the same level of performance as authentic Skechers shoes because of their inferior material and workmanship. Knowing how to recognize fake Skechers footwear is crucial to ensure you’re buying the real thing.

Tips To Identify Original Skechers Shoes


You can use the following guide to tell if your Skechers are real or fake:

1. Verify the manufacturer’s markings

Examining the manufacturer insignia on a pair of Skechers shoes is one of the greatest ways to identify an authentic pair. Every pair of shoes should have the Skechers brand prominently displayed in the same location. The shoes can be fake when missing the manufacturer’s logo or other identifiers. The manufacturer markings must also be printed legibly and in the appropriate font.

Any differences in the markings’ arrangement or font could hint that the item is fraudulent. The serial number is a further crucial element to check for. A serial number will be printed on the interior of genuine Skechers footwear. There may be a serial number on counterfeit sneakers, but it won’t match the one on an authentic Skechers model.

2. Seek out High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials are used in the construction of authentic Skechers footwear, which is made to last. Conversely, fake shoes are frequently manufactured of subpar materials that cannot withstand normal wear and tear. Pay great attention to the stitching and general craftsmanship when inspecting the materials. The likelihood of the shoes being fake increases when the stitching is sloppy, or the materials look cheap.

3. Check the Insoles

Genuine Skechers footwear frequently has cushioned, cozy insoles. Check for the Skechers logo or branding by removing the insoles (if practical). You might discover generic or absent branding in imitation sneakers.

4. Examine the Outsole

The outsole of genuine Skechers footwear is often constructed of sturdy rubber and features a distinctive tread pattern. The outsoles of fake shoes may be crooked or improperly formed. Look for irregularities in the tread pattern.

5. Compare Prices

The cost of Skechers shoes can vary based on the type, but authentic Skechers shoes will never be sold at a price that is noticeably below retail. If you find a pair of Skechers footwear that seems too good to be true, they probably aren’t real. Always compare costs and watch for any sales or reductions to ensure you’re receiving an authentic pair.

6. Look for SKU Number

Each Skechers shoe has a specific identification code called an SKU. Each SKU number must appear somewhere on the shoe and correspond to the box’s SKU number. The sneakers might only be authentic if the SKU number on the shoe and the SKU number on the box match.

7. Examine the return policy

Another reliable way to tell if the shoes are authentic or not is to look at the seller’s return policy. Thanks to their return policies, customers can return shoes to most reputable shops when dissatisfied with them. Conversely, counterfeit sneakers could not provide a return policy or might have one that is challenging to use.

8. Examine the Box

Another reliable sign of genuineness is the box the shoes are packaged in. Original Skechers footwear will arrive in sturdy packaging bearing the company’s emblem. Fake sneakers could arrive in a thin, generic package with no logo. The box should also be labelled with all necessary information, including the shoes’ size and colour.

9. Examine the website

Check that the website is trustworthy when you plan to purchase your Skechers shoes online. The website should have a privacy policy and a secure checkout process. The website should also include a clear return policy and ways to contact customer service. Any differences in these areas can be a sign of a fake website.

10. Ask for Proof of Purchase

Check for proof of purchase, like a receipt or the original packaging, when purchasing Skechers from a reseller or flea market. These documents ought to be available from genuine dealers.

11. Trust Your Instincts

When something regarding the shoes or the seller doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and think again before buying. Always err on the side of caution.

12. Compared to the Skechers official website

the shoes in question with the product photos offered on the Skechers website by going to the official Skechers website. Be mindful of the little things like design, colour, and features.

13. Look for Reviews

Finally, before purchasing a pair of Skechers shoes, it is usually a good idea to read user reviews. You can learn what to anticipate from the shoes and learn about potential problems or flaws by reading reviews.


To receive the quality and comfort you deserve from the brand, you must be able to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit Skechers footwear. You may reduce your chance of buying fake Skechers products and ensure you have a genuine Skechers experience by adhering to these rules and using your discernment. Always prioritize buying from licensed merchants, and go with your gut when something doesn’t feel right. Genuine Skechers footwear provides comfort and style and offers the assurance that you are purchasing a genuine item.

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