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How to Check Finolex Wire Original

Copper Finolex wires are essential to electrical systems. They’ve been utilized for years, and half of all copper mined generates energy. Copper has high electrical conductivity and tensile strength. Quite ductile too, copper is used in power plants and electrical components. Copper of any quality is essential for electricity safety. Lack of electrical maintenance poses many risks. This is why copper wire impurity testing is crucial.

Even a trace of impurities in copper can significantly reduce its usefulness. Arsenic, at 0.05% concentration, can reduce conductivity by 15%. This is why the highest quality wires are made using these cables. Pure Finolex copper wire, you’ll be surprised to learn, provides supplementary thermal and electrical assistance. It is also quite strong and can be fabricated.


The Best Way to Identify a Fake Finolex Wire

A fake wire or cable could cause a short circuit, electric shock, or house fire, causing significant injury or death. Wire is necessary for nearly every industry to function and protect lives and property. Finolex Cable explains what constitutes fraudulent wire and cable, as well as how to spot it:

  • First, see if the wire has a trademark, specification, voltage, etc., printed on it;
  • Second, make sure the factory name and address are listed;
  • Third, make sure the inspection seal and production date are legit; and
  • Fourth, make sure the wire has a factory name and address printed on it.
  • Check the wire’s cross section for a copper core; high-quality copper should have a brilliant, soft color.

Buyers of wire should inspect it for smoothness, lack of damage to the insulation and sheath layer, legible logo printing, and an absence of a greasy sensation. A wire’s cross section should reveal insulation or sheath thickness that is consistent along its whole circumference and free of any bias towards its core.

Examine the Copper

The core of high-quality copper wire will be lustrous, supple, and a deep purple color. And the copper core of a fake wire is purple, black, yellow, or white due to impurities; with even a small amount of force, the wire will break. To test, just remove 2 cm of insulation from one end of the wire and rub it against some white paper to expose the copper core. More impurities in the copper core are represented by black substance on white paper. Moreover, the insulation of cheap wires seems thick but is usually made of discarded plastic. The insulation layer degrades with age, allowing electricity to leak.

Check the Weight of the Wire

Good wires weigh less than the regulatory limit. Standard 100-meter plastic-insulated single-strand copper core wire with a 1.5-mm2 cross section weights 1.8–1.9 kilograms. 2.5mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core wire weighs 3.3–3.3 kilograms per 100 meters, 4.0mm2 weighs 4.4–4.6 kilograms, etc. Poor copper core density, length, and purity make low-grade wires unacceptable.

Things to Know About Finolex Wires Before You Buy

No one does electrical cables better than Finolex Cables. Finolex’s Industrial Cables have set the benchmark for 50 years due to their superior quality and reliable performance. Finolex has any application electrical lines. During electrolytic refinement, each wire is created from 100% pure, brilliant annealed copper that is at least 99.97% pure. Its small copper wires make the conductor flexible, making it ideal for conduit. An in-house-developed flame-retardant PVC covering protects the wires. Wires have ISI and FIA/TAC approval.

Finolex single-core cables are used to conduct current through a single conductive strand and feature a protective jacket for increased durability and reliability. That the cable runs through as a conductor. When it comes to home wiring, Finolex Single Core Copper Cables are top notch. They constitute:

  • 25 AWG Solid Core Wire
  • 35 mm monofilament cable
  • Standard 4mm bare-bones cable
  • UTP cable, 50 mm single core
  • 6 mm bare-core cable
  • Twin core cable 10mm
  • 16 mm bare-core cable
  • 10 mm bare-core cable wires

For higher load capacity than surrounding appliances, use a Finolex double-insulated single-core cable. Due to their longer appliance protection than local appliance cables, Finolex Pair Cables are popular. Finolex 2 Pair telephone cables are available for reliable connections and good conductivity.

Finolex Multi-core cable is frequently utilized in industry because to its heavy-load capacity. They are available in many styles from a trusted supplier in a competitive market at a fair price. Examples include multicore electrical and flexible cable. Online house wiring prices from Finolex are possibly the finest. Electrical Finolex Cable is cheap online.


A continuous power flow requires wires and cables. Wire diameter and construction quality affect electricity transmission amount and quality. The wrong electric cable can cause higher electricity bills, malfunctioning electronics, and electrocution.  Finolex cables and wires are the best in quality, dependability, and customer service, thus choosing them will prevent these concerns. The durability of Finolex cables and wires is also notable. Electricity costs will be reduced by these energy-efficient copper cables, which are naturally resistant to rust and insects. Finolex prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering quality maintenance and repair services after the sale. Due to its broad warranty and exchange policies, Finolex is one of India’s most customer-friendly electrical companies.


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