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How to Check Original Titan Watch: Real or Fake

The timepieces made by Titan combine craftsmanship, art, and precision. Titan watches one of the top luxury watch brands in India, have revolutionized the market and are available in a variety of shops around the world. It is understandable why many consider this watch to be an investment.

According to the Swiss Customs Service, between 30 and 40 million fake timepieces are sold each year. A decent portion of Titan watches are included in these statistics. It is nearly impossible to tell an authentic watch from a fake, suggesting that the counterfeit watch producers have mastered the skill of making these timepieces.

Guide To Identify Original Titan Watch


You should watch out for the following indicators to prevent being tricked into thinking you have bought an authentic Titan watch just to find out that it is a fake.

1. The Serial Number of Titan Watch

A serial number should be inscribed on the back of every Titan watch. The serial number is usually engraved at the bottom of two numbers on the case back of Titan watches. You can verify that the serial number on the watch case and the band or bracelet of the watch are the same.

The serial number is written on a sticker that is attached to the watch’s dial’s rear. Additionally, you may ensure that the numbers match by comparing the serial number to the warranty card. The serial number of a Titan smartwatch may be checked by heading into settings.

2. The Titan Watch’s Warranty

A warranty card, an authenticity document, or a COSC certificate should be included with a Titan watch that was acquired from a reliable watch retailer. The warranty certificate must include the watch’s warranty duration, make, serial number, and model.

Always make sure you get the certificate when you buy the watch, rather than claiming that you will get it later. You can email customercare@titan.co.in with the serial number to check that the actual warranty duration matches the information on the guarantee and that the watch is genuine.

3. Price of The Titan Watch

Even though the Titan firm is based in India, the Amazon Global Selling Program has helped this fashionable, designer watch gain traction and entry into the US market. Consider the validity of the Titan watch before purchasing it from any other source.

It may be possible to find a pre-owned Titan watch for a fraction of the price, but it’s important to be on the lookout for cheap knock-off costs. In addition, expensive watches are investments that often retain their value. Rarely will anyone want to sell a high-end watch for anything less than what it is worth. Frequently, if the price seems too low to be true, it is most likely a fake.

4. Logos and trademarks

These logos are situated in a specific location on the watch. On the watch’s face, the name “TITAN” and the logo are visible. On the upper portion of the watch face’s front, this word and emblem are located. Except for some sports watches, when the name will show on the right side of the watch face’s front, this arrangement has remained constant. By examining images of the original design on the Titan website and contrasting the logo and insignia with the model you now own, you may determine the authenticity.

5. Details Regarding the Titan Watch’s Products

You can compare the product specifications on the Titan website to your existing timepiece. These will make it easier for you to tell an original from a copy. When you are comparing, be sure that your watch matches the profile because a Titan Edge watch only weighs 36 grams and is 4.4 mm thick.

6. Bracelet of The Watch

The typical Titan designer watch bracelet is flexible and will slide on your wrist easily. Making sure the bracelet clasp properly shuts and has two stamps at the end of the clip is essential. The presence of these markings will be an obvious indicator of the watch’s genuineness.

7. Look for Flaws and Unfinished Edges in Colors

The counterfeiters may ignore obvious elements in their haste to replicate the watch. Additionally, it’s important to keep an eye out for uneven edges and colour variations. Make sure the dial’s screws are tight.

8. Tilt the Watch to Look for A Shine

A designer watch can be identified by the sapphire crystal dial that is mounted on the case’s top. You can see a reddish tinge if you turn the watch in that direction. If you look closely enough, you can also see the watch’s shine. Collectors can distinguish a replica from a fake because of the design element.

9. Watch Mechanism

You can feel the robustness of the watch mechanism when you hold the Titan watch firmly. You can check to verify when the watch hands are made of the right material and are the right size. Typically, a fake Titan watch has a flaw in the watch mechanism that causes the hands to shake.

10. Packaging of A Titan Watch

Unpackaged Titan watches should be avoided. It’s probably a replica if it’s not packaged. A genuine watch company will always make sure that you get the watch in a sealed box with the required warranties and the original packaging.


To find out if your Titan watch is real or fake, you can start by having it appraised. You might want to consider the parameters mentioned above while verifying the validity of your Titan watch. Product details are shown on the Titan watch website. You may determine whether your timepiece is a good fit by comparing it to these requirements.


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