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How to Check Original Rudraksha: Real or Fake

Given the prevalence of low-quality or fake Rudraksha beads on the market, it is imperative to verify their authenticity. In Hinduism and Buddhism, rudraksha beads are highly respected and thought to have healing and spiritual abilities.

What is Rudraksha?

Traditionally, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions have utilized rudraksha seeds as prayer beads. The word “Rudraksha” is a combination of the Sanskrit words “Rudra,” another name for Lord Shiva, and “Aksha,” which means “eye.” Due to its connection to the Hindu deity Shiva, rudraksha is frequently referred to as “Shiva’s Tears” or “Tears of Lord Shiva”.

Rudraksha beads have a distinctive appearance with numerous facets or faces on their surface and are often dark or black. These aspects are known as “mukhis,” and the number of them can vary depending on the type of Rudraksha. Mukhi counts can range from one to twenty-one or more.


Here is a guide to telling whether a Rudraksha bead is genuine or fake:

1. Visual Inspection:

  • Number of Faces (Mukhis): Check the Rudraksha bead’s mukhis, or faces, to see how many there are. Most genuine Rudraksha beads have between 1 and 21 faces. More than 21-faced beads are extremely rare and expensive.
  • Surface Texture: A genuine Rudraksha features sharp, well-defined facets and a rough surface. The surface of fake ones may be polished and smooth.
  • Naturally Occurring Errors: On the surface, look for tiny, naturally occurring holes or depressions. “Mukhi lines” denote the boundaries between the faces and are known as such.

2. Float Test

Place the Rudraksha bead in the water-filled glass when it has been filled. Real Rudraksha beads float on water because they include an internal air chamber that exists naturally. False ones typically sink and are solid.

3. Hot Needle Test

Heat a tiny needle or pin slowly until it is red-hot. Put the hot needle against the surface of the Rudraksha bead. It won’t burn or emit any smoke if it’s real. Fake resin beads can melt or release a bad odour.

4. Size and Weight

Real Rudraksha beads often weigh little and are below 1.08 specific gravity. Due to the weight of materials like plastic or wood, counterfeit beads may be heavier.

5. Cost and Source

Deals that look too good to be true should be avoided. Genuine Rudraksha beads can be rather pricey, particularly those with several faces. Buy Rudraksha beads from respectable and reliable vendors like licensed dealers or spiritual shops.

Some more ways to check are:

  • Consult an Expert: Consult an authority or qualified person who can verify the authenticity of the bead if you are unsure. Certified gemologists and Rudraksha specialists are available to offer expert evaluations.
  • X-Ray Exam: This technique is more sophisticated and calls for specific tools. The bead’s interior structure may be seen using an X-ray, proving its legitimacy.
  • Energies and Feel: Genuine Rudraksha beads, according to some, are said to release a calming and uplifting energy when held in the hand. As you hold the bead, pay attention to the energies you sense and your intuition.
  • Certification for Rudrakshas: When buying Rudraksha beads, look for proof of authenticity. Reputable vendors frequently offer certificates that detail the kind of Rudraksha, how many faces (mukhis) there are, and other pertinent details.
  • Sound Test: Tap the Rudraksha bead gently with your fingernail while holding it close to your ear. While imitation Rudraksha beads may sound dull or dissimilar, genuine Rudraksha beads are thought to provide a clear, resonant sound.
  • Weight Stability: Check the constancy of the bead’s weight all around. Genuine Rudraksha beads are uniformly dense, however, imitations may vary in weight as a result of the uneven elements they include.
  • Thread Test: Check the thread as well if a Rudraksha bead is strung on it. While false beads may be strung utilizing synthetic materials, genuine beads are frequently strung using silk or cotton thread.
  • Colour Coherence: Look at the Rudraksha bead’s hue. While fake beads may have variations or appear to have been chemically coloured, real beads normally have a uniform hue all the way through.
  • Oil Test: To create heat, rub your thumb over the Rudraksha bead. Genuine beads could release a faint oil or scent that is thought to be a natural secretion. This quality might not be present in imitation beads.
  • Patina and age: Over time, older Rudraksha beads frequently acquire a natural patina or sheen. Look for aging and wear indications, which can point to authenticity.
  • Engravings with religious symbolism: Some rudraksha beads have engraved or depicted religious imagery. Learn how to recognize these markings and symbols to determine whether something is genuine.
  • Seller Reputation: Do some background research on the seller or dealer from whom you intend to buy Rudraksha beads. To establish credibility, read evaluations and ask for recommendations.

How come Rudraksha is worn?

The main aspects of wearing Rudraksha beads are as follows:

  • Spiritual and Meditative Aid: Rudraksha beads are regarded as potent spiritual instruments that support spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer.
  • Protection: It is thought to surround the wearer with a shielding aura.
  • Health Advantages: Some individuals think that Rudraksha beads have healing qualities. They are said to help balance the body’s energy centres, or chakras, regulate blood pressure, and relieve stress.
  • Spiritual Development: Rudraksha beads are thought to hasten one’s spiritual development and journey.
  • Religious Significance: In Buddhism and Hinduism, rudraksha beads are of profound holy significance.
  • Astrological Beliefs: According to Vedic astrology, particular Rudraksha beads are linked to particular planets and worn to placate planetary influences and reap the blessings of astrology.
  • Cultural and Tradition: Rudraksha beads are worn as a component of cultural and traditional dress in many places, especially in India and Nepal.


Keep in mind that many people attach great spiritual significance to Rudraksha beads and that using fakes can nullify the intended advantages. When buying Rudraksha beads, it’s important to take your time, conduct an extensive study, and seek advice to be sure they are real and can fulfil their intended function in your spiritual practice.


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