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How to Check Original Lakme Products: Real or Fake?

To be sure you are getting the quality and safety you expect, it is imperative to verify the authenticity of Lakme products. High-end cosmetics and fragrance brands frequently fall prey to the evils of counterfeiting, with imitation products readily available in local stores and even online. These counterfeit goods can seriously harm your skin in addition to defrauding you. Knowing how to identify between genuine and imitation Lakme products is crucial because counterfeit goods are becoming more prevalent.

Guide To Identify Lakme Original Products


You can use the following measures to assist you confirm the legitimacy of Lakme products:

  • Purchase from Authorized Retailers: Buying Lakme products from approved merchants, such as official brand stores, renowned beauty supply stores, or well-known online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon, or Nykaa, is the most reliable approach to make sure you are getting authentic Lakme products.
  • Examine the Packaging: Pay close attention to the product’s packaging. Genuine Lakme goods frequently have attractive packaging with distinct branding and emblems. Check the packaging for any irregularities in the colors, fonts, and general design.
  • Inspect the Hologram and Labels: Holograms or security labels are frequently used on the packaging of Lakme goods to deter counterfeiting. A real hologram or security sticker that changes appearance when tilted is what you should be looking for. Make sure it isn’t just a sticker or something that may be readily copied.
  • Check the Batch and Expiry Date: Each Lakme product has an expiration date and batch number listed on the packaging. Verify that these specifics are included and that the printing appears to be of professional quality. Make sure the expiration date is a future date.
  • Examine the Product Itself: Open the item and give it a thorough examination. Color, texture, and aroma consistency are important characteristics of genuine Lakme cosmetics. It can be a fake if you detect any odd alterations or discrepancies.
  • Take Note of the Odor and Consistency: Both smell and consistency can be used to identify fake cosmetics. When a cosmetic smell terrible or is excessively perfumed, it can be a fake. Original items won’t contain any weird ingredients or improper sparkles, particularly if they are matte. Creamy cosmetics shouldn’t separate or have any contaminants in them.
  • Compare Prices: Be wary of goods that are offered for a lot less than the going rate in the market. Products that are counterfeit are sometimes priced affordably to entice purchasers. Deals that look too good to be true usually are. The pricing shouldn’t be between 10 and 20 percent of the actual price.
  • Buy from Reputable Online Sellers: When purchasing Lakme items online, stick with trusted websites and merchants who have a track record of getting good feedback from clients. Avoid making purchases from unreliable or unauthorized sources.
  • Check the Seller’s Reputation: Look up customer reviews and ratings to learn more about the seller’s reputation. User reviews are frequently available on websites such as Amazon and Nykaa, which can be used to determine a product’s validity.
  • Contact Lakme Customer Support: If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a product, you can get advice from Lakme Customer Support. Depending on the batch number and other information, they might be able to confirm the legitimacy of the goods.
  • Check Brushes and Sponges: By examining the brushes and sponges, you can spot the fake product. A phony cosmetic product’s brushes and sponges are going to be of poor quality and will differ in size, shape, or color.
  • Watch Out for Online Markets: When purchasing Lakme items from online marketplaces that include a variety of third-party sellers, use extra caution. Some of these merchants can provide bogus or inferior goods.

Steps After Buying the Product

After Opening the Product

If you are a frequent user, check for consistency in the product’s texture and aroma. It is obvious right away if the product is genuine or not. A trustworthy brand would not gradually lose its quality. The first step is to either call the authorized manufacturer or get in touch with the industry organization if you discover, suspect, or are concerned about counterfeit goods or other intellectual property issues. The idea of empowering the customer can be a key component to support supply chain integrity and due diligence measures, as well as to report non-compliance (like the use of counterfeit goods).

Double-Check Through Serial Number

No matter what makeup item you purchase or how confident you are in its legitimacy, always test the product’s ingredients on a small patch of skin before wearing. Avoid being fooled by tempting bargains and discounts. Although some cosmetics cost as little as half of their MRP, they might be harmful to your skin and health. Details hold the key. Ensure that the product is from the brand you recognize for quality by paying close attention when you shop.

Some Other Tips

  • Make that the product is labelled with a European address, which indicates that a company in Europe is in charge of guaranteeing that it complies with safety and quality standards;
  • Don’t utilize a product when you have any reservations about it or suspect it might be a fake. Speak with the vendor.
  • Any vendors of phony cosmetics should be reported.
  • Anyone importing fake cosmetics unlawfully should be reported.
  • Inform the manufacturer and your healthcare provider of any negative health effects.


Keep in mind that fake cosmetics not only produce subpar effects but also risk damaging your skin. Always put your safety first and select genuine goods from reputable vendors. By taking these actions, you may lessen the chance of buying phony Lakme goods while still taking advantage of their superior quality and security.


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