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How to Check Original Crocs: Real or Fake

If any of the distinguishing characteristics of genuine Crocs are absent, like a tag with a barcode specific to the shoe model, authentic logos placed in specified locations on the shoes, particular data on the outsoles, and the recognizable light, foam-like substance, flexible, you can identify imitation Crocs.

Check the Features of the Shoes’ Design

The circulation nubs on the insoles of genuine Crocs are a distinctive design element. Due to its ergonomic design, these nubs make Crocs a preferred option for persons who spend plenty of time on their feet—additionally, they are intended to improve circulation in the foot and the nubs.

The circulation nubs on fake Crocs’ insoles may be an imitation, and they won’t provide you with the same ergonomic advantages. All genuine Crocs include a pivoting heel strap that can be pushed to the back for a snug fit or moved to the front to wear the shoes as slip-ons. The same goes for real Crocs in the water; if your pair sinks, they are fake.

Verify the Shoe’s Logo

Crocs shoes

There are three ways to verify that Duke is the real deal, the famous crocodile:

  • His two eyes.
  • His back is covered in six equal bumps. From the top, identify the fourth bump. It should have a larger bump than the others.
  • He possesses two hands, each of which has three fingers.

Check the Material of the Shoes

The substance of genuine Crocs is primarily what sets them apart from imitations. The foam used to make Crocs is called Croslite. It is incredibly flexible, light, durable, soft, and slip-resistant.

Rubber, frequently used to make fake Crocs, can be heavy and hazardous on slick surfaces. Your shoes are not authentic Crocs if they have a rubbery smell.

Check the Shoes’ Tag

A tag with a barcode is attached to every genuine Croc. Each model of Crocs has its barcode. Examine the small print because a model’s barcode that resembles the barcode of another model is a sure sign that you’re dealing with Croc-offs. The official Crocs website is the best place to purchase shoes since you can be sure they are authentic and will have all the necessary tags and packaging.

Make sure the shoes feel real.

Your feet will experience a special sensation thanks to Croslite from Crocs. Your toes should have plenty of room to roam around and comfortably cushioned. Additionally, you should feel the circulation nubs enhancing blood flow. The Croslite foam ought to conform to your feet over time. Real Crocs are also incredibly breathable, light (weighing only ounces), and flexible when bent. Clunky and rubbery are two characteristics that distinguish rip-offs from the soft feel of real Crocs.

Check the Shoes’ Outsole

The following information is imprinted on the outsoles (the bottoms of the shoes) of genuine Crocs:

  • Brand Name and Trademark icon
  • Information on the country of origin (where the shoes were created).
  • Men’s and women’s sizes are shown (with “M” above the men’s size and “W” above the women’s size).
  • The URL for the official Crocs website is www.crocs.com.
  • The place of manufacture (Boulder, Colorado)

Check the Shoes’ Packaging

When you purchase genuine Crocs in a store, they are packaged in a premium brand box with a barcode and information on the model, size, and colour printed on the side. When you purchase Crocs from authorized online sellers, they arrive in a branded, clear bag. All genuine Crocs have a tag with a barcode and product details, regardless of the packaging.

Verify the tread of the shoes

Genuine Crocs have excellent traction. Crocs have effective slip-resistant tread on their outsoles since they were initially created to avoid slipping and sliding on wet boat decks. The vein pattern in a leaf is comparable to the tread pattern. Your Crocs are undoubtedly phoney if they have inadequate traction and give you the impression that your feet could suddenly slide off the ground.

Examine the Shoes for Issues

Defects shouldn’t exist in genuine Crocs. When you discover any manufacturing flaws in your genuine Crocs within 90 days of purchase, you may return them. Thus, shoes with visible flaws are probably phoney.

View the Color Of the Shoes

More than 20 solid colours of Croc Clogs are available, each with a memorable name like Pure Water, Citrus, Celery, Taffy Pink, Flame, and Orange Zing. Visit the Crocs website to view the full range of colours.

People who unintentionally purchase fakes have encountered unpleasant surprises when they open their packages and check the colour of their shoes. For instance, they were given salmon instead of Ballerina Pink or electric blue instead of the desired Ice Blue.

Finding Fake LiteRide Crocs

If LiteRide Crocs contain phoney logos, logos that are positioned wrongly, and shoe flaws, they are fake. A tough upper, firm insole, stiff construction, slick outsole, flimsy ankle strap, and a rubbery odour indicate that LiteRide Crocs are phoney.

Keep the following in mind when determining whether LiteRide Crocs are real:

  • Logo – Genuine LiteRide Crocs have either the word “crocs” in lowercase or the phrase “LiteRide by crocs” as their emblem.
  • Logo positioning – Each LiteRide Crocs shoe has the logo in five different locations.
  • Defects – Genuine Crocs are of excellent quality and have a slick finish. Flaws in plain sight shout “Croc-offs.”
  • Feel – The LiteRide insoles are touted as soft and light by Crocs marketing.
  • Colour – There are few solid colours and colour combinations available for LiteRide Crocs.


Crocs are comfortable and sturdy. So, you want to be sure you’ll treat your feet to authentic Crocs quality, not uncomfortable knock-offs that make your feet sweaty.


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