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How to Check Original Red Chief Shoes: Real or Fake

Red Chief shoes are renowned for their stylish, long-lasting leather shoes with international appeal that are popular with today’s youth. Red Chief is a well-known Indian company that was established in 1997 and makes a wide range of shoes. Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd. is the firm that makes this product. Popular Indian shoe company Red Chief specializes in producing fine leather shoes and boots for men. Red Chief shoes have built a solid name for themselves in the Indian footwear market thanks to their dependability, style, and comfort. To accommodate different fashion tastes and circumstances, they provide a wide selection of footwear options, including formal shoes, casual shoes, boots, and sandals.

Checking the authenticity of Red Chief shoes is essential to ensure you’re investing in genuine and high-quality footwear. Red Chief footwear is renowned for its comfort. People have valued how comfortable their shoes are. If you’re seeking athletic footwear, Red Chief also sells footwear under the Furo brand. Red Chief recently introduced this brand. Furo footwear is long-lasting and incredibly comfy. A pair of Furo sports shoes is significantly superior to a pair of Nikes, costing Rs. 10,000. Furo also sells shoes at very affordable costs. Counterfeit products flood the market, and it’s crucial to know how to distinguish between real and fake Red Chief shoes.

Guide To Identify Original Red Chief Shoes

Red Chief Shoes

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check the authenticity of Red Chief shoes:

1. Examine the Packaging – Examine the packaging first. Genuine Red Chief footwear arrives in attractive boxes branded with the Red Chief name and insignia. Packaging for counterfeit goods frequently has bad printing or needs to be the right colour. On the box, look for any indications of poor printing quality, misspelled wording, or strange logos.

2. Look up ratings and reviews – Read consumer reviews and ratings before making an online purchase. Genuine goods are more likely to receive favourable comments and high ratings

3. Examine the branding and logo – Look closely at the Red Chief insignia and logo on the sneakers. Genuine Red Chief sneakers have a sharp, clear insignia that is free of flaws or smudges. The logos on counterfeit sneakers could be deformed or printed incorrectly.

4. Check the Build Quality – Genuine Red Chief footwear is renowned for its robust and long-lasting design. Examine the general construction quality, stitching, and glue seams. Genuine Red Chief footwear is expertly manufactured, so avoid uneven stitching, loose threads, or shoddy glue application.

5. Verify the Components – Red Chief shoes are often constructed from premium leather or other materials. Verify the material’s scent and texture. Genuine leather should feel natural to the touch and have a distinct aroma. Synthetic materials with lower quality are frequently used in counterfeit shoes.

6. Inspect the Insoles – Remove the insoles if you can to inspect them. Genuine Red Chief insoles are created with care and are cozy. Insoles that are counterfeit may be less comfortable and of lower quality.

7. Look at the Soles – Verify the soles for any markings and the Red Chief logo. The emblem and size information is engraved or embossed, not printed, on genuine Red Chief shoes. There is a chance that the printed trademarks on counterfeit shoes will fade rapidly.

8. Check the eyelets and laces – Check the eyelets and laces. High-quality laces are used on genuine Red Chief shoes, and the eyelets ought to be evenly spaced and beautifully finished. Cheap laces and oddly positioned eyelets are two characteristics of counterfeit footwear.

9. Inspect the Shoebox Label – Examine the label on the shoebox’s interior in detail. The model, size, and production information are all clearly and accurately listed on genuine Red Chief shoeboxes. This information might need to be added or corrected on counterfeit shoeboxes.

10. Purchase from Authorized Retailers – To reduce the chance of purchasing counterfeit Red Chief footwear, purchase the shoes from recognized merchants or the official Red Chief website. When purchasing from independent sellers or online marketplaces, use caution.

11. Compare with Official Sources – Compare the shoes you’re considering with pictures of genuine Red Chief shoes that are available on the official website or the websites of authorized dealers when you have any doubts. This helps you identify differences in design and quality.

12. Price Consideration – Be skeptical of offers that look unreasonably cheap. Extremely cheap prices in comparison to the industry standard can be a warning sign for fake goods.

13. Don’t get Attracted by Heavy Discounts – Red Chief sneakers are sold for a very good price. Therefore, if there are any substantial discounts that you believe to be excessive. There’s a good chance it’s a fake.

14. Always check before making an online purchase – Always check the seller before making a purchase, especially if you’re buying shoes online. to investigate the seller.

15. Look over the return policy – Only manufacturing flaws will be accepted as grounds for the claim. In 20 days, it will be 100%, in 30 days, 50%; and in 60 days, 30%. No claim will be considered if it has passed 60 days since the purchase date.

Some Miscellaneous Points

  • Indian manufacturer located in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh
  • , extremely skilled in producing leather shoes
  • Red Chief shoes are primarily focused on a casual but sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Though heavier than many other brands of branded shoes, they are heavier than sneakers or sports shoes.
  • If you use these twice or three times a week, the life is about 2-3 years. Very hard sole.


Their taglines, like the strength of real leather or trendy clothes for real men, show that there is a focus on a particularly mature or male image. Keep in mind that fake goods can pass for the real thing, so you must conduct a careful check. Prior to making a purchase, it is best to get confirmation from an authorized retailer or speak with Red Chief’s official customer care if you have any questions regarding the shoes’ authenticity.

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