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How to Check Original Sphatik Stone

According to Hindu mythology, the Sphatik Mala can help settle an agitated mind. This rhinestone (Sphatik) mala is packed with spiritual, healing energy. Most folks drape this mala over their necks to keep from overheating. However, the Sphatik Mala can also be used to appease Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.

The Composition of Sphatik


Crystal quartz, clear quartz, and rock crystal are all names for the same mineral, which is used to make Sphatik Mala. Both its might and good fortune are extraordinary. On the other hand, the originality of the Sphatik Mala is defined by its ultimate healing gem. It has a calming effect on the person instantly and aids in physical, mental, and spiritual recovery. The Crystal or Sphatik is a powerful rosary that has been shown to have positive effects on both spirituality and physical well-being.

How Can I Tell Whether My Sphatik Mala Is Authentic?

The crystal used in any Sphatik product, including the Sphatik Mala, is never perfectly round and always arrives in an Original shape. Natural cuts and cracks are also typical in the Sphatik Mala. Glass crystals, advertised as Sphatik crystals despite being worthless knockoffs, are also widely accessible on the market. However, you may also compare the Original Sphatik Mala Price and quality.

Where to Look For Genuine Crystal Sphatik

Quartz Crystals, also known as Sphatik, Natural crystal malas are cool to the touch and can be held in the palm of your hand, or you can wear one as a necklace.

Lab testing at an internationally certified gem testing facility is the second best way to identify genuine crystal sphatik. A report stating that the crystal is natural indicates that it is genuine, while a report stating that it is synthetic indicates that it is fake.

Natural quartz crystals feature natural inclusions known as zerum in India, which is a telltale sign that the crystal is genuine and not synthetic. Anything larger than 2 inches is likely to have an inclusion, also known as a “zerum,” which is a sign that the crystal is genuine and natural.  The answer to the question of where to discover genuine crystal sphatik is therefore not found in inclusions of a natural kind.

Tests on the original Crystal Sphatik Sri Chakram reveal that it has a hardness of more than 5 on the Mohs scale, and a RI (refractive index) of 1.54 on the spot.

Aside from this, it is always best to get Crystal from trusted and reputable vendors who have been in the business for some time and come highly recommended by previous customers. Test Certificate from government certified test lab will aid in recognizing natural Sphatik based on factors like hardness, inclusion’s, color, internal structure, crystal formation, etc.

Wearing a Sphatik Gemstone and Its Significance

Sphatik gemstone, sometimes called Sphatik crystal or Crystal Quartz, is thought to contain a “powerhouse” amount of beneficial energy. It soaks up the positive vibes, stores them, maintains equilibrium, and amplifies them. The practice of cultivating an inward sense of peace is highly recommended by astrologers. Quartz occurs in a rainbow of colors in nature, from the classic white and colorless gemstone variants to an abundance of secondary tints.

Oxygen and Silicon, or Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), make up natural crystal quartz, which is thought to be a gift from Mother Earth. This stone is known as the “Master Healer” in a number of mythological cultures because its possessors believe it possesses divine healing abilities. Venus is also involved here.


  • Putting on a necklace or sphatik mala has been shown to aid in meditation by reducing mental and physical distractions.
  • Stress and headaches are alleviated alongside the cooling effect.
  • The Chakras and REiki energy systems both benefit from the therapeutic powers inherent in crystal quartz.
  • The presence of a Sphatik stone, whether in the shape of a pyramid, tortoise, or Sphatik Shri Yantra, has been shown to reduce stress and purify the surrounding area.
  • Wearing a Sphatik pendant is said to increase one’s intuitive abilities.
  • Open your heart and mind to divine inspiration as you meditatively use a Sphatik rosary.
  • A Sphatik rosary worn around the neck is said to improve love lives.
  • Do you suffer from any phobias or rage problems? You only need a Sphatik necklace.

Meaning Of the Gemstone According To Astrology

Sphatik provides spiritual illumination and healing for all zodiac signs. Astrological literature say Sphatik can “cooling agent” wrath, health, and mental instability. A Sphatik mala can help with depression, anxiety, diabetes, digestion, and more. Studies demonstrate that necklaces and beaded rosaries help students focus. Faithful people can learn money management. Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn benefit greatly from this “all-rounder”.


Sphatik can occur at any temperature and is commonly found as deposits within the Earth’s surface. It occurs naturally in high concentrations within metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. It is long-lasting, solid, and glossy in appearance. The two most abundant chemical elements in its composition are silicon and oxygen. They can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes despite their typically colorless and translucent nature.


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