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Top 10 Best Cricket Captain In The World Ever

There are only a few major roles in the sport of cricket. It’s just batsmen, bowlers, fielders, captains, wicket-keepers, and of course the umpires. Right? And among these roles, the most challenging and stressful is the role of a captain. Don’t you think? Captains are the ones who people blame first when the team fails to perform or performs poorly. That’s the harsh reality. But thankfully, as cricket fans, we have seen some of the best captains in the history of cricket. Some of you may only know a few names like Ricky Ponting, Graeme Smith, MS Dhoni, etc. Right?

Well, the thing is, there have been many successful and truly best cricket captains in the world, and that’s what today’s post is all about. Take it as a tribute to these fantastic cricketers who we will never see again on the pitch, but their marvelous innings, sharp decision, and victorious moments will forever be remembered. So yeah, come with us as we refresh the memories of the top best cricket captain in the world ever. It’ll be a lot of fun. Here we go.

List of Best Cricket Captain In The World

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni

Let’s talk about a legend who needs no introduction, we are talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, aka MS Dhoni. This right-handed power hitter and gifted wicketkeeper has earned his name as one of the greatest Indian cricket captains. Bursting onto the international scene in December 2004, Dhoni was soon handed the captain’s cap in 2007, and boy, did he shine! Under his command, India won the ICC T20 World Cup (2007), the ICC Cricket World Cup (2011), and the ICC Champions Trophy (2013). Dhoni wasn’t just a great player, but a superb leader. Always in control, and rarely frazzled, he was dubbed “Captain Cool” for his ability to stay calm under pressure. His confidence and composed nature rubbed off on his teammates, giving them the boost they needed when the stakes were high. Dhoni had this uncanny knack for managing all the unique personalities in the team and steering them toward success in all formats of the game.

2. Ricky Ponting


When you talk about cricket greats, you can’t leave out Ricky Thomas Ponting. This Aussie powerhouse had a cricketing career that spanned 17 magnificent years, from 1995 to 2012. His aggressive batting and strategic acumen made him a force to be reckoned with both on and off the pitch. His tenure as captain witnessed Australia clinching two consecutive ICC Cricket World Cups (2003 and 2007), a feat that few have managed to replicate. Under Ponting, the Aussie team dominated Test cricket, with his cool head and strategic decision-making steering the ship in high-pressure situations. But he wasn’t just a great player and leader, Ponting was also a mentor, nurturing young talents and shaping the future of Australian cricket.

3. Stephen Fleming

Stephen Fleming

New Zealand’s cricketing scene owes much to Stephen Paul Fleming, one of the finest captains the game has ever seen. Fleming led the Kiwi team with poise, passion, and unshakeable calm, turning high-pressure scenarios into opportunities. His talent-spotting ability was off the charts, and he nurtured many young Kiwis, helping them bloom on the international stage. With Fleming at the helm, New Zealand emerged as a formidable opponent in ODIs, turning games around with his tactical brilliance. Known for his sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct, Fleming was an ambassador of the game’s spirit on and off the pitch.

4. Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith

At the age of just 22, Graeme Smith was handed the reins of the South African cricket team, a role he held for 11 years until his retirement. He wasn’t just a young captain but a true leader and a rock-solid opener who made a significant contribution with his bat. Smith’s leadership saw South Africa emerging victorious in tough overseas conditions, further cementing his status as one of the finest skippers. Whether it was against England, Australia, or India, Smith’s team gave the opponents a run for their money.

5. Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev

Now let’s talk about the master all-rounder from India, Kapil Dev. Kapil Dev led the Indian team to its first-ever World Cup victory against the strong opponent, West Indies. His dynamic leadership approach fueled the team’s self-belief and transformed the face of Indian cricket. Whether it was his capability to handle a diverse team or his skill to identify the unique strengths of players and put them to the best use, Kapil Dev was a game-changer. Not to forget, he led India to a historic Test series victory against England in 1986, another jewel in the crown of Indian cricket’s accomplishments.

6. Allan Border

Allan Border

Known to most as Allan Border, this former Australian cricket hero is hailed as one of the globe’s greatest cricket captains. Allan stepped into the captain’s shoes during a particularly tough patch for Australian cricket in the mid-1980s, but his legendary leadership and mental grit quickly turned things around. He was a beacon of resilience, inspiring a solid fighting spirit within his team. Allan’s bat did a lot of talking too, he’s one of Australia’s top run-scorers of all time. Brian Lara later toppled his record for most Test runs, but that doesn’t detract from Allan’s outstanding contribution to the game. His pinnacle moment came when clinching victory at the 1987 Cricket World Cup and giving Aussie cricket the boost it desperately needed.

7. Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Talking about cricket legends, you can’t skip mentioning Imran Khan, an awe-inspiring figure from Pakistan. What a player he was! Let’s rewind a bit to 1971, shall we? That’s when Imran Khan first stepped into international cricket in a Test series against England, and boy, did he leave a mark! And you remember the exciting times from 1982 to 1992, right? When Imran Khan was the captain, well kind of, steering the Pakistani team like a skilled captain at the helm of a ship. And, let’s not forget the crowning glory, the 1992 Cricket World Cup victory! The only one for Pakistan, but what a gem it was! This victory etched his name in gold as one of the best cricket captains the world has ever seen.

8. Arjuna Ranatunga

Arjuna Ranatunga

Arjuna Ranatunga, a Sri Lankan cricket legend, is seen as one of the game’s finest captains. His leadership in the 1990s shaped Sri Lankan cricket’s rise to glory. The crown jewel of his career was the unforgettable 1996 ICC Cricket World Cup victory against Australia – a glorious moment for a nation that got Test status merely a decade earlier. Known for his cricketing intellect and savvy strategies, Ranatunga was a team builder, inspiring passion and determination in his players. Not just a leader, he also championed cricket in Sri Lanka, fighting to improve the sport’s infrastructure.

9. Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh

Here comes Steve Waugh, an Aussie cricketing great, hailed as one of the most effective captains the sport has seen. Known for his iron will and his ability to inspire his team, Waugh shaped the Australian team into a resilient force that could turn the tide even in the face of adversity. His track record as a skipper is stellar, he led the Aussies to victory in 41 out of 57 Test matches, the highest win percentage for any Australian captain with over 10 games under their belt.

10. Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan

Out of a few names, we chose to include Eoin Morgan on our list because of several reasons. This Irishman who made England his cricketing home, is celebrated for his feats as the captain of the English limited-overs teams. Known for his cool head and strategic acumen, Morgan turned England into a real deal in the ODI and T20 formats. His crowning glory was leading the team to their first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup win in 2019 in a nail-biting Super Over finish against New Zealand. Under his watch, England embraced an aggressive style of cricket, especially during the end overs, leading to some heart-stopping chases and giant totals.


There you have it. These are objectively the top best cricket captains in the world ever. Of course, there are many other names, but we have included the names with the most victories and the impression they left on the sport.


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